I wouldn’t mind trying it out to test the theory—touching his beard, that is.  Or those delicious forearms (so strong looking!) to stroke those downy hairs . . . *sigh*

WP is being a pill, the humidity is 91 percent and the A/C is going to run through the night tonight. I don’t feel like sticking to my pillow. Hair is up in a ponytail to help keep me cooler.

Watched The Help. Cried. Personal reasons as well as the storyline. Very strong performances. More on my emotional connection later, maybe tomorrow.

 Comic-Con is coming and I’ll be headed to San Diego July 11 to cover the excitement . . .

I wonder if touching his beard brings good luck?

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  1. OK… you have my permission to stroke his beard and forearms…. and to sniff him (ooooooh, my toes are really curling at that delicious thought 😉 )………….just remember that you’re a happily-married lady with a TDHBEW of your own at home! 🙂

    whereas….I’m available at any time! You could slip him my business card which has my mobile no. and my Skype username, as well as my email address, on it. 😉

    Richard is a bit of a Skyper it seems and just might need to talk to someone when the rest of the world is asleep! 😉 I’m excellent at listening…..hence my mania for audiobooks. And I’m usually awake!

    • It might not bring me good luck, but it surely would make me happy. His hair looks so shiny and soft and healthy now, too, I’m wanting to stroke that as well. *sigh*

      • His hair does look gorgeous doesn’t it? I’d say it’s definitely back to his natural colour now, you can see hints of the lighter brown through it.

        • One of the things I love about his natural hair color is how much more color you see in his complexion. Although the black. near-black hair is very striking on him and quite a foil for his fair coloring and blue eyes, that rosiness you see in his cheeks is so beguiling to me. 😀 Think John Standring and Capt Ian.

          • If anyone is into seasonal colour theory, with the dark hair and pale skin (and black cloths) Richard usually is made up as a fake winter. Striking but nonetheless fake. Many women going for a “snow white” look do the same. Not sure I’m totally convinced my seasonal colours or which type he naturally is. Summer seems likely, since blue-grey suits him so well.

            • I studied the whole seasonal color theory pretty extensively back in the day and I would agree that Richard is actually a summer. His natural coloring and my husband’s are so similar, even to the reddish highlights that come out in their hair, and Benny also wears those blues, greys and pinks really well. Whereas I am a spring who can get away with autumn colors– and pink–unless it has warm undertones–doesn’t really do a thing for me. Give me coral! 😉

              • My own colouring is similar to Richard’s and I can get away with nearly black hair and black clothes but blue and grey and a softer brown hair colour is better.

            • “black clothes” I’m hoping you don’t mind but I did notice the “cloths” instead of “clothes” in another comment. Just trying to be helpful here

              • LOL, I wasn’t aware that that is wrong and means something different. You will have to forgive me, I’m not a native speaker and my spell checker doesn’t get everything.

              • Oh, Jane, never feel you have to apologize – your English is great. It’s a hard enough language for those of us who’ve been attempting to speak it all our lives 🙂

              • I think our non-native speakers do very well. 😀 And lord knows you can’t rely on Spellcheck. Our composer did at the paper and committed some awful gaffes along the way. “well-manured” students, anyone? It passed Spellcheck. But it should have said “well mannered . . .” Needless to say, the principal was not amused at that cutline for the photo and we printed a correction.

          • Oh yes, that brown is sooo much better that the black! His skins looks much better with brown hair. Please, Richard, keep your hair brown!!!

            • I am hoping he will only go darker again if specific roles require it and will be able to largely keep his natural color. He blooms with health with those brown locks.

            • Sorry, OT… Laurie, I’ve just realised that it was possibly you who left that sweet comment on my latest video. Or have I put 2 and 2 together and incorrectly got 5! 😉

              • Flippin’ heck…where’s the link to this vid, please??????? I must see it right now 😉

                Mezz, you’re holding out on me, you naughty girl. Why aren’t I getting email notificaions that you’re uploading to YouTube? 🙂

    • Join the queue Judit!!! 😉

      PS I’m often surprised at my words onscreen too!!! And who can blame us? The man is downright sexy and beautiful, inside and out. *drool*

    • I find myself saying things I would NEVER normally say!! Must be “the armitage effect” !!!!

