Thoughts on Lucas & a Miscellany of ChaRActers as Monday fades away


At midnight, I’m going to record a National Geographic Channel special on Russian prisons that Benny recommended to me. “You know those tattoos that Armitage had for that role? Well, they show them on there. Those places are—” He should his head and expelled a huge sigh. I thought of poor Lucas and eight years of hell in such a place. Enough to break almost any man. One more reason I disavow the reality of John Bateman. If Oleg knew every corner of Lucas’s mind, why didn’t he sniff out that little nugget?

And no matter how much “John Bateman” may have wanted to atone for his sins, I just don’t see that fluidly moral creature being able to tough it out. Lucas attempted to kill himself; Bateman would have eventually succeeded.

It seems much more plausible that Lucas was implanted with false memories to be activated at a later date.Β  At any rate, I will report back my thoughts after I watch the show, but I think I will wait on that until tomorrow. In the meantime, more images of our lovely lad in his various guises.Β  (comments are now disabled on this post)

Hello, ladies. Angie and I extend our sincerest thanks to you for your support of her endeavor to cover Comic-Con and, hopefully, spend a little time with yours truly . . . donations are most welcome.


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  1. Oh, you darling…you gave him blue eyes! He really is delicious, isn’t he? πŸ™‚

    All these lovely images with your special trimmings….we’re being thoroughly spoiled.. or spoilt or however you wish to write it! πŸ˜‰ Thank you.

    • He is, indeed . . . he looks delicious, he sounds delicious, and he looks like he’d feel and smell delicious, too. πŸ˜‰ I have worked with so many images of him now it is as if I know every curve of his face . . . and the rest of him. *sigh*

          • Bloody hell….you’re kidding, aren’t you? Are you telling me he still smokes?

            NO NO NO I won’t believe it. NO WAY Nobody’s attractive if he or she smokes!

            • I’m allergic to cigarette smoke and can smell it at 50 paces. I hated the fact that the UK and Europe were so far in the past in 1997 that smoking was still allowed in restaurants/hotel lobbies/elevators/public transport. etc.

              Thank the Lord I was placed with groups other Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans on my Trafalgar coach tours – at least, our coach was smoke-free.

            • I have no idea whether he still smokes or not, Kathryn! Hopefully Angie will be able to find out! πŸ™‚ My mum smoked, my dad smoked, my sister smokes… I hate cigarette smoke too but I’d make an exception for Richard. I’d just ask him not to smoke inside our house! πŸ™‚ Lots and lots of actors smoke! Michael Gambon says it help to keep male actors’ voices deep (BS,if you ask me, but guess you have to justify it somehow).

              • LOL BS, indeed. πŸ™‚

                I’m sorry I went on too much earlier about smoking. I have absolutely no right whatsoever to tell people how to live their lives. Please excuse me, you’d think I’d know not to rant like that in public at my age…..obviously, I still haven’t learned to keep some of my awful opinions to myself.

              • It’s understandable…I tried to get my mum to quit for years and years, especially after she was diagnosed with breast cancer…She managed to stop smoking for about a month not long before she died, but when the doctors found yet another secondary tumour in her right breast, she re-started, saying she didn’t have any joy left in life. I guess smoking gave her solace. It’s an addiction, just like alcoholism. And I realized that it’s completely and utterly useless to tell/ask/beg people to stop, because they won’t do it for you. They need to have a strong internal resolve to quit, or they have to have a big health scare. My father stopped smoking immediately after he had his first heart attack- unfortunately he died of a second one only 4 days later…

              • Oh, Judit, how awful..I’m sorry that happened.

                My parents both smoked. Mum was hospitalized with pneumonia when she was about 75 and she wasn’t able to smoke during that time. She simply just stopped smoking immediately – I could hardly believe it – but she was a very stubborn lady and once she decided something, that was it.

                My husband (as he was at the time) was told by his doctor when he was only 27 that he was developing ….a lung condition (merde! I can’t think of the name of it right now!)..and told he must give up smoking. It was extremely difficult for him but he did it in the end.

                I still have to laugh when I remember Ian complained to me years after I’d divorced him that his new lady smoked! I asked him what he expected me to do about that! She eventually gave it away.

