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Sometimes I just don’t know what the world is coming to. First, there was the conundrum that is the massive popularity of the Kardashian clan, a family devoted to plastic surgery, nasty sex tapes, and marriages that look suspiciously like publicity stunts.  A mother who pimps out her daughters for fame and profit.  How enterprising.

And now–good grief–a global merchandising license for The Trilogy that Dares Not Speak Its Name in My Presence.  Yes, boys and girls, you will soon be able to sleep between 50 SoG sheets, apply 50 SoG blush and lipstick, adorn yourself with 50 SoG jewelry, spritz on 50SoG scent, decorate your house or apartment with 50SoG home furnishings, slip into 50 SoG lingerie and purchase 50 SoG-themed “adult products for adult women.” Hmmmmmm.

Give me a frickin’ break. As someone pointed out, it’s one thing for your youngster to have a Harry Potter poster on the wall or a Katniss Everdean comforter on the bed. We expect this sort of merchandising for popular franchises such as these which are aimed at kids and teens. Heck, we fangurlz and boyz of a more mature age are eager to get our hands on a Thorin action figure, right?

However, 50 Shades clearly ain’t for kiddies. I am more than a bit disturbed at the  thought of  an image hanging in my bedroom of Christian Grey wielding his belt and tie while wearing a sadistic grin on his face. Personally, it would be the stuff of nightmares.  But that’s just me.

Still, we all know this Shlock Fiction is a huge cash cow and, clearly, E.L. James and Company are going to milk this baby for all it’s worth.

With 13 million copies sold here in the U.S. alone, I ‘m sure there’s a market for the merchandise . . . in fact, I’m surprised she and her literary agent didn’t ink a deal earlier. Then again, she was busy with that $5 million movie deal. Oh heavens. There will be merchandise tied in with it as well, probably . . .

An officially  licensed speader bar and your own Ana handcuffs for your Red Room of Pain, anyone?

I’ll pass.

OT: Milkin’ that cash cow for all its worth

The Bearded Beaut will be at Comic-Con!


At least that’s what this bloke says. And I am holding you to it, Lee Pace. Hey, I have even written a blog entry about you, you know. The link is at the bottom of this post.

I’ve always liked you as an actor, you seem like a pretty swell guy in real life, and frankly, I love you for your loose tongue. Waiting for all these official announcements tires me out. I want to know NOW.   And to hear that you said Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage would be at Comic-Con International  in San Diego made me very, very happy indeed.

This is cutie pie Lee Pace at a previous Comic-Con. Apparently Lee reported to some individuals at Sir Ian’s fundraiser that Martin Freeman and–WHOO-HOO!Richard Armitage will be at Comic-Con in July.

So it looks as if we Americans will get to see the Bearded (?) Beaut on our own shores again in less than three weeks.  And if all continues to go well with my own unexpected journey, I will see him in all his glorious fair flesh–and hairy forearms. *sigh* And hear his voice and if I am lucky, I’ll get to talk to him, ask him a few of those questions we’ve been cooking up.

Didn’t he look great in the photos from the fundraiser? A sparkle in those azure eyes, glowing skin and–just for Servetus–brown hair and beard! And did we mention those muscular forearms? *thud*   https://twitter.com/prwelly/status/216507591923208192/photo/1

And because I never get tired of the images from that Hobbit press conference, here we go:

Comic-Con is coming, I am going and so–it appears–is RA!!

Thank you to all who have donated to my trip fund. I now have my flight, my hotel room (although there is some confusion about which rate I am going to get, so it may be pricier than hoped) and now shuttle service (cheaper than a taxi) from and back to the airport is reserved. Thank you, asilomar for the heads-up!

I am still taking donations and likely will be right up to the departure date. I will have access to my PayPal account through my debit card while I am away.

I sincerely hope I not only get to talk with Richard, but also get to tell him it was a group of his dedicated and generous fans from around the globe who made it possible for me to attend.

 I definitely could not do this without you all.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Favorite Spy for Saturday


Lucas. Whether it’s the ethereal fine-boned beauty of S7, the well-muscled  Porteresque physique of S9 or the “in-between” look of S8 Lucas, he’s always a stunner. Surveilling, searching, going undercover–Lucas does it all with style.  The jeans and leather jackets, the snug-fitting pullovers that hug his broad shoulders and sculpted chest, his courier black leathers, so reminiscent of Sir Guy. The pin-striped suit with that power red tie.  Those piercing blue eyes  and beautiful pale skin that contrast so strikingly with his dark hair . . .

He’s one seriously good-looking spy.