The Bearded Beaut will be at Comic-Con!


At least that’s what this bloke says. And I am holding you to it, Lee Pace. Hey, I have even written a blog entry about you, you know. The link is at the bottom of this post.

I’ve always liked you as an actor, you seem like a pretty swell guy in real life, and frankly, I love you for your loose tongue. Waiting for all these official announcements tires me out. I want to know NOW.   And to hear that you said Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage would be at Comic-Con International  in San Diego made me very, very happy indeed.

This is cutie pie Lee Pace at a previous Comic-Con. Apparently Lee reported to some individuals at Sir Ian’s fundraiser that Martin Freeman and–WHOO-HOO!Richard Armitage will be at Comic-Con in July.

So it looks as if we Americans will get to see the Bearded (?) Beaut on our own shores again in less than three weeks.  And if all continues to go well with my own unexpected journey, I will see him in all his glorious fair flesh–and hairy forearms. *sigh* And hear his voice and if I am lucky, I’ll get to talk to him, ask him a few of those questions we’ve been cooking up.

Didn’t he look great in the photos from the fundraiser? A sparkle in those azure eyes, glowing skin and–just for Servetus–brown hair and beard! And did we mention those muscular forearms? *thud*

And because I never get tired of the images from that Hobbit press conference, here we go:

Comic-Con is coming, I am going and so–it appears–is RA!!

Thank you to all who have donated to my trip fund. I now have my flight, my hotel room (although there is some confusion about which rate I am going to get, so it may be pricier than hoped) and now shuttle service (cheaper than a taxi) from and back to the airport is reserved. Thank you, asilomar for the heads-up!

I am still taking donations and likely will be right up to the departure date. I will have access to my PayPal account through my debit card while I am away.

I sincerely hope I not only get to talk with Richard, but also get to tell him it was a group of his dedicated and generous fans from around the globe who made it possible for me to attend.

 I definitely could not do this without you all.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Lee is indeed a cutie pie!!!! I’m soooooooooooooo excited Angie, just seen Servetus’ post with the link to RANet and checked out the pictures and I’m 16 again like someone said over there… And Richard’s hair is a bit longer now and he’s gorgeous and I’d better shut up… Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (never said squeeeee before! It’s my first!)

    • Lee’s adorable. And it seems he and Richard have been hanging out some together. They are both known for being shy but sweet, amiable guys, so I would imagine they get along well. And I did some squeeing myself, so don’t feel bad LOL First the sight of the pics, and then to read that Lee had said Martin and RICHARD would be in attendance at Comic-Con . . . YIpppppeeeeeeeee!

        • I didn’t mean pair as in couple, btw. Not that I’d have a problem with it mind you! 🙂 Good to know he’s made friends! I mean Richard! Forgive me for being a bit all over the place at the moment. 🙂 Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Lee I love you too!

          • I hope he’s made a lot of friends. I remember he said he didn’t really make friends during RH. Watching the video of Ian’s show, I saw Richard stay waaaaay in the back and he looked like he wasn’t talking, etc., like some of the other actors. He was just confirming to me that he’s a shy guy. He must need to be around smaller groups of folks. Anyway, it was wonderful to see him looking so well and happy!

            • If that’s the way he is, I can sympathise, because I’m like that too, much preferring small groups of people with whom I can interact easily. I am uncomfortable being at a large gathering. But then, I’m not paid to do so! He obviously has to be accommodating by attending after-awards parties etc. There is so much more ahead of him, after seeing him on the stage at Ian’s show, I wonder if he’s finding it all a bit daunting.

              BTW If I’d had the opportunity to get on that stage, I would have made a beeline for him to make sure he wasn’t up the back by himself!! And I’m only 5′ 4″ tall. 😉

              • I’m the same way Mezz. I can see some of the same things on his face, that I have on mine in similar situations. Let me get back here, let the outgoing ones take center stage, while I stand in the back and smile! I’m in a group of teachers who sing silly songs or do funny skits during workdays, retirement parties, etc. I have a lot of fun but I’ll migrate to the side and let the outgoing ladies show off! I can totally emphasize with Richard here.