                We were all Public Servants in those days and smoking was forbidden in government buildings way back. The smokers used to take breaks and stand outside in the cold to smoke. Brrrr. Canberra is very cold in the winter – one of the coldest places in the country actually.

                But I prefer our long cold winters to living with months of humidity which you get in some areas of Australia. πŸ™‚

              • It’s a common sight in Budapest too. Groups of people having a fag by the entrance of their office buildings..Our office building is supposedly non-smoking, but during the winter sometimes people on our floor refuse to go down to the ground floor and they hide in the toilet to have a ciggie! They set fire to the rubbish bin in the ladies’ room twice because they threw in a butt that was still smouldering. The smell of burnt plastic hasn’t left the floor for days! Yuk!

            • There is no evidence that he still smokes, though he did when he was filming N&S. The ladies that watched him filming Spooks scenes for several hours said they never saw him with a cigarette during his breaks. Also no-one has ever reported that he smells of smoke. I doubt Angie will find out as I guess the convention centre will be smoke-free.

              When he was a teenager the attitude towards smoking was very different from now, it was a must for the cool kids to smoke secretly on the school toilets and I won’t blame him if he did succumb to peer pressure like countless others. As long as he doesn’t smoke in my presence, I wouldn’t mind if he still does. Heavy drinking or drug abuse would be something else entirely and such things are not uncommon among actors.

              • I very much doubt RA’s a heavy drinker or a drug user. He looks far too healthy for that! I saw some pictures of Charlie Sheen recently- he may not be using at the moment but you can see the evidence of years of drug abuse on his face- it’s written all over him.

              • As my husband said after seeing Charlie in a commercial recently for his new TV show, “Charlie’s looking kinda rough.” Years of alcohol and drug abuse will definitely take their toll on a person’s appearance. My sister has a good friend and former co-worker who is a recovering alcoholic. She hasn’t had a drink in years and uses all sorts of expensive creams on her face, but the damage was already done.

              • I did go on a bit, didn’t I, Jane? Sorry, I got totally carried away. I actually can’t imagine that Richard has too many unhealthy habits as he usually looks so fit but, then, I could so easily be so wrong πŸ™‚

                And I agree…there are many worse things Richard (or anyone) could do.

              • I’ve decided that virtually every actor smokes at some point. I’ve been watching a great deal of TV since the accident and I have noticed so, so many smoke in at least one role. Even “Margaret Hale” was puffing away in that episode of Torchwood. πŸ˜‰ A great many newspaper reporters also smoke (and drink, TBPH). But I was always an exception to the rule. It’s almost as if it’s expected in certain professions.

                And Richard has smoked several times onscreen. That being said, it seems very unlikely he’d be a heavy smoker these days or someone would have seen him with a cigarette on a shooting break–and how would he manage to stay in such superior physical shape? Sadly, all too many performers slide into addiction to various drugs, illegal and prescription, along with alcohol abuse. It’s all too readily available.

              • Charlie Sheen does look rather frail and way, way older than his years. Sadly, I don’t think he has much time left on this planet.

              • He’s drinking again, too, though whether or not he’s doing drugs again, I don’t know. He was in “Eight Men Out” and he looked so young and fresh-faced back then.

  2. I really love the third and last pictures. I love seeing Richard with muscular arms. I really did not care for the way he looked during his first season on Spooks when he had to lose weight. I would take Richard any way he looks, but I prefer not to be hugging a bag of bones.

    • He wasn’t a bag of bones in Spooks Season 7! He was thinner than usual, yes, but his arms/abdomen were still well muscled (not buff,admittedly). Just have another look at the scene where he’s talking to Harry in the men’s room..*drool* It’s a matter of taste but I liked thin Lucas…Btw, I like your gravatar!! πŸ™‚

      • OK, Judit…Richard still looked great in Spooks 7 πŸ˜‰ but he was way too thin!!!! He looked soooo much better once the weight started to come back on.

        Just think of Benedict Cumberbatch in the “Now” magazine photos in his board shorts…he is cute but totally not sexy as he’s too thin.

        Tall men in particular need that extra little bit of weight, otherwise they look as though they’d snap in half if they had to lift anything heavier than 20lbs!!!

