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One last Guyday Friday post


It’s technically Saturday now but I think you’ll forgive me if I give you one more GF post, yes? He really is so very beautiful.  Thank you, Richard Armitage, for giving us the unforgettable Sir Guy of Gisborne. I simply never tire of him–listening to him, looking at him, writing about him.

One Step Closer to Comic-Con

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I still haven’t booked a flight and hotel yet. Costs and logistics and determining how much wear and tear this old body can take must still be sorted.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angie Long Comic Book Resources UNITED STATES

However, an email popped into my box tonight from Comic-Con International. I am identified as a press associate for Comic Book Resources and I have my confirmation number and bar code that will allow me to pick up my four-day press badge. I feel kind of “official” now.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m eager and anxious all at the same time.

I thank you all once again for the financial support I have already received and will appreciate any additional help. It ain’t cheap for a hotel room or taxis or much of anything in sunny Southern California, it seems. Thankfully I’ll get free food at this shindig and whichever hotel I end up in should provide a complimentary breakfast, so I won’t need lots of dosh for eats.  Saturday–the day of the scheduled Warner Brothers time block–I may not be able to eat anyway.  I think you know why . . . something to do with the handsome gent in the tux.

Oh, Richard Armitage, please bring it on for all the fanboyz and fangurlz.

Please be there in all your sweet, shy, funny and beautiful glory. Because if this guy with the initials TH shows up and you don’t,  I will be a little disappointed. No, make that a lot. No pressure, though, darling. And I don’t really care if you’re dressed up as Thorin or in your LBS and jeans or wearing a burlap sack (although the latter could be rather itchy, I would think), just as long as you’re there . . .

English: Tom Hiddleston at the 2010 San Diego ...

English: Tom Hiddleston at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Panoramic photo of the people around ...

San Diego Comic Con International
San Diego Comic Con International (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)
Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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OT: You give BDSM a bad name, Ms. James


As I have expressed before, I thought the Trilogy that Dare Not Speak Its Name was far adrift from certain facts and played fast and loose with  aspects of the human psyche. And it seems I was right.  I share with you exhibits A & B, comments posted by people who actually know something about BDSM relationships:

THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I started reading the first book, and I just got pissed off. James is a terrible writer, in my opinion. Ana sounds like a nutcase with her whole self conscious and inner goddess bs, and don’t get me started on Christian. Hearing how the ending of the trilogy goes pisses me right the hell off! Happily ever after?! Are you freaking kidding me?! My God this is definitely fanfiction to the max. I’ve been in a BDSM relationship before, and it’s portrayed like we are all abused nutjobs like him, which is definitely not the case. Not to mention, their relationship is just too damned unstable. She never had a man before and he just totally seduced the hell out of the weak-minded little twat. To make a long story short, words can’t describe how much I hate these books and I adore you for the spoilers. Now I can not throw away my money and sell the first book for like a penny on Amazon…Nah, I’m throwing it away. ( comment posted by Elle_D)

I really enjoyed your review because I began reading 50 Shades but found I could not get through it because it made me too angry.  So thank you for the spoilers!  I feel compelled to comment here because I am in the BDSM lifestyle.  My relationship is not what Christian demands of Anna (24/7 slavery), but I am a submissive.  Why this book upsets me so much is because everyone who reads it is going to think this is what BDSM is.  It is most certainly not.  You do not have to be emotionally scarred and have major baggage to be into BDSM.  I am not at all pleased that that is the explanation for why Christian is the way that he is.  You can be completely “normal” and enjoy kink.  I also hate that he completely takes advantage of Anna’s naivete and basically coerces her into agreeing to be his submissive by using sex as a “weapon.” (She even describes it that way!).  This is not a story about a BDSM relationship; it is a story about an emotionally abusive relationship.  I am trying to get further than halfway through the first book in order to give it more of a fair trial, but I just don’t know if I can. (comment by Hutch)


I liked this one, too. Reminded me I haven’t lost my reporter cred.

I would just like to say that your analysis has been one of the most intelligent pieces I have read concerning 50 Shades of Grey, and I greatly appreciate your insight and honesty.  I despise being told to read something just because everyone else is, and you have made it possible for me to make an informed decision.  So many other reviews have NOT revealed the truth about this trilogy, and I commend you for taking a stand. (comment by Shay)

Frankly, I have been truly appalled at the thousands and thousands of hits on my posts related to these books. How did this dreck manage to become this huge international success? Frankly it’s a slap in the face to the many talented writers out there who struggle to get their stuff published.  Stuff that doesn’t send out a potentially dangerous message.

BDSM is not a lifestyle choice I would make; however, I don’t sit in judgment of those emotionally mature and stable adults who choose to participate. To each his or her own.

But promoting manipulative and emotionally abusive relationships between immature people and sugar-coating them with a “kinky love conquers all” message just doesn’t cut it with me.    You want eroticsm, sexy encounters, steamy romance? There’s a lot of better written stuff out there, trust me.

