The flight is booked: closing in on Comic-Con


Let’s hope I get the aisle seats I requested. People with fibromyalgia need room to stretch a bit while they ponder the geekapalooza (love that term. Saw it on another blog) known as Comic-Con International. And I’ve requested wheelchair assistance. Hey, I’ve got energy to conserve. The geekapalooza covers a lot of ground.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll be winging my way to San Diego  July 11 via Delta Airlines, arriving shortly after 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  Yes, the ticket is now purchased.  The seats were fast disappearing on any desirable flights (i.e., those that didn’t leave very late, meaning I’d arrive in SD the next morning, and/or required me to make multiple connections and spend long hours in the airport. Fifteen hours to get from Montgomery to SD and vice-versa by air is tooo much).

English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E lan...

English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E landing on runway 18C at Schiphol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, I love that husband of mine. Benny saved me (or should I say, our little community) another $90 beyond previous discounts by discovering I could pre-pay for my room in San Diego rather than just reserving it.  That freed up enough cash to cover the ticket cost.  And so the deed is done, the die is cast, the ticket booked and the room paid for in full–thanks to those of you who have generously contributed to the cause.

Will he be in disguise at Comic-Con? Or will the It Factor simply penetrate any attempt to go incognito?

This trip will involve a lot of firsts for me: my first trip to San Diego, although not my first to California; my first Comic-Con, my first reporting gig since being laid off from the paper and, I dearly hope, my first time seeing and hearing Richard Armitage in person. At times, it is all a bit overwhelming, frankly.  But in a good way, unlike some of the ways I have felt overwhelmed in recent months.

I wonder how Richard felt when he learned he’d been cast as Thorin in The Hobbit.  Excited, ecstatic, nervous–overwhelmed?

Maybe I will get to find that out. Along with how he smells. 😉

For those interested, here is  a link to an online article KG and I were discussing offline.

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  1. Wow, that’s great news, thank you for sharing! FIngers crossed for the aisle seat! 🙂 Well done and thank you to Benny for finding out about the pre-payment opportunity! 🙂 This is getting more and more exciting by the day! What an adventure for you and for us all! 🙂

  2. **doing happy dance** That’s terrific! I hope you get the aisle seat, too. (That’s what I’ve got for the first leg of the trip home and requested for the second leg.) Many thanks and cheers to Sir Benny for his inestimable help. This is glorious news.

    • Yeah, the regular rates on the room with the inflated weekend rates would have cost me about $400 more than without all the discounts, so I think I got a pretty good deal. And I am certain I will get the aisle seats on the short flights to and from Atlanta, we’ll just have to wait and see on the 757s. Fingers crossed!

  3. Reading this post put a huge grin on my face! I’m so excited that things have worked out so well for you so far. I feel certain that this will be a marvelous experience for you no matter what, but I can’t help hoping right along with you that you get to see and meet Richard Armitage!

  4. The excitement builds!! I check my email several times a day to see if you have any news to pass on! I wonder if you will have the time, or indeed the energy to post on your blog while you are away? We shall all be on tenterhooks to see what happens when you’re there. We wish for everything to work out as perfectly as things seem to be doing so far. I’m sure we are all hoping and praying that you get close enough to Richard so you can meet him. I don’t know if I could get a coherent question out to him if it was me, (I’m sure my blood pressure is going up at the mere thought of such a thing) but I have to remember you are a professional at this!! 🙂

  5. Bula from Fiji!! I’ve managed to sneak in a few minutes of internet time, (have had data roaming turned off on my mobile ‘cos of the cost) and I’m rapt to see that everything is falling into place for you Angie!! I can’t begin to imagine how excited you must be!!
    We head home on Friday, and I’m looking forward so much to catching up with what’s been happening here and at serv’s. We have had a wonderful time here (although I got seasick on the cruise because of the rough weather we ran into 😦 )

    • Hey, Mezz! We’ve missed you, girl. Glad to hear you are having a good time other than getting seasick–I got nauseous during one of our cruises when the seas were a bit too rough, and I usually have no trouble with seasickness. It’s no fun. I am very excited and nervous and still trying to take it all in, Mezz re Comic-Con. The thought I might get to see Richard in less than a month!! SQUEEEEE

      • One word — well, actually two: scopolamine patch. They actually work. I hope you’re enjoying the rest of the cruise, Mezz.

        • Thanks Leigh! I took a couple of tablets and they worked very effectively, much to my surprise, but I keep the patches in mind for future reference!

      • I’ve missed you all too! The giggles, the drooling, the thoughtfulness and the sharing, it’s all become a part of my daily life. And I missed Richard, even though I was otherwise occupied enjoying the holiday with my beloved husband, and even though I thought of him only a dozen times a day instead of the usual hundred! 😉
        I felt a little silly…how can you miss someone you’ve never met? It would become almost a physical yearning and I would then have to look at the photos of him I had loaded onto my phone. *sigh* There really is no hope for me!!

        I’m so excited for you going to ComicCon, Angie. I hope it’s not too late to help, but I’ve pushed that little donate button anyway! 🙂

        • I am glad you had such a lovely time. And we can all relate to missing someone we’ve never met. Been there, done that. 😉 And I saw your donation. thanks very much. 😀
          Even though my hotel and plane ticket are taken care of, I know I will have to buy some food outside of the convention, hire taxis, etc. What’s the old saying about traveling’ “Take twice as much money and half as many clothes as you think you’ll need and you’ll be fine.” 😉

    • Hello Mezz, good to hear from you! Glad you’ve been enjoying your holiday. Sorry about the seasickness! Hope the weather will be nice for the rest of your trip! Take care and have fun!

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