        • I don’t mean to argue with you, but I don’t think Richard looked as if he was about to snap in half in Season 7 Spooks! πŸ™‚ Sorry, what are “board shorts”? Benedict Cumberbatch has a very interesting face but I wouldn’t call him sexy or even cute. Once you see his face you’re unlikely to forget it though, which is good for an actor I suppose! πŸ™‚

          • Oh, no, Richard didn’t look as though he’d break in half…he obviously thought about his look and made sure he did the right exercises to still look strong enough πŸ™‚

            Sorry, now how to describe “board shorts”? hmmm. they are long shorts that men wear at the beach? Some are very brightly coloured with wild patterns (a bit like those horrible “Hawaain shirts” of years ago!) and yet others are much plainer garb. Oh, dear, how flippin’ inadequate!

            Somebody help, please? Judit needs to know what board shorts are

            • Kathryn, I have a pretty good idea now, your description wasn’t inadequate at all!!! But I can’t imagine they looked all that fetching on Mr. C. Sorry, Mr. C.! πŸ™‚ They should have put him in a Mr. Thornton-style shirt and trousers. Those garments would look good on him!

            • He was very lean but still extremely fit. All you had to do was take a look at him with his shirt off to know that. Nope, don’t think you’d find it so easy to snap him in two. πŸ˜‰

          • Someone described Benedict as looking like an otter, and if you think about it, he does. πŸ˜‰ He has very striking bone structure and interesting eyes. I think he’s gotten better looking–I saw him in something made a few years ago and he looked a bit goofy. Someone else who has improved in looks (although I still don’t consider him particularly handsome) is Eddie Redmayne. Something about his mouth bothers me. Good actor, though.

            • Have you seen Eddie in “Birdsong”, Angie? Was he good? Was the movie any good?

              When I listen to my audiobook of “Birdsong”, I see Richard as Stephen!!! πŸ˜‰

              • Yes, they showed it on Masterpiece Theatre. He was good and the production was a good one. I just finished watching re-runs Friday nights of “Pillars of the Earth” and enjoyed seeing him in that again.

              • Yes, I enjoyed that bit, too. πŸ™‚

                I’ve just bought “Pillars of The Earth” from Audible…..only 71 hours long!!! I’ll have to go buy some more of those packs of 50 TDK CDs from the Reject Shop for $12 (or $15 from K-Mart)!!! πŸ˜‰

                You did tell me that I could download audiobooks onto the basic Kindle, didn’t you? or was it the Kindle Touch? They’re half the price from Amazon that they are in our shops!

              • “Birdsong” was wonderful! I highly recommend it! I also enjoyed him in “Pillars of the Earth”.

            • Benedict has grown more attractive over the years but I still think he’s way too thin. I have a feeling that that’s natural, however.

              • Yeah, I think Benedict would have to work hard at bulking himself up. I remember a college roommate who could eat like a horse and she was still very skinny. That was her natural build and she also had a very high metabolism with a ton of nervous energy. I chuckled over Lara Pulver’s line in the “Sherlock” script in which she says she could cut herself on Sherlock’s cheekbones. πŸ˜‰

              • Talking of Benedict C., there will be an HD coverage in an independent cinema of one of his performances in “Frankenstein” from the National Theatre in London. This cinema hosts the Live in HD from the Metropolitan opera coverages too. I’ve seen a couple of these HD opera performances and they were thrilling, but I’m not sure how it’ll work for a play. I normally don’t enjoy televised coverages of plays. I won’t buy a ticket as it’s quite expensive. Although I wouldn’t think twice if RA were in it..*sigh*

      • I liked the Spooks 7 look best. Perhaps not body-wise, but being thin suits his face, it makes his bone structure even more defined and gives a certain aura I liked.

        • That’s what I was referring to in another comment. That aura–otherworldly, fey. There is a beauty to be found there, undeniably.

          • I like that “otherworldly, fey”, Angie…you’ve hit the nail right smack bang on the head yet again

  3. I would love to see Richard in a Nicholas Sparks movie. I read a few of Mr. Spark’s novels and my favorite one is The Wedding. I would love to see that book made into a movie with Richard playing the main male character. The ending of that book was such a wonderful surprise. I never guessed it at all and I was in tears. That book stayed with me for quite a while after reading it.

    • My friend works as an editor for a Publishing House in Hungary and they have the rights to publish N.Sparks’ books in this country, which means every time a movie is made based on one of his novels, they get complimentary tickets for the premiere! She had tickets for the “Lucky One” too but I can’t stand Zac Efron so I declined the invitation..

