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I wouldn’t mind trying it out to test the theory—touching his beard, that is.  Or those delicious forearms (so strong looking!) to stroke those downy hairs . . . *sigh*

WP is being a pill, the humidity is 91 percent and the A/C is going to run through the night tonight. I don’t feel like sticking to my pillow. Hair is up in a ponytail to help keep me cooler.

Watched The Help. Cried. Personal reasons as well as the storyline. Very strong performances. More on my emotional connection later, maybe tomorrow.

 Comic-Con is coming and I’ll be headed to San Diego July 11 to cover the excitement . . .

I wonder if touching his beard brings good luck?

It’s in the bag: Comic-Con, RA and lists


I am going to try to travel as lightly as possible when I wing my way to Comic-Con in two-and-a-half weeks. Benny says I am genetically incapable of this–traveling light- so I am, of course, determined to prove him wrong.   I frankly don’t want to pay Delta Airlines $35 to check a bag, and that worrywort part of me that makes me very much Joe and Ova’s baby girl also makes me fear a checked bag might end up in, oh, San Francisco while I am sitting in San Diego.  I speak from experience.  So I needed a roomy bag I can stuff under the seat to go with my carry-on with wheels for the overhead.

I went online where I found myself a sturdy, affordable, well-reviewed tote to serve as my handbag/Comic-Con gear bag, one that won’t show dirt easily, with room for lots of stuff.  (BTW Duluth Trading Company also has some gorgeous leather bags and briefcases I think RA would love, but they were out of my price range and not really what I needed for my journey there and back again.)

My tote arrived in yesterday’s mail and here’s what it looks like (only in washed brown instead of khaki).

Looks like I could get plenty of stuff into this bag. Unfortunately, I don’t think Richard would quite fit.

And here’s the description from the website.

Weekender Travel Tote is 3x the size of our original Travel Tote.

It’s big. Really big. So big you’ll turn a 3-day weekend into a 5-day trip. Check out what Duluth inventory manager Vickie fit in hers: 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pajamas, 1 jacket, a pair of hiking boots, socks and undies for 4 days, and toiletries. Holy cow! Has a zip organizer pocket in front with 3 sleeves, 3 pen slots and a key fob, plus 3 large sleeve pockets, a zip pocket and a cell phone sleeve inside. Huge outside pocket and secure zip top too. You’ll finally be ready for that long weekend you’ve been putting off.
It’s too early to pack in reality, but I’ve been doing it in my head a plenty. I am envisioning my folder with all my pertinent paperwork–my bar code and instructions for badge pickup for Comic-Con, hotel and flight details, etc.–in the zipper pocket on the side. Perhaps I will also tuck my Kindle in there. I have it loaded with as yet un-read books and some audiobooks, so I can stay entertained on the flights to and from SD.  There’s the tiny iPod Shuffle I won in a competition at work I could take to enjoy some tunes.
 Of course, with all those photo ops I am anticipating, my Digital SLR, a container with extra batteries and camera cards, my recharger, the mini videocam and batteries for that. I am debating whether or not to take the telephoto lens. It’s a bit on the heavy side. But I find myself imagining zooming in on a certain bearded beaut’s face. Decisions, decisions.

With my old  palm recorder malfunctioning, Benny found me a new one on Ebay that is smaller than many cell phones, a perfect fit for one of the pockets in the tote. After all, assuming I DO get an interview with Richard, I can’t take a chance on any of my gear not working (perish the thought!).  Instead of this trusty old laptop, I think I’m going for my little netbook–it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles loaded on it this does, but once again, it’s smaller and takes up less space. Traveling light, remember?

Of course, there will be the airline travel-approved Ziploc bag of small toiletries of the liquid kind,  other toiletries, a travel container with all my meds,  spare contacts and other lens paraphernalia, my glasses . . . all the things I really can’t do without.

I am still debating over what to wear. There’s supposed to be an iron and ironing board in the room so if stuff is squashed into wrinkles, I can take care of that.  Lists, lists, decisions, decisions.  Thoughts of Mr. A.

I’m still tingling over those photos of RA with fans from the theatre fundraiser. My gosh, but the man is handsome! He just gets better all the time, doesn’t he?   Be right, Lee Pace, and let RA be there in all his gorgeousness at Comic-Con International.

Even if I can only admire him from afar, it will be a lot closer than I’ve ever been before . . . thanks to you all. 😀

Angie leaves for Comic-Con in 17 days and counting!

Thanks for your contributions to her Comic-Con Trip Fund.

Help her get “there and back again” (from the hotel to the event and back again, that is) with your donations. 😀


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

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