      BTW – I really, REALLY love his hair the way it is now. Looks like it has more curl or something! 😀

        • It is–notice that profile shot of him. Unfortunately, those images were not very high-res from the fundraiser and so what I had to work with was very small. But the beard appears longer than what we saw in earlier pix of him.

            • Oh, indeed. It’s just easier to work in Photoshop with a higher-res image. I don’t know what the megapixels were on the original cameras used, the settings on the cameras, or what size file the images were saved as, but they were pixellating heavily when I enlarged them. I always shoot at highest res, which makes for big files, but I have a good image to play with. And I like playing with Mr. A’s image. 😉

      • I think his hair definitely has a tendency to wave and curl when it’s not cropped really short. If he uses a judicious amount of product in it, it accentuates that quality all the more.

  2. I have an idea that touching his beard or any part of him might cause severe palpitations, swooning or even a heart attack!! He should really come with a health warning! Oh my gosh – it’s nearly one in the morning! I’d better get to bed stat!! That’s what comes of checking emails, blogs etc before shutting down my PC for the night! It’s hard to drag myself away from “His Gorgeousness”! 😉

    • NOT easy to do Teuchter! I’m at work supposedly putting together a “Minutes of Meeting” but in reality covertly reading the comments to Angie’s posts!

  3. Good morning everyone, I like Richard’s hair in its natural color too. The black hair is striking against his skin and blue eyes, but the natural brown is more complimentary. His skin does looks a bit more rosy now, but it can also have to do with the fact that he has been acting outdoors for months. Anyway, our man looks handsome and healthy.

    I always notice in North & South some parts of his hair where the black dye missed….LOL I can clearly see a reddish brown in certain parts.

    Richard’s eyebrows and eyelashes are brown so it is a noticeable contrast to the black hair.

    • Even in RH, there are times, particularly when he is outdoors and the light is striking his hair just right, that you can see the reddish brown highlights in it. The natural lighter shade of his brows and lashes is also why they darkened his brows and put mascara on his lashes (and darkened his stubble) for Sir Guy. I’ve joked at times he wore more makeup than Lucy, and yet still was ridiculously hot.

    • Yeah, Richard needs me as his stylist 😉 – I’d darken his eye lashes and eyebrows but not his hair! I always notice those few lightish hairs in his eyebrows and lashes and I probably notice because I also have them! 😉 As we saw in “Robin Hood”, when his eyelashes are darkened, his eyes pop!

      Yeah, he has a few strands of natural light brown on his head (and in his beard), as well as some reddish-brown ones, too, and you often see that slight kink in his hair …..when he’s dried it in a rush.. Again I have the same problem! I bet he hates wasting time in front of the mirror 🙂

      • My eyelashes are long and thick but a darkish sandy blonde that doesn’t show up well. I remember the first time I wore mascara to be in a class skit on stage. I think I was 12. Mascara, a little blush and some lippie. I was amazed at how my pale blue eyes suddenly stood out! Now I am getting more and more white hairs in my brows and lashes–well, it matches the hair on my head. 😉 I love Guy with his liner, shadow and mascara. On RA, it looks neither silly nor effeminate and perfect for the role. Vasey wore eye makeup, too (and nail polish or varnish if you will), but it didn’t have quite the same effect.

        • No, it didn’t,,, for some odd reason. LOL

          My eyebrows used to be very dark naturally when I was young but they’ve lightened up considerably over the years. But, as I’m back to being a bottle blonde, it’s not so noticeable! But I hate that little bit of lightness in my eyelashes – looks weird on me..

          Talking of hair colouring – when I used to go back to almost black (my natural colour from age 25), everyone said I looked ill and that it didn’t go with my fair skin and blue-green-grey eyes! Most people seemed to prefer me as a fake blonde or redhead.

  4. Richard really had on eyeliner in RH? I never noticed it. All of you ladies who have long thick eyelashes are so lucky. Mine are short and thin. I don’t even look like I have eyelashes without mascara. God put all her efforts into my eyes. They are so big that I used to get teased when I was little girl. I guess after God gave me these two big eyes she was too tired to put on some eyelashes. I love false eyelashes. They look great on me.