      • Zac doesn’t appeal to me either. And neither does Robert Pattinson/Patterson or whatever his name is! πŸ™‚ Now RP is another one who looks sickly – he’s too thin and pale. OH, wait, maybe that’s just when he’s in ….ugh….:”Twilight”! I’d better Google him to see how he looks now!

        Taylor Lautner is a totally different kettle of fish….I bet he’s still going to look good when he’s 40, too

        • The whole Robert Pattinson mania escapes me. I have also seen him in some other things, chiefly “Water for Elephants.” He had a bit more color in that one. πŸ˜‰ I don’t even find him cute. Just–odd looking. As for Zac, he’s yet another pretty boy (although he wouldn’t be quite so pretty if he still had his original nose and gapped teeth LOL).

        • RPatz always looks a bit dopey, IMO..Taylor Lautner is not my “cup of tea” (can you say that in relation to a person?) either… Just doesn’t appeal for some reason.

          • I don’t know who Taylor Lautner is. Must be from the current crop of young cuties. They all seem like such babies! I prefer my middle aged cutie, RA. πŸ˜‰

    • Please tell me more of these Nicholas Sparks’ movies, please, Xenia. I’m not familiar with his name nor his novels

      • Some people find his style of writing a bit… cheesy. I haven’t read any of his stuff myself but my friend says his books sell very well indeed. πŸ™‚

        • So do someone else’s that I know of. LOL Not picking on Nicholas Sparks, just saying “best seller” does not necessarily equate good writing. πŸ˜‰

          • I know who you mean….said in that sing-songey way that kids use! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh you must have seen the movie “The Notebook”!! A tearjerker for sure (as most, if not all of his books seem to be – at least the ones I have read/seen) as is “Nights in Rodanthe”, but I quite like the movies. Google them and maybe that will give you an idea! πŸ˜‰

        • Of course I saw “The Notebook”! Didn’t everybody? πŸ™‚

          But I had no idea it was from a book or who the author was. So, thanks. I shall Google him and his books indeed, Ma’am! I’m nothing if not obedient to my seniors πŸ˜‰

          • Senior indeed!!! πŸ˜€ When I re-read my comment I did sound rather bossy, didn’t I? It’s okay, Kathryn I love when you talk back as I realize I pre-date you by quite a few years, but thank you for doing what you’re told! πŸ˜‰ Wish my kids had been that obedient!! Lol!!! I love when my grandkids tease me and believe me they do! It’s so much fun!! πŸ˜€

            I haven’t read many of his novels so can someone tell me if ANY of them have a happy ending?

            • Well, it’s a change from my calling everyone under 100 “Kid”!!!!

              Matthew’s almost 3 year-old son says he’ll “tend” (pretend) to be scared of me if I like! Cheeky sausage. I can’t wait to go over there at 5.30pm today to play with him and his big sister (she’ll be 5 in October – you know the one who thinks she’s at least 10?).for a while before having dinner with them and putting them to bed. Matthew has a couple of episodes of “Any Human Heart” with Matthew MacFadyen saved on his recorder so I’m going to take advantage of a paid-TV offering while I have the chance.

              Whoops, totally OT.

              Sorry, Angie. So now the flight’s booked, too…you’re going great guns, kiddo πŸ˜‰ I must ask my Matthew if he can bring me one of those winged-heart bracelets home from Melanie’s…along with the DVD of “Malice Aforethought” and my Kindle… if I get it!!!!

              I’m hoping he can put the bracelet in his pocket and carry-on the Kindle! I’ll let him read some of the ebooks as a consolation prize! πŸ™‚

  4. He’s an American author who lives in North Carolina. He’s writes sweet romances set in NC (which is only 9 miles south of where I live). Several of his books have been made into movies. My BF LOVES his books because she’s been to so many of the places he writes about! However, I haven’t read any of them yet. You can check out his website for more info.

    • Thank you so much, Laurie. It’s such a blessing being a part of Richard’s fandom – I’m learning something new all the time πŸ™‚

    • Okay, WP has made me anonymous again, so I have to reset everything *mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble* Personally, I do not like Nicholas Sparks’ writing. It has been crazy popular, and I know people who went all swoony for it, but I just don’t see it.