Beyond the fact these are poorly written and edited books featuring unbelievable characters in unhealthy relationships, they’ve managed to give BDSM and those who participate a bad name.  Quite an accomplishment, Ms. James.


WP is aggravating my Inner Guy


I’m trying to give you lots of Guy goodness before I attempt this whole sleeping thing once again. However, Word Press is being very stroppy today. At least I got these two images to upload. *grumble grumble grumble*  Wishing you all a happy Guyday Friday. Enjoy!!

27 days and counting . . .


Yeah, I’m awake again. But at least I got a bit of Sloth Fiction written (see other new post). Nadia, I am thinking of you, darling.

If I could sleep, I think I might dream of trolleys and super heroes and palm trees and airports and looking into a pair of fine eyes, as Mr. Darcy might put it. Since I can’t at present, I’ll share some image of Mr. A himself with y’all.

27 days and counting until Comic-Con!

Need help. Crunch time has arrived. Any donation appreciated.

Love, fedoralady.



Three ChaRActers walked into a room . . . on Guyday Friday


“Her lamp is on. She’s up again,” said a slightly gruff voice in a rather loud whisper.

A pair of azure blue eyes gazed with clear amusement at the owner of said voice.

“Thank you for stating the obvious, Milord.” The azure-eyed one said, sarcasm evident in his own deep, gruff rumble.

A loud sniff. “I am merely expressing my concern that our LW is yet again not sleeping—Soldier Boy.”

The Sniffer folded his arms across his chest and lifted his attractively stubbled chin.

“At least I’ve made certain she is taking her Super Secret Vitamin.”

“Soldier Boy” folded his (rather spectacularly muscled) arms across HIS chest, his mouth twisting into a smirk.

“How, by bellowing at her and rattling your Magic Sword?”

The Sniffer’s azure eyes, which were rimmed in a fetching kohl liner, narrowed, his lips a tight little line.

“I am the constant, faithful servant of our lady. I would NEVER—threaten her.” Another sniff as he flicked back a lock of his lustrous raven mane. “At any rate, at least I have a Magic Sword, which Ladywriter created just for me. Do you have a Magic—A—B-K—123, or whatever you call it?”

Soldier Boy bit his lip in an effort not to laugh at Milord’s consternation and his lack of knowledge of 21st century weaponry. He loved to needle his sometimes prickly ancient counterpart, but he didn’t want to get him truly angry.

The Medieval Menace was a handful when he was really stroppy. And Ladywriter would be very unhappy if any furniture got broken.

“Now, now, lads, let’s play nice,” said the lanky Jumper-Clad One in a gentle conciliatory tone. He’d just appeared, a book tucked beneath his arm.

“It’s a shame our dear LW is battling insomnia yet again, but our arguing amongst ourselves won’t help the matter. Remember, she loves us all very much and the last thing she’d want is for us to fight.”

Porter (he of the impressive muscles) gave Harry (the jumper was surely a dead giveaway, Dear Reader) a lop-sided and affectionate smile.  Who didn’t love the good-humored accountant?

“Harry, mate, ever the peacemaker. What would we do without you?”

Harry flashed him a sunny smile. “Reckon you won’t have to find out. We’ll all live forever—another perk of being a ChaRActer. If the scriptors try to finish us off, dear LW and the other admirers of our Creator simply love us back into being. We’ll be around for a long, long time.”

Sir Guy straightened his broad shoulders and flicked back his mane of hair once more.

“And I’ve been around longer than anyone—over 800 years.”

Harry nodded. “And you’re LW’s favorite, too, Sir Guy. Why, isn’t today devoted to you at her blog?”

A boyish smile lit up the dark knight’s face. “You are correct, Harry. It’s Guyday Friday!”

Porter resisted the impulse to roll his eyes. He would indeed try to play nice.

He nodded in the direction of the book tucked beneath Harry’s arm.

“So—what’s our resident bookworm reading these days?”

“Ah—trying to stay in touch with our Creator.” Harry held up the book for the other ChaRActers to see.

Sir Guy’s face fell. “Not—HIM again.” And with a put-upon sigh, he turned on his booted heel and marched quite majestically out of the room. Presumably headed to the kitchen. It had been a least an hour since his last raid on the refrigerator.

Harry gave Porter a chagrined look. “Well, he is going to be a fellow ChaRActer, after all . . .”

Porter shrugged. “Seems our local knight isn’t a big fan of JRR Tolkien.” He smirked. “Competition.

“Ah, yes. I should have thought of that . . .”

“No worries, mate. He’ll drown his sorrows with cake and milk. Speaking of which, I could murder a slice myself.”

Harry grinned. “We’ll have a midnight feast.” He laid his copy of THAT book on a nearby table.

“Best leave this be for now.”

“Yeah, maybe you should . . .”