    Once I dyed my hair auburn and ended up looking so ghetto. You could see me coming from far off because my skin is dark against auburn hair. That was a huge mistake. I look much better with the very dark hair that God gave me. My hair used to be so black that many people thought I dyed it that color but I didn’t. My hair was really that dark. I never put dye in hair in my life until I experimented with auburn. My eyes were also ink black when I was younger. You couldn’t see my irises. Now my eyes are turning dark blue. People think I have on color contact lenses because how many black people do you see with blue eyes? You can’t tell that my eyes are dark blue though until you are standing right in front of me. I get a lot of stares…LOL

    Angie I would love to hear about your own connection regarding The Help. I have not seen the movie yet because I want to read the book first. I will be reading it after I finish reading the book that I am presently reading.

    • Hi Xenia. A lot of our Aborigines from certain areas within the Northern Territory (Australia) have reddish hair and blue eyes as children….it’s quite striking against their brown skin.

    • It was a very smudged effect with the liner on Guy, not a hard line, and since they also put eyeshadow and mascara on him it blended in well. I thought the S3 makeup was particularly well-done. I guess these days, between false lashes, extensions and products like Latisse to make lashes longer, thicker and darker, almost anyone can have lush lashes. 😉

  5. I must colour my hair again soon and have my eyelashes darkened, too. My eyelashes were so long when I was young that they touched the lens of my sunglasses – made a mess if I was wearing mascara! But now they’re quite stubby, unfortunately. I need some eyelash extensions!!!! 😉

    • I’m getting my color done Wed. when I get my hair trimmed. Benny wants me to have the color done professionally this time around, although I was perfectly willing to let him do it again. I know all about the lashes brushing the glasses thing. Mine still do and when my eyes are gooey as they have been a lot lately, I have to constantly wipe them to get the gunk off. 😉 I had my eyelashes darkened once at a salon but I’ve never bothered to do it again. I still had blonde roots to the black lashes LOL

      • The thing I can say about my eyelashes is that at least they are curled up natural. I don’t need an eyelash curler. When I wear mascara you can see my eyelashes against my skin above my eyes. So even if my eyelashes were long they would never touch glasses because they are curled upwards.

  6. Oh, Xenia…..I have to disagree with something you said above. I’m sorry, my dear, but I think God is a male entity…..a female would have kept my hair blonde as I was as a child! Isn’t it males who are colour blind? No one ever believed my adult dark dark brown, almost black, hair ever suited me 😉

    • It’s odd how some people who start out with blonde hair end up with very dark hair as an adult. Of course, as with most people, my fair hair darkened over time, but still remained dark blonde/light golden brown right up until I started getting all those grey/white hairs in my early 30s.

      I used to have foiled highlights put in every few months to brighten it up and it looked really natural. Unfortunately, once you have more than 30 percent grey in your hair, highlighting no longer works very well. So I started going to overall color to bring back the golden blonde. There was too much ash in my natural hair color as it changed and with the yellow undertones to my complexion, it clashed. Now my hair appears to be almost completely white. judging by the regrowth. I am wondering if the stresses of recent months have conspired to speed up the process. 😉

      • Could very well be that.

        Mine’s still mostly that ghastly dirty dark greyish colour – can’t wait for it all to go white!

        In the meantime, I’ll blonde it 🙂

        • I have much more white in my hair at 51 than my dad did in his 80s. 😦 Funny thing is I have his coloring-fair skin with warm undertones and blonde hair–but inherited Mama’s premature white hair. I am half tempted to just let it grow out white, but I don’t feel old enough, you know? 😉

      • It looks like Richard’s hair has darkened with age as well. It suits him, I reckon. A compromise between Sweetie John’s brown locks and Lucas’s black hair. 🙂

          • *sigh* As usual, a man looks distinguished with grey in his hair, a woman just looks older. Unfair. My husband’s hair is going silver beautifully, especially at the temples, whereas mine is that horribly coarse looking salt and pepper look when my roots start to show. 😦

            Richard is certainly aging beautifully, he’s just keeps getting more gorgeous by the day.

            • His beauty becomes more distinctive and distinguished as he ages. Seeing the most recent photos of him, I was struck with what a manly masculine beauty he possessed.