      • If it’s any consolation, guys, WP kept making me log in last night every time I tried to do anything with a post. And I’m the blog administrator! I’ve never read a NS book or seen any of the movies, although my former co-worker absolutely adored the film The Notebook.

      • You are not alone Leigh. For as many people who love Nicholas Spark’s books there are just as many who cannot stand his writing style and find his books boring. I read several of his books and did enjoy them immensely. The last one I read was The Lucky One. After that I decided not to read anymore of his books because many of them revolve around tragedies or there is something sinister going on in the storyline. I do love the romance aspect of his books though and it is so nice to read romance with a man doing the writing. The love between the hero and heroine is always a soul to soul connection in his books. That aspect is what drew me to read his books and get into the stories.

  5. Hi Judit, all I can say is that we see Richard through different eyes. To me Richard looked like a bag of bones in Spooks 7 (his face mostly). Standing shirtless in the men’s room Richard looked alright to me. I am not saying that he did not look good. We are talking about Richard Armitage after all. πŸ™‚ All I am saying is that he was way too thin in Spooks 7 and I am not a fan of a very thin Richard Armitage, especially when it is not natural for him to be that way. He lost weight for the show. Okay I can accept that. Many actors and actresses have done it to portray a character. Remember also that the camera adds a few pounds to you, so if he looked that thin on camera, imagine what he looked like in person.

    Richard’s face appears skeletal to me in Spooks 7 and I do not happen to find that a healthy or attractive way to look. I guess I just really abhor society’s love and encouragement of extreme thinness. I am not saying this because I am fat because I am not. I had a hard time gaining weight as I was growing up and my father nick named me Olive Oyl after Popeye’s wife because I was so skinny. I was naturally that way though so I did not look skeletal. I looked like a healthy gal who happened to be thin and did all through my 20’s and 30’s..

    I think that Richard looked much better by Spooks 9, but I love his fleshy face in North & South more. I love best his face in the wallpaper here on this blog. Richard face does not look skeletal in it and he looks healthy. People who are so thin that they look skeletal also tend to age badly and sometimes even prematurely.

    This is only my own personal and humble take on how Richard looks in Spooks 7.

    I am glad that you like my Gravatar. I was trying to figure out how to upload a photo of Richard without signing up for Gravatar but it seems I had no choice. It is okay though, if that is what it took to put Richard Armitage’s handsome face on my profile. πŸ™‚ I will probably change it to one I like more since I was trying to load any picture of him as I was hurrying to get ready for work.

    • I am a fan of Richard Armitage at any weight. Because I am a fan of the person inside the body. I was startled by how lean he was in Spooks after having seen him as Sir Guy, but I fully understood why he lost the stone (14 lbs.) to play the role of a man fresh out of eight years of deprivation in a Russian prison. He is still beautiful even when in his thin Lucas state, because he has excellent bone structure. There are images from S7 that I absolutely love because the artist inside me sees and respects that sort of otherworldly, ethereal beauty the leanness coupled with the cool lighting of the show evokes.

      I am not saying that I didn’t want to feed him a nice bowl of soup and a sandwich, mind you; but the thinness WORKED for the character in that stage of his life. There was always the plan in place for RA to regain the weight, just as Lucas would have very likely done once free to eat what he wanted when he wanted to eat it. I think there’s a big difference between someone trying to lose weight to suit society’s image of what looks good and someone who has lost weight because of being stuck in a prison. And Richard clearly does not having an eating disorder. Just a commitment to getting the role right. And that I respect as well. Re his various looks, we all have our favorites, of course. But for me, and I have stated this before–he is never, ever, less than beautiful, short hair, long hair, clean-shaven, stubbled, bearded, darker or lighter hair, leaner or more muscular. Let him be at the weight that feels right for him unless a role calls for something different.

      • Ditto to everything you just said!!! His beauty shines from inside.

      • Could not agree with you more Angie! RA was thin in Spooks 7 because the role called for it. He did not look ill, just malnourished but not extremely so. Have you seen pictures of Christian Bale from the movie “The Machinist”? He looked really unhealthy on those photos! Matt Damon has done some extreme dieting for some of his roles too, can’t recall which ones. But I don’t think RA did anything too extreme in order to shed that one stone for Spooks 7.

