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RA, FMS & Comic-Con


Well, I don’t have to use the hydrocortisone cream as my moisturizer anymore. And I can properly descale myself in the shower!  Yes, I am finally restocked on my toiletry items. Benny was putting the items on the conveyor belt at the Wal-Mart checkout  tonight and teased, “It takes a lot to look pretty.”

To which I replied in a serious tone, “Well, it’s not all about looking pretty but taking care of your skin, being well-groomed–maintaining one’s self as one grows older.” There was, however, a twinkle in my eyes as I spoke–of that, I am certain.

And honestly, I was out of everything–exfoliating body wash, night cream, daytime moisturizer, toner, mascara (after so many months, the stuff dries out and what a pain to try to put on without massive clumping), cleansing cloths, cotton balls. There were items I needed for my upcoming trip to Comic-Con International in San Diego–a travel kit for my contacts, mini-toothpaste, a three-pack of reading glasses in case I lose a pair somewhere.  The good Lord knows my poor old body isn’t in very good shape now, particularly after more than six months of inactivity following the car accident. But I can, at least, can make an effort to look presentable, right?

J!-ENT Pictorial Feature: San Diego Comic-Con ...

J!-ENT Pictorial Feature: San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

I hope to do some walking to help prepare for a very busy time of it at Comic-Con next month–if I can avoid the rattlesnakes. Hmmm, maybe I should take a big stick with me? If we can unload all the stuff on the semi-recumbent exercise bike (why do those things always end up as clothes racks?) I want to try to build up my tricky knee. But I have to be careful. If I do too much, I pay for it. If I do too little, I pay for it.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world of Fibromyalgia, with the supporting players osteoarthritis and assorted and sundry other syndromes.  I can assure you my luggage will include some of those nifty ThermaCare heatwraps for back and knees and very likely a folding cane. Just in case . . .



Man, looking at that list above, it’s a wonder I do as well as I do!

I am trying to be as prepared as I can, mentally, physically, emotionally (“I will not burst out in tears if and when I see Richard Armitage, I will not let my mouth gape open like a fish out of water, I will be professional, focused . . .) and of course, financially.

Oh, Sir Guy, I am pretty sure they have some ideas along those lines. Trust me.

Thanks much to everyone again for your support and also all your words of support and encouragement. When I was writing for the newspaper, I would periodically receive thank you notes in the mail for an article or a column I wrote. I always prized those and hoarder that I am, I still have them tucked away.  The fact that someone took the time to write a note and send it meant a lot to me.  So never think sharing such words doesn’t make a difference.

Comic-Con is coming July 12-15 in San Diego! And I have my

press associate bar code! Yippee!

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What would YOU ask Richard Armitage?


For quite a long time now, I have pondered various ideas in my head in reference to what I would ask in an interview with Richard Armitage. Now that there is an actual possibility I might get to ask him some questions (still trying to get my head around that one), the wheels are turning even more rapidly.

I know what I certainly do not want to ask him: the whole “running away to join the circus at 17”  chestnut that gets hauled out with appalling regularity.  How sick of that particular question is he, I wonder?

I have no particular desire to question him about the Armitage Army, either. I think that’s been done to death, too.

Of course, I realize that a lot of Americans who are not yet familiar with Mr. A might find these topics fascinating. Undoubtedly, as the media begins to skim over his CV, those questions will arise once again, and once again he will respond  in his usual gentlemanly way.

However, I think there are so many more things one could discuss with RA.  Here are a few of the ideas that have been kicking around in my head.

The process by which he prepares for roles: the creation of his backstories for each character and the background research involved and his preference for scripts based on novels rather than original screenplays. How does he prepare when scriptors throw a curve ball into what has been previously established about a character: Guy’s sister and his history with Robin, the whole Bateman storyline and Lucas, for example?

The psychology of acting: what measures does he take to keep his life in balance and his brain in a healthy place when he is playing a darker character for an extended period of time?

Dream roles: We know he wants very much for his Richard III project to come to fruition. Are there other RL or fictional characters he would love to take a stab at playing and why?

Thorin: The physicality of past roles, particularly Sir Guy and his swordfighting and horseback riding undoubtedly helped in prepping to play this warrior dwarf. In terms of the psychology of Thorin, getting inside the character’s head–which previous role most helped in preparing for this character? What did he perceive as the biggest challenge in preparing for the role?

The clothes make the man: how costumes help the development of the character. Think Thorin and his cravat, Sir Guy and his leather . . .

Audiobooks: how long does it typically take to create all the various voices for each character? How many times does he read the book in preparation for the recording? Does he read aloud to himself for practice. record his own voice for playback? Are audiobooks something he wants to continue doing?  If so, would he consider doing more unabridged books, as with LOTN? Is there a book (s) that he would love the opportunity to narrate? Is there a favorite character (s) from any of his past projects?

Handling the hoopla: He’s  a self-admitted shy, retiring soul who has been able to pretty much fly under the radar up until now in terms of the media. Now, he’s playing a major role in two huge high-profile films that are likely to become international blockbusters. Does he have strategies in place for dealing with being in the limelight to a degree he has never before experienced?

These are by no means all the questions and topics I would like to discuss with Richard Armitage. Heck, it would take far longer than what little time I might possibly have to cover everything I’d want to discuss with this fascinating man. But it’s a start.

So, my question to you is: what would YOU ask Richard Armitage?

26 days and counting until Comic-Con!

 I’m registered as a press associate–it’s official.

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