                I also enjoy small groups of close friends. My parents 50th anniversary party is next weekend and I’m dreading it. My dad will love the crowd of friends and relatives. I said, “Do I have to talk in front of everyone?? I’ll help serve the food and make sure the drinks don’t run out…I don’t want to talk?”

                Oh I’ll join you and Richard in the back. And I have you both beat…I’m 5′ 1/2″ tall! I can really hide!!

              • I’ve just done a conversion from metric. At 163cm tall that makes me 5’3″ so I’m shorter than I thought I was!! 😦
                Watching the vid again, there’s one lucky young woman who had her hand held by Richard when they took a bow towards the end. I wonder if she realised…*sigh*

              • I’m only 5’2″ (1.59 m) Mezz! 🙂 I wonder if part of why Richard always stays in the back is because he doesn’t want to block the view of smaller people being the polite and considerate gentleman that he is. There’ve been occasions in the past when I went to outdoor concerts and events and there has always been a tall guy standing in front of me blocking my view! It can be very annoying. Of course in RA’s case there’s the shyness too which I personally find immensely endearing. 🙂

              • Mezz, I would have done the same! That gal who was next to him and held his hand for the bow barely looked at him, didn’t seem like she had any idea who he was.

                Judit, you may be on to something about his politeness toward shorter people. I’m a bit tall and when I’m with shorter friends and we’re at an event or exhibit in a crowd, I’m protective toward them, making sure they can see and get up front while I stay toward the back because I can see over everyone’s shoulders. lol

              • Oh, the sad ignorance of some. To hold that hand and be unable to appreciate it . . .

                I am convinced that Richard has the manners of a southern gentleman and, as someone who shot up to his full height at a young age, he must have grown accustomed to making way for people of lesser stature in such situations.

              • @Laurie, congratulations to your parents on their 50th anniversary! 🙂 Hope even if you do have to speak at the even it won’t be too daunting an exprerience for you! 🙂 Good luck! 🙂

            • I’m a bit puzzled that he says he didn’t make many friends on the RH set and keeps to himself at events like this because by all accounts he is such a likeable guy. Everyone who ever talked about him seems to love him, not just the ladies but the guys seem to have a very high opinion of him as well. We also heard that he is extremely well liked on the Hobbit set (one of Frenz’ informants said that). I can’t imagine him being an outsider on set, though he may well be the kind of person who is not comfortable at the centre of a big, loud crowd, and I can imagine many of a his actor colleagues being much louder than him.

              • I’m guessing he might be the kind of a person more comfortable in a smaller, more intimate group than in a big, noisy crowd. I also think he is more of an observer–someone who takes in everything going on around him rather than someone who feels as if they must be the life of the party (for some reason, I ‘m thinking James Nesbitt and some of the other dwarfs would be the latter). As I’ve said, I think he’s shy and reserved but not standoff-ish.

                Re the RH set, I have the distinct impression that was generally not a happy place anyway. Due in part to the “star” getting a little too full of himself. And, of course, Richard was going around with that face like thunder and perhaps if made him feel a little alienated from the other actors?

              • The more I read about Richard, the more I’m convinced that he is a classic introvert. All of these things that we are discussing go right along with being one. Quite a few years ago I read a very interesting book about it. It explains that extroverts like James Nesbitt, get energy from being around people. Conversely, introverts have their energy sucked out by people. They need time to themselves to rejuvenate. After reading that it was like a light bulb went off over my head! Now I don’t feel bad when I have to have my alone time. It’s natural. Shyness may or may not go along with being an introvert, though many introverts do have a degree of shyness.

                I hope that Richard gets some time to recuperate from this project. After reading the report on RAFrenzy’s blog, I was even more convinced that he’s an exhausted introvert. Dealing with that large group of people after a hard day, week, year and a half of filming an incredibly demanding role, was just difficult for him. sometimes, when we have meetings, etc., directly after work, I almost want to rip my hair out with the overwhelming desire to go somewhere quiet. I’m even more impressed with Richard because he treats others so kindly even when I’m sure he wants to go home for some peace and quiet.