        • I don’t think Richard ever endangered his health. I think he cut out the beer and pizza and choccie and exercised a lot. He looked very lean, yes, still strong– never like someone who could snap like a twig. Re The Machinist, Christian Bale looked like something out of a concentration camp in that movie. Now HE was a bag of bones, almost skeletal.

          • And as for RA’s face in S7 Spooks,being a bit leaner than usual also brought out the (to use your word) otherworldly beauty of those soulful blue eyes…

            • It’s a bit like he comes from the land of the elves and fairies and sprites . . . He would have made striking elf in TH with his height and his grace but I am glad he’s Thorin.

              • Yeah, a friend of mine and I agreed on that idea quite a while back . . . imagine having Richard and Askar after you. Alex was standing next to Stephen Moyer in last week’s ep and I swear, it was almost laughable how shrimpy Stephen looked.

              • Hmmm…even if both of them were after me, I’d still be able to decide…I’d go for the Dark Angel, obviously. Ah well, had RA been cast in TB , The Hobbit would never have happened,so…it’s all good. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, darn, you ladies are almost making me come down from my position on not getting pay TV!!!

    But, unfortunately, like Angie, I have only my Social Security disability pension to live on so I have to draw the line somewhere on expenditure. And pay TV is a luxury I can’t afford. I’m afraid. But I’m fine with that and just so thankful that we have so any freeview channels in Australia. I still get to watch quite a lot of decent television shows and some fairly recent movies on the idiot box.

    I did splurge on a 32″ television set for my bedroom and a Smart TV upgrader box so I can watch ABC iView/Catchup (like BBC iPlayer) and YouTube clips while I’m cuddled up under the doona late at night! Ooops, I did it again…….”doona” = duvet, continental quilt. πŸ™‚

    Neither of my darling kids has a Smart TV as yet so I’m in the lead!

    • Kathryn, I think we all know what “doona” means by now!! πŸ™‚ I love learning new words, so please keep using Australian vocabulary!

    • Btw. “dunna” is Hungarian for quilt! Isn’t that funny? It’s pronounced “doo-nna” (with a double “n”).

  7. I sure hope that Richard stopped smoking a long time ago for better health reasons. I love Richard no matter what and will always support him in his career even if he does still smoke. Smoking is a deal breaker for me though in the matter of love and romance and Richard would not be an exception. Sorry ladies but I just cannot up and make exceptions for every single thing because it is Richard Armitage. To me that is like saying that you with never stay with a man who beats you but if it is Richard Armitage you will make an exception. I know that is an extreme example but I am just trying to make a point. I probably seem like a very rigid person to many of you but that will just have to be the case if you do. In a way maybe I am, but only about certain things that really matter to me.

    I have never smoked in my life. My parents do not smoke and never did. Being around people who smoke makes me ill. Fortunately that does not happen too often. I had a boyfriend once who smoked and I asked him to just not do it around me, but that does not keep the smoke smell away from you completely. When you kiss you taste it in his mouth. You can smell it when you go over to his place. One of the worst things is talking to person after they have had a cigarette and a cup of coffee…..eewww. I was talking about this very thing with two co-workers a couple of weeks ago. Being with someone who smokes I mean.

    Suppose you met RA and you started dating him. Eventually you find out that he loves to engage in a sexual act that to you is demeaning. Would you do it because it is Richard Armitage doing the asking?

    Say you are a strict catholic and Richard was a staunch atheist. Would you marry him anyway? In case you are wondering, no I am not a strict catholic. I don’t even like traditional religion, no offense here to anyone who does. To each his or her own. I am what many would call a “new age, green living, sustainability conscious, we are all really one family, God is within you literally flower child”.

    I guess my point is that I read all the time all over the internet woman saying they will make exceptions for RA for this and for that just to be his wife. I don’t think lovong someone is about changing who you are as a person. Your core beliefs and such. There isn’t anything wrong with being flexible and I am all for that. Being a doormat for love is another story and I see women do that all the time just for the love of a man.

    I have so much love in my heart for Richard Armitage and always will no matter what. Richard is such a darling. I also have much love for Xenia too and who I AM.

    • I have to play devil’s advocate here. If there was a wonderful role of say, some historical character, and he really wanted to play it, but would have to smoke to accurately play the character–how would you react to that? I should add there are non-nicotine cigarettes performers can use. The Cigarette-Smoking Man on The X-Files was a non-smoker (which I always found hilarious) and he used these special herbal cigarettes.