              • I think that Richard looks more gorgeous now as an older man than he did when he was younger. The latest photos of him shows a wisdom in his eyes. He certainly is a hairy man. I also noticed no signs of male patterned baldness.

                Yesterday while I was at work I was listening to him reading The Convenient Marriage. Oh what a voice. Richard Armitage is perfect in every way. I loved the ending of The Convenient Marriage. It was so sweet. I wonder what Richard thought of the story.

              • Actually, Xenia….I love that Richard has hair where he should have it and maybe very few hairs on his chest! 😉

                I’m not fond of pelts on chests or back of shoulders coupled with bald heads! Grossarino or what? (PS, that’s how my ex is now! And, no, I didn’t divorce him because he went bald! Shallow I may be but never as shallow as that!) 🙂

                Sean Connery and Yul Brynner are the only bald men I have ever found attractive at first sight – now, that really is shallow of me. 😉 but I refuse to apologize, so there!

                Now….if your husband/spouse/partner (or whatever) goes bald over time during your relationship, that’s a whole different kettle of fish

            • Totally agree, Mezz, it’s very, very unfair that men look distinguished with grey hair whereas it makes us ladies look old! I have very dark hair and I’ve had to dye it for at least 10 years now as it would be almost totally grey if I stopped colouring it, and I’m only 40! I think I’m way too young to go grey yet, maybe I’ll let it happen if I live to be 70 or something!

    • Kathryn, I bet that you looked beautiful with dark hair. I just cannot believe you looked bad with it. There are many beautiful women with pale skin who look beautiful with their dark hair. Jane Seymour, Victoria Principal, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sophia Loren, Jaclyn Smith to name just a few. I think that there is just a prejudice in favor of blond hair. Blond hair is very beautiful too, but in my eyes I see both dark and blond hair as equally beautiful colors to have. There should be no prejudice of one over the other. So many women in America are slaves to that bottle of peroxide.

      I don’t think men are color blind at all. Remember the old saying that gentlemen prefer blonds? I know someone who told me that she never dyed her dark brown hair until her boyfriend of several years told her that he will marry her if she changes her hair color to blond. Well, she did it and and they got married. I would have been insulted and the last thing I would do is color my hair. Mr. Darcy and John Thornton would never be so shallow.

      • Oh, dear… I allowed to say that my hair has seldom been its natural colour for about 40+ years? I prefer me as a blonde or a redhead so that’s why I colour it. 🙂

        And, no, I certainly wouldn’t colour it just to please a man, so I have to agree with you totally on that point.

        • Kathryn if you prefer yourself as a blonde or redhead go for it. I was only trying to say that too many women fall under the spell of what someone else decides beauty is and then change themselves to fit it. Do whatever you want because you really want to do it for you and not anyone else.

          When I was growing up in the sixties and seventies a lot of black girls did not like themselves because society has a standard of beauty that most black women do not fit into at all. Only the Lena Horne’s of the world were considered beautiful black women because they looked like white women dipped in light brown paint. Darker skinned black women felt ugly and many of them tried to lighten their skin. It is even the reason why many chemically relax our hair. It is to make us look more like white women. It is really too heavy a subject for a blog like this.

      • Thank you, my dear……….but, you see, I’m very plain! I don’t even have the distinction of being ugly!

        LOL…I often looked ill because of my fair skin when I was younger….it was great that the nuns quite often mistook my paleness for illness when I was in high school……they let me get out of doing sports and sent me home! 😉

    • Ooooh yes, good ones! I keep forgetting he had chest hair in SB, no idea why, I stare at his chest enough when I’m watching it! But there really wasn’t much of it, and maybe I was distracted by his muscles. 😉

      • hehehe

        I love his light-coloured prolific underarm hair. 😉 …….am I weird or am I weird? Don’t answer that 🙂

        • Well, I commented once before that I had an inexplicable urge to bury my face in his underarm(s) at the sight of that hair. Looking at these pics again, I still do! It’s not weird…just appreciative!! 😉

      • Aren’t these great shots – especially when enlarged!! Even his belly button is cute and he has the most perfect n…… Oh – sorry I can’t bring myself to say that out loud! **blushes to the roots of my grey hair**

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