              • I think it was James Nesbitt who did most of the talking at the press conference too..Apart from maybe Martin Freeman.

              • Laurie, that makes a lot of sense! I do hope Richard gets some much needed “alone” time before all the promotional duties…

              • Aside from his good manners and innate gentlemanliness, maybe that’s why he is so good with fans, because he is much more comfortable with that one-on-one or small group situation. I can relate to the personal down time as well, I’m quite happy with my own company, to the point where I need to be careful to balance that out with some social time.
                I agree with you judit, I too hope Richard gets a rest before the merry-go-round of appearances starts up.

              • Having been out of the loop compared to my schedule when I was working and had to attend a lot of events, I can honestly say I haven’t minded not being surrounded by people a lot of the time. I am a friendly and approachable person and I loved my job, but I HAVE to have some quiet time, some down time. I actually think at times I could happily become a hermit, albeit one with access to the Internet. 😉

                One of the frustations of the newspaper job was sitting in an office that was basically wide open. We had a couple of ad associates who could talk in very loud tones, phones, office and cell, ringing, the fax machine buzzing, and there I was trying to write a story and I couldn’t hear myself think. Writing has been called a solitary profession, but in the world of newspapers, you have to train your brain to cut out all the extraneous stuff. Some days it was easier than others.

              • Laurie, you probably hit the nail on the head. He may or may not be shy, but shyness is associated with low self esteem and it seems hard to imagine why he should suffer from that, having so many talents and being apparently well-liked everywhere, and doing well in interviews and at events when he has to. But innate introversion makes a lot of sense. I myself find it extremely exhausting to have lots of people and noise around me.

  2. Richard looks manlier and hotter than ever on those pics, doesn’t he? He’ll melt everybody at Comic Con! Angie I think you’ll have to wear something fire proof!

  3. OMG! I stay off of the internet for nearly three days to get some reading and writing done and look at what I missed. I am LOVING the updated photos of Richard!!! I love the gray hairs in his beard. I noticed them before when he first started growing the beard for The Hobbit, but its prominent now. Richard looks so distinguished. I see that The Hobbit is premiering in NZ on 11/28/2012. After that it will premiere in London, Tokyo, New York and Berlin in December. I am really surprised that Los Angeles was not included.

    Angie congratulations on getting everything finalized for your trip. Just think in two weeks you will be looking directly into the face of Richard Armitage. You Lucky Gal.

  4. For the first time ever I saw an ad in this morning’s paper for OzComicCon. There have probably been others, I just haven’t taken any notice of them, since they didn’t mean anything to me. But now…..oooeee! No idea who’s appearing, but gee I wish Richard was…it’s less than two hours away.

    I keep going back to those new pics. He’s looking mouth-wateringly gorgeous… those forearms, more developed than ever, and still with that beautiful touchable hair…*fans herself*…the beard…the smile…his hair…his eyes…good grief, I can’t get enough of the man…*thud*

    • LP doesn’t have a big role, so probably not. It sounds as if it’s just MF and RA (and PJ himself, I assume!), wouldn’t he have said that a bunch of them/us are going otherwise? If that is true it tells a lot about RA’s importance for the movie and the publicity campaign.

        • I have never been sure to which degree it is Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin plus twelve dwarves or Bilbo and Gandalf plus thirteen dwarves. In the movie as well as in the publicity campaign. After all PJ puts a lot of emphasis on the ensemble and the team effort and RA seems to be fine with that.

          • I guess I am thinking more of appearances on talk shows and morning news shows . . . it would be hard to get the whole ensemble of dwarfs together at any one place. Possibly you’ll have, I don’t know, Oin and Gloin here, Balin and Dwalin there, Kili and Fili somewhere else. Won’t know till it happens.

            • That is what I was thinking. Basically just a lot of actors as part of the Hobbit cast, as ambassadors of the movie, not as individual actors and characters. I have no idea who did the LOTR promotion? That were a lot of actors as well. Were VM and EW very prominent?