      I don’t smoke, my husband doesn’t smoke, I am actually allergic to cigarette smoke, so yes, I hope he’s given it up, too for his own sake and because I do care very much about his good health and wellbeing. My parents smoked as did many people of their generation, and thankfully, they both were eventually able to quit. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin for some people, so my hat is off to those who kick the habit and the best thing is obviously to never pick it up in the first place. A series of commercials is being run right now that depict what smoking can do using actual patients who have lost limbs, voice boxes, portions of their faces and more from it. It certainly doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

    • Xenia, a smoking habit is not a character flaw. Should I have “disowned” my parents just because they smoked? Or should I stop visiting my sister because she smokes? And I’m sorry but I don’t think putting up with your partner’s smoking habit would make you a doormat. It’s not the same thing as putting up with being beaten to a pulp regularly or tolerating your partner’s drug abuse or criminal activity. For any relationship to work you obviously have to be ready to make compromises, but of course everybody has their limits. I do think whoever Richard settles down with, would have to be a fairly independent and very confident woman because she’d have to put up with a lot of long-term absences and would also have to tolerate him kissing and making out with other women on set. I don’t think you should take what those women say on those boards all that seriously because it’s all theoretical stuff and theory and practice are always very different!

      • Good point about not taking everything people say on boards too seriously. A lot of it’s a moot point in reality. Would I would put up with someone barking orders at me in the manner of Sir Guy in Real Life? Of course not. I would never want to be mixed up with a drug dealer, either, no matter how attractive. But again, we are talking fantasy versus reality.

        I do think that if you really, truly, deeply fall in love with someone who has a habit you didn’t care for–and I’m not talking about doing a Christian Grey and beating the you-know-what out of someone, or being a serial womanizer or drug addict, that sort of (in my book) unacceptable thing–you are willing to set aside certain things that bother you. You are correct, Judit. There’s give and take in any and all sorts of relationships. That doesn’t make a person a doormat. That makes them a human being who realizes they have flaws, faults and foibles, too. I haven’t met anyone perfect yet.

        And yes, any woman he chose would have to be very self-confident and comfortable in her own skin and not an excessively clingy type. He is going to be away on location where he may or may not be able to bring them along and yes, there will be actresses, some of them beautiful, sexy women, with whom he’ll be in clinches on screen. Not just any woman can deal with that. A special woman for a special guy.

      • I’m not saying it’s a character flaw as such to smoke but……why is it OK for people to say that I am weak-willed because I’m fat? Aren’t smokers weak-willed, too? I’m sorry but were most smokers forced to smoke or did they just bow down to peer pressure?

        I come from a family of smokers and I haven’t disowned any of them and never will, but many’s the time I’ve had to ask one of them not to smoke in my house or my car. I get angry at the arrogance of some of these people who think they have some God-given right to affect my health by smoking near me and I’m supposed to just out up with it.

        They can choose to kill themselves from pleurisy or lung cancer or whatever…thaty’s their right. But they don’t have the right to pollute my little bit of air space – I choose to die from natural causes!

        • OK, obviously this is a hot button issue, the whole smoking debate. I think we should let it die a quiet death. Discussion is fine; but we have discussed it enough for now. Does everyone understand?

    • So well put, Xenia….I take my hat off to you for your ability to express yourself so well in english. Like Judit, you seem to be able to write better English than some English people i know.

      I also agree with absolutely everything you said above.

      I can understand what Angie is saying, too, in her first couple of sentences below (haven’t had the time to read her comment all the way through as yet). Maybe, just maybe, if it was absolutely essential that Richard had to smoke in a certain production and I was guaranteed that he wouldn’t smoke ever again or away from the shooting of that particular production…..but he’d still have to shower and shampoo very thoroughly at the studio after each day’s work had ended and leave any stinky clothes at the laundromat or the dry-cleaners!!!!

      See…even for that beautiful man, I wouldn’t comprise my principles!! And I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, too

      • Kathryngaul, I believe Xenia’s family is from Panama, but she’s been here for a long time. We would expect her English to be good. πŸ˜‰ Not that all native English speakers do so well with the language.

