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Thoughts on Lucas & a Miscellany of ChaRActers as Monday fades away


At midnight, I’m going to record a National Geographic Channel special on Russian prisons that Benny recommended to me. “You know those tattoos that Armitage had for that role? Well, they show them on there. Those places are—” He should his head and expelled a huge sigh. I thought of poor Lucas and eight years of hell in such a place. Enough to break almost any man. One more reason I disavow the reality of John Bateman. If Oleg knew every corner of Lucas’s mind, why didn’t he sniff out that little nugget?

And no matter how much “John Bateman” may have wanted to atone for his sins, I just don’t see that fluidly moral creature being able to tough it out. Lucas attempted to kill himself; Bateman would have eventually succeeded.

It seems much more plausible that Lucas was implanted with false memories to be activated at a later date.  At any rate, I will report back my thoughts after I watch the show, but I think I will wait on that until tomorrow. In the meantime, more images of our lovely lad in his various guises.  (comments are now disabled on this post)

Hello, ladies. Angie and I extend our sincerest thanks to you for your support of her endeavor to cover Comic-Con and, hopefully, spend a little time with yours truly . . . donations are most welcome.


Another step closer: the Comic-Con hotel is booked!


So now I have a place to stay while at Comic-Con next month, thanks to your generous donations.

I will be staying at the Best Western Plus Otay Valley Hotel in Chula Vista Wednesday night, July 11 through Monday morning, July 16. It’s not as close to the SDCC as I’d like (roughly 10 miles, closer to Mexico than downtown San Diego).

English: A photo of the San Diego Convention C...

English: A photo of the San Diego Convention Center during Comic Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 An aerial view of the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con (courtesy of wikipedia.com).

Panorama de la ciudad de San Diego

Panorama de la ciudad de San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 A panoramic view of downtown San Diego at night. (courtesy of Wikipedia.com)

But the hotel is affordable, liked by the majority of those guests reviewing it, and appears to be clean and comfortable, offering free breakfast and wi-fi, two things I had hoped for.  I will have to take the trolley and/or taxis to the convention center. Let us pray the traffic doesn’t snarl up too badly.  Hey, as asilomar pointed out, The Hobbit panel is Saturday, when we won’t have to worry about rush hour.

The Best Western Plus Otay Valley Hotel, my home base during Comic-Con.
(all photos courtesy of bestwestern.com)

 I went in to tell Benny I had my room secured for the event (I felt my heart thudding a little harder as I clicked the button to make my reservation).  He gave me one of those perfect deadpan expressions and said, “Oh, by the way, they called and said Richard Armitage will be staying there, too.” A pause. “And he’ll have to share a room.”

To which I replied with a cheeky smile, batting my lashes.”Well, it IS a king-size bed . . .” Hey, he asked for it.

Actually, I think Benny and Richard would get along famously. Both very bright and on the shy side, gentlemanly and polite, yet possessing an irresistible naughty streak.  I have the best taste in men, if I do say so myself.

We took a walk together tonight, accompanied by the two dogs, who took occasional departures to chase squirrels, birds, rabbits, who knows. I am trying to build up my stamina and strength as much as I can. I know it’s going to be a grueling experience–a lot of ground to cover, a lot of standing and sitting. May the adrenaline rush keep me going until I can get back to the Otay Valley Hotel and collapse at night.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a few weeks away now . . .

Comic-Con International in San Diego is coming July 12-15!

I’ll be there covering several panels for Comic Book Resources and drinking in all the geekery the event can offer to me. And, of course, I have high hopes of seeing and meeting Mr. Armitage on Saturday during Warner Brother’s panel, in which The Hobbit should play a very important part. Fingers and toes crossed!

Thanks to all who have contributed donations to my Comic-Con Trip Fund. There’s still the plane ticket and transportation to and from the  hotel to the event to fully cover, so know that any contribution you can make helps make a difference.

A Look at Lucas for Monday


Let’s look at lovely, sexy,  angsty, haunted, heroic Lucas . . . enjoyed reading all your comments re questions for Richard. I need to eat brekkie, take my Super-Secret Vitamin and try to get a little sleep.  Hope you’re having a good Monday/Tuesday wherever in the world you may be. 😉

Angie’s going to Comic-Con in San Diego in July!

She’s got her press credentials lined up with Comic Book Resources and she’s making her plans to experience the wonders of Comic-Con International and share them with you all!  If all goes well, she’ll be bringing back lots of news including the 411 on The Hobbit and–*squee* Richard Armitage!!!  You can help make it all possible by donating to her Comic-Con Trip Fund. Any amount is appreciated. Thoughts and prayers welcome, too.  Click the donate button in the sidebar to make a contribution. And Thanks!!
English: This is a picture of the front of the...

English: This is a picture of the front of the San Diego Convention Center. It was taken by myself in 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: People playing Rock Band 3 at San Die...

English: People playing Rock Band 3 at San Diego Comic Con International 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The winner: Richard, by a nose


I love Richard Armitage’s nose. If I do get to meet him at Comic-Con International, I am half-way tempted to tell him I am so glad he left well enough alone and didn’t tamper with that magnificent proboscis. I know he hated being teased about his hooter in his younger days, but Richard grew into it so beautifully. I look at men with lesser noses–cute, boyish or simply bog-standard in nature–and I sneer a little bit inwardly (evidence of my inner Guy, surely).

Richard’s regal aquiline nose works beautifully with his face. To tamper with it would practically be sacrilege.

Orson Welles chose to use prosthetic noses in certain film roles because he thought his own nose, which was on the cute side, simply didn’t work for some of the heroic or villainous characters he chose to play. Simply put, his natural nose lacked gravitas.

A young Orson Welles with his natural nose.

Welles wearing a prosthetic nose in “Mr. Arkadin.” There’s a built-up bridge, slight extension and drop of the tip of his nose.

A more bulbous nose prosthetic was worn by Welles in this role in “Touch of Evil” (Commeaucimena)

I think Mr. Welles, who loved performing in meaty dramatic roles, would have been thrilled to have a nose more like Mr. Armitage’s, don’t you?

Looking at the first glimpse of the dwarves in The Hobbit and their scale doubles presenting themselves to Sir Peter (as seen in an early video blog), it certainly appeared as if, along with his forehead, RA’s natural nose had been modified.

The early Thorin nose appeared more hook-like than RA’s natural nose.

However, subsequent glimpses of RA in Thorin makeup seemed to indicate he had more or less gone back to his natural nose.

Based on a screencap from the TH trailer. Is this RA’s “real” nose or slightly modified?

Make a comparison to this screencap of Guy from the Children in Need sketch:

In the most recent videoblogs, is it Richard’s natural nose in all its aquiline glory that we are seeing?

The handsome Thorin on set with Gandalf, based on a screencap from most recent video blog.

We know it’s customary for tweaking to be done to a particular character’s appearance for a role in a film such as this. My hope was that Richard’s face would not be too heavily hidden beneath his Thorin makeup because (A) it’s a very mobile, expressive face that beautifully telegraphs the inner workings of the character without speaking a word, and (B) he’s Richard Armitage.  I’m not afraid to admit I like his looks, and I enjoy seeing that face in all its distinctive masculine beauty.

And I also love Thorin’s magnificent mane of hair, his bushy brows, elfin ears, his stockier dwarf physique et al.  Richard rocks the Thorin look.

And he rocks that wonderful nose.  The nose of a man meant to play a king, whether one Under the Mountain or Over England.