If you could ask RA just ONE question . . . a challenge


I’ve enjoyed reading through everyone’s suggestions for questions they’d like to ask Richard Armitage.  I  am yet even more convinced we’d collectively do a far better job of interviewing him than most of the “professionals” out there. After all, we are very well acquainted with our subject and passionately interested in learning more about his approach to his work and his future career plans.

And OK, some of you want me to slip him your phone number and addresses, but  we are talking about the glorious RA, after all.  The temptation is inevitable.

Now, let’s narrow things down: if you had the opportunity to ask Richard just one question, what would it be? (And let’s set aside the “will you run away with/marry me/be the father of my children” query on this occasion).  I know, I know, it’s hard to decide. But if a single question was all you had the opportunity to ask,  as is the case sometimes for panel discussions, what would you like to know the most?  Would it refer to a past role, to playing Thorin or to some future project?  Would it involve film/TV role or audio work? What does your enquiring mind most wish to know?



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  1. I would first make a remark to him that his last few projects have been action/adventure. Spooks, Strike Back, The Hobbit are examples. I would ask him if he prefers those types of roles or would he like to expand into other types of roles and movies; for example, comedy or drama, but drama that is not action packed with guns and violence.

    I guess that I am just really afraid that Richard is typecasting himself and I do hope that he will not unknowingly push himself into a corner on the type of work he is approached to do.

    • Xenia, I don’t think he’s in danger of being typecast because of the last 3 (or 4 if you count RH) projects, because he’d done varied work before that, he did comedy, a period piece, contemporary dramas (without guns).. Hopefully after The Hobbit he’ll be able to pick and choose from scripts and I’m fairly certain he’ll go for something “different” (Hopefully it’ll be a quality romantic comedy!). He’s already shown his versatility so I’m fairly certain he won’t go down the Jason Statham or Vin Diesel route.

      • I sure hope that you are right Judit. Even though Richard has done varied work before RH it was a while ago. I would be thrilled to the clouds if his next project is a quality romantic comedy. Richard does have a beautiful scowl, but it would be so lovely to see his smile more for a change in a film project. I loved Richard as Harry Kennedy.

        • Yeah, obviously RA is an a completely different league altogether (In the league of Extraordinary Gentlemen! ha ha ) I started watching a Vin Diesel film once (I think it was some sort of sci-fi?) but I had to switch it off after a few minutes, because he was so wooden and completely devoid of any expression.

          • I saw Statham in a movie from a few years ago about this real-life bank heist and it was actually very interesting because you saw all the planning that went into the event and there was suspense as to whether they would pull it off or not. And I was impressed with his performance. He actually can act, but he is someone who has fallen into that action genre trap and I guess he is happy there. Cin? Well, he’s just–Vin. 😉

  2. What do you want people to know about you most? As in complete the sentence, “Richard Armitage, yes, he is…”

  3. “Richard, (he did introduce himself thus at the Hobbit media conference so I feel it is okay to address him in this way!) what would YOU like to do next?”

    Simple as that! Presuming he HAS a choice and isn’t already committed to something!! 😀

    • There’s always, “Richard, assuming you already have plans in place, can you share any details of what your next project will be?” (Smiles sweetly and bats eyelashes at Mr. A just a little) “Can you give us some hints?” One must sometimes use a bit of feminine charm. 😉

      • Well I knew that you naturally would not ask him as bluntly as I wrote it above! 🙂 I just wrote the bare facts and was giving you carte blanche to do what was needed to get the desired results!! 😉 You are there for all of us, my dear, and I know you’ll do your darndest!! 😀

  4. Hi Fedora Lady,
    I will give you the question that I posted on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Facebook page–and directed to Sir Peter Jackson–last Summer that seemed to draw favorable replies (albeit from some of the LOTR Fanboyz). Ha! So here it is in RA form.
    Cheers! Grati

    “Mr. Armitage, What question do you wish interviewers or fans would ask you, but they haven’t? Then please answer that question.”

  5. I know it’s a bit odd (a bit like me! ;)) but I have always wondered what his characters smell like (and him too, if I am honest *hide*). So I would ask him, in view of the detail he puts into each character’s back story etc, if he changes his aftershave with each role to match the personality of the character he is playing? And if so, does he remember what aftershave he used for each role?

    • Vicki, I have wondered what Richard smells like too. It does sound weird but I bet we are not the only two women in the whole world who have wondered about that. Aftershave tonic and lotion can make a man smell sexy and I can just imagine aftershave tonic and lotion mixed in with Richard’s nature body scent.

    • This is a wonderful question and I find it not in the least odd. Wondering myself for quite a while, what he (not only his characters) smells like, honestly …. 🙂

  6. I remember years ago there was an interview series in (I think) Empire magazine entitled “How much is a pint of milk?” the questions were always unusual, funny and quirky. I remember one question in particular, Tim Roth was asked, why does he think men have nipples? 🙂

  7. In a TV interview he said that he liked the character of John Porter and that he did his best to create him as the man that he would like to be “if he was a better person”: what is the quality/virtue that Porter has that he does not have himself and that he would like to have ?

  8. You know what I’d love to hear Richard say if I were a journalist interviewing him? “That’s a very good question, actually!” 🙂 I’d burst with pride! 🙂

    • That’s happened to me a few times, and when a film director and the former Archbishop of Canterbury said it, it meant a lot to me-like I was in the big leagues. However, to have Richard say it to me would be utterly wonderful. 😀

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