              • Honestly–I don’t remember. I wasn’t as emotionally invested in the other movies and the publicity leading up to them for some odd reason. 😉

              • Maybe they’re going to split the cast into groups and assign a territory to each group: one will do the promo in the US, another will do Europe, another one the UK…etc.

              • And I am guessing some of them have projects on tap to do between the wrap and the premiere . . . they would tie them up part of the time.

              • And Richard has the ComicCon to attend… Then he’ll go on a long relaxing holiday to the Seychelles with his lovely new girlfriend (I just made that bit up!! )… 🙂

              • Holidays on the Seychelles would involve a lot of water and possibly diving, not sure he would like that!

              • Stay on the beach and let the lady put lots of sunscreen on him while they enjoy drinks with little umbrellas. 😉 The sunscreen should be well worked into the skin.

              • Yes, Angie, that beautiful fair skin of RA definitely needs loving care and protection against sunburn!! 🙂 Fair point about the swimming and diving Jane, but Richard has probably cured his fear of water by now, having done so many roles where he had to swim and stuff! 🙂 OK, maybe a skiing holiday in Switzerland would suit him better! After the long skiing sessions they’d have cosy nights in with hot drinks in front of the fireplace of the beautiful chalet.. *sigh* Hopefully he is not bound by his contract not to go skiing until the promotional duties are over for The Hobbit?

    • I am almost relieved if the panel is going to be just Martin and Richard and PJ (and hopefully some of the Weta peeps). That means more of an opportunity for Richard to say something if the other more talkative dwarves are not there. I think Lee’s role may be bigger in the second movie, so maybe Comic Con 2013 for him? 🙂

      • Dawn,
        I have to agree. I really think we will likely hear more from RA if he’s not in competition with, say, James Nesbitt or Ken Stott (and I love those guys, but not as much as I love listening to RA, if you know what I mean). Yes, I believe Lee’s role will be a bigger one in the second film, so he’d be more likely to attend next year.

        • Martin can talk a lot too! 🙂 Angie, maybe if Lee attends next year you’ll get to ruffle his hair (for some reason every time I look at the picture on the top of this post I feel an irresistible urge to do just that! Though I’d need a stepladder!)! 😉

          • I’m not sure but I think while MF may talk a lot, he won’t be as pushy as some others. I also think/hope that he and Richard get along well. He once described himself as a bit of a homebody and may be on the same wavelengths as RA.

            • That’s what I was thinking. Martin may be a talker, but he doesn’t seem like someone who butts into conversations a lot. Judging by the way he looks at Richard in that Hobbit press conference, I definitely get the impression he likes and respects Richard. And maybe even has a wee bit of a man crush. 😉

              • No, I definitely don’t think Martin is pushy at all! I think he was just talking a lot at the press conference simply because he was asked a lot of questions! A lot more than RA, obviously. 🙂 And I’m sure they get along just fine! The way Martin was looking at Richard at the press conf… definitely a bit of a man crush going on there! 🙂

              • Martin seems like a really nice guy in RL, anyway. Another reason I was glad Richard got to know Lee is that Lee is described by many as a very humble, down-to-earth guy who is dedicated to his Method acting techniques. Just seemed like they would be simpatico.

          • He’s an inch taller than Richard! I was watching the two of them on stage-just follow the two dark heads in the back of the pack. LOL Lee’s got great hair, indeed–the kind that begs to be ruffled with one’s fingertips.