  8. Angie, smoking to play a character in an acting role is not the same as smoking every day in real life and having to live with that person. I am aware that there are cigarettes that actors use that do not contain nicotine. Tyler Perry is not a smoker and uses them in his movies when he portrays Madea.

  9. I have another question. Let us pretend that really in your heart you did not believe in living together first. You want to be married but Richard makes it clear that he wants to live together first to make sure you are the woman for him. Would you set aside your own value system and move in with him?

    • I have a friend who is a very staunch Catholic and she once told me she’d never marry a guy who belongs to a protestant church. However she met a nice guy years later and lo and behold he was a Lutheran. They got married (but they lived together for a while first) and they now have 4 children and are very happy. As I said in my comment above theory and practice are too completely different things. πŸ™‚

      • I had to smile here.

        My now ex-husband and I married after almost but not quite 5 months of meeting. I wanted to live together first because i didn’t believe we’d had enough time to think things through…but Ian said, “But you’re a Catholic! No, we should get married”.

        He was in the RAAF (OK, Judit..what’s that? ; ) and realized he was up for a posting any day now. Like a fool, I compromised.

        We’re talking Jan 1970 here, kiddies! πŸ™‚ I had just turned 23. I was considered old to just be getting married! The world still argued that women had to be married and bear children – that was their natural state. Any woman who choose to remain single was considered a right weirdo.

        I had gone through my teens and early twenties saying I wasn’t particularly interested in getting married and having babies.

        At first, Ian seemed a nice guy and fairly easy-going. Everyone thought I should marry him, including those family members who were starting to get a bit concerned that I was going to end up an old maid.

        It’s only fair that you should know this….I have always been considered “different” [ here you need to read “warped”, “weird”, “strange”, OK? πŸ˜‰ )

        I was a very insecure person because i was “different” from everyone else all my life !!. I waivered between wanting desperately to fit in and saying to myself “what’s so wrong about being different? I’m an individual, that’s all. Bugger the lot of them!”

        • Can you tell where this story is leading?

          Suffice to say….I’m glad that I have my kids…don’t get me wrong…but I never ever felt as though my life would be crap if I didn’t have any.

          As for marriage…….

          for me, we’re talking now, ladies, so again…don’t get me wrong

          Well, the one I had was baaaad, really bad…abusive in every way imaginable. I told myself “Catholics don’t get divorced. Everybody else seems to be able to get married life to work – why the bloody hell do you always have to be different?. Maybe all the problems are in your mind……he seems to think I deserve what I’m getting….he says I’m just unnatural…..he says I’m a rotten wife and mother….he says my family can’t stand me…he says if i leave, I can’t take the kids, that no judge would ever grant me custody of them anyway…….I need to stay until the kids get a bit bigger…I need to stay until I can properly support yourself and the kids”, etc., etc.,

          During those years, you didn’t hear about domestic abuse or women’s shelters or anything else to help you “get away” – I had no concept that there was such a thing as a Social Security benefit to help me support my kids until i went to work for DSS in Feb 1979!!!

          I was convinced my family wouldn’t help me, that I wouldn’t even get any emotional support from them…..I had become so estranged from them during my marriage (his doing) and I wasn’t allowed to have any friends.

          I left Ian on 16 Aug 1982 and divorced him a year later.

          I have remained single.from choice.

          That’s 30 years – I repeat 30 years.
          The moral of my story – compromising your ideals for a man is bad for youn can be bad for you.

          • Sorry my story was so long but I wanted to make a point. As you can see, WP was hiding those last few words above so they’re rather garbled.

            I shall now “shut up” for the next 4 1/2 months, I promise! But I might let you know if I can get to Wellington on 28 Nov!!


            • To everyone–

              Letting things descend into an argument, which is what was happening over the great smoking question, is not something I care to have happen here. It is, after all, my blog and those are my rules.

              It’s supposed to be a fun place, and when I feel as if people are starting to shout at each other, I am not comfortable with that. We all need to be considerate of others’ feelings here. I don’t want anyone to be hurt, not you, not Judit, not Xenia, and so forth. And that sometimes means I have to ask people to stop commenting on a particular subject. I am not asking anyone to stop commenting period, just to drop this particular subject and play by my rules.

              If that can’t or won’t happen and it ceases to fun and more of a policing action by me, that will be the end of the Armitage Effect.