            • Yes, I know, he’s the same height as Mr.Viking God! If I ever met Lee I’d have ask him to sit down so I can ruffle his hair. 🙂 Thank you Mr. Pace, much obliged! 🙂

              • Speaking of Mr. Viking God, he looks quite the treat in period costume, too. We are getting flashbacks to Pam’s vampire origins. She was a madam at a New Orleans brothel in the late Victorian era. She actually asks Eric to turn her and he really doesn’t want to do it, but ends up having to–don’t want to give too much away. Anyway, I got to see him in period costume and his bare butt tonight, which was all good. And who knew that Bill and Eric knew each other way back when? Poor Lucy got tortured some more tonight. 😦 It’s kind of fun hearing Maid Marian curse out her torturer, though. 😉

              • Apparently Mr. Skarsgard is not keen on “modesty patches” (he’s Swedish after all -ha ha), he said “if I’m naked, I’m naked”.. Not one of the shy ones, is he? Well, I have to confess I’ve already watched ep.1 and 2 of TB season 5…Don’t tell anybody..I used one of those sites from where you can get stuff when you don’t want to wait for stuff for for years…*hanging her head in shame*

              • Well, I for one appreciate Mr. Skarsgard’s nonchalance about nudity. 😀 As for having seen the eps . . . I saw the eps of Spooks, RH and Strike Back within 24 or less of them airing in the UK. And I didn’t leave Alabama. I think you can figure it out . . . 😉

              • Oh goodie, that’s reassuring to know. 🙂 A girl has to do what a girl has to do to get her fix, right? Yes, A.Skars looks very fetching in period costume indeed. Cravats and long necks- a winning combination! He looks just as fetching wearing next to nothing too! Btw, AS is not as “buffed up” as Alcide the werewolf but I prefer his sinewy (if that’s the right word for it) type of musculature to the body-builder type.

              • I couldn’t help but think it would be nice to see Mr. A and Mr. S in a period drama together. 😉 I know what you mean. The longer, leaner yet muscular look RA and AS have with their thoroughbred bods is more appealing to me than Joe’s gym rat look. Not that Alcide’s hard to look at, but that sort of musculature is just not my type.

              • Well, I am IN bed. I’m just not asleep. 😉 The weather is weird and it’s affecting me. We are under a wind advisory with some chance of thunderstorms. I’m assuming it’s my coccyx that is aching down there.

              • What a treat that would be, those two gentlemen in period costumes and wearing cravats around those loooong necks… a proper droolfest! Joe M’s body is nice of course and I know how much work goes into getting a body like that but for some reason it leaves me cold. I recently saw half-naked pics of Chris Hemsworth (walking on a beach) and people were swooning over them left right and centre in the comments section,but I didn’t get what the fuss was about. I appreciate muscles just not those types of muscles. 🙂 To each their own as they say!

        • We will see about LP’s role. We never even heard anything about him being in NZ until very recently. His part may have been shortened for the sake of more Legolas and Tauriel.

  5. Right. Talking of Mr. Pace, I’m going to have to check “Pushing Daisies” out! Maybe if I watch it I’ll be able to figure out why there were only 2 seasons of it despite the apparent critical success.

    • Judit,
      I think the reason Pushing Daisies was cancelled was due more to low ratings, even though it was beloved by many critics. If you’re not bringing in the numbers, the networks will only keep you around for so long. It has developed a sort of cult status and a second life on DVD . . .

      • “Lie to Me” (which I really liked) was cancelled for the same reason mid-third season. I thought it was a very interesting concept for a show. Maybe too “brainy” for a lot of people?

        • Well, you know the original Star Trek only ran for three seasons and then was dropped because the ratings were not high enough to satisfy NBC. But by then there were die-hard Trekkies in place and the cult status went on to grow until it really became a part of mainstream culture, spawning–what, four spin-off series and three separate film franchises. Can’t say I thought much of the most recent reboot, however. Benny and I were rather disappointed. Anyway, “failed” series can go no to have quite a life of their own, especially now that we have access to DVDs, Netflix and streaming video.

          • I have never watched any of the ST series (sci-fi not being my thing) but I watched the latest film version (at my sister’s obviously- they’re very much into sci-fi), and the only thing I liked about it was Simon Pegg’s Scotty. 😀

            • I was a little girl when Star Trek aired, and my older sister and I watched it faithfully. Simon was one of the best things about the new ST series in my opinion.

              • I had no idea Simon was in it, and when he first appeared on the screen, I was like “Woooow, the guy from Hot Fuzz!” ! 🙂

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