It’s in the bag: Comic-Con, RA and lists


I am going to try to travel as lightly as possible when I wing my way to Comic-Con in two-and-a-half weeks. Benny says I am genetically incapable of this–traveling light- so I am, of course, determined to prove him wrong.   I frankly don’t want to pay Delta Airlines $35 to check a bag, and that worrywort part of me that makes me very much Joe and Ova’s baby girl also makes me fear a checked bag might end up in, oh, San Francisco while I am sitting in San Diego.  I speak from experience.  So I needed a roomy bag I can stuff under the seat to go with my carry-on with wheels for the overhead.

I went online where I found myself a sturdy, affordable, well-reviewed tote to serve as my handbag/Comic-Con gear bag, one that won’t show dirt easily, with room for lots of stuff.  (BTW Duluth Trading Company also has some gorgeous leather bags and briefcases I think RA would love, but they were out of my price range and not really what I needed for my journey there and back again.)

My tote arrived in yesterday’s mail and here’s what it looks like (only in washed brown instead of khaki).

Looks like I could get plenty of stuff into this bag. Unfortunately, I don’t think Richard would quite fit.

And here’s the description from the website.

Weekender Travel Tote is 3x the size of our original Travel Tote.

It’s big. Really big. So big you’ll turn a 3-day weekend into a 5-day trip. Check out what Duluth inventory manager Vickie fit in hers: 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pajamas, 1 jacket, a pair of hiking boots, socks and undies for 4 days, and toiletries. Holy cow! Has a zip organizer pocket in front with 3 sleeves, 3 pen slots and a key fob, plus 3 large sleeve pockets, a zip pocket and a cell phone sleeve inside. Huge outside pocket and secure zip top too. You’ll finally be ready for that long weekend you’ve been putting off.
It’s too early to pack in reality, but I’ve been doing it in my head a plenty. I am envisioning my folder with all my pertinent paperwork–my bar code and instructions for badge pickup for Comic-Con, hotel and flight details, etc.–in the zipper pocket on the side. Perhaps I will also tuck my Kindle in there. I have it loaded with as yet un-read books and some audiobooks, so I can stay entertained on the flights to and from SD.  There’s the tiny iPod Shuffle I won in a competition at work I could take to enjoy some tunes.
 Of course, with all those photo ops I am anticipating, my Digital SLR, a container with extra batteries and camera cards, my recharger, the mini videocam and batteries for that. I am debating whether or not to take the telephoto lens. It’s a bit on the heavy side. But I find myself imagining zooming in on a certain bearded beaut’s face. Decisions, decisions.

With my old  palm recorder malfunctioning, Benny found me a new one on Ebay that is smaller than many cell phones, a perfect fit for one of the pockets in the tote. After all, assuming I DO get an interview with Richard, I can’t take a chance on any of my gear not working (perish the thought!).  Instead of this trusty old laptop, I think I’m going for my little netbook–it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles loaded on it this does, but once again, it’s smaller and takes up less space. Traveling light, remember?

Of course, there will be the airline travel-approved Ziploc bag of small toiletries of the liquid kind,  other toiletries, a travel container with all my meds,  spare contacts and other lens paraphernalia, my glasses . . . all the things I really can’t do without.

I am still debating over what to wear. There’s supposed to be an iron and ironing board in the room so if stuff is squashed into wrinkles, I can take care of that.  Lists, lists, decisions, decisions.  Thoughts of Mr. A.

I’m still tingling over those photos of RA with fans from the theatre fundraiser. My gosh, but the man is handsome! He just gets better all the time, doesn’t he?   Be right, Lee Pace, and let RA be there in all his gorgeousness at Comic-Con International.

Even if I can only admire him from afar, it will be a lot closer than I’ve ever been before . . . thanks to you all. 😀

Angie leaves for Comic-Con in 17 days and counting!

Thanks for your contributions to her Comic-Con Trip Fund.

Help her get “there and back again” (from the hotel to the event and back again, that is) with your donations. 😀


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I could be wrong but I think all hotels provide an iron and ironing board in each room now. Every hotel that I have stayed in over the past 10 years had them in the rooms. So I no longer worry about my clothes getting wrinkled during travel.

    Leather briefcases look nice but they are heavy before you even put anything in them. I bought one years ago and never again. I prefer canvass totes. I get great heavy duty (but not heavy in weight) quality ones at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for $3.99. Sometimes they have great quality backpacks with multiple compartments for about $10.00. The Christmas Tree Shoppe has expanded into several states. There is one in Hoover Alabama.

    • IN checking out the different hotels, I found some sort of skimped on what we’d assume would be standard in the room. 😉 However, this Best Western Plus has ironing board, iron, fridge, microwave, hairdryer, in-room safe–and it didn’t cost $500 a night. Hoover–I wonder if that shop is located in the Galleria? It’s a really large mall I have visited a number of times. My oldest sister lives in the Birmingham area.

      This canvas tote I bought should do the trick–it seems extremely sturdy without weighing a ton. I don’t even like using some of my leather handbags anymore because empty they are heavy, never mind when you load them with your stuff. And I do have issues with my shoulder tied into the FMS so I usually have to switch bags from side to side.

      • I need one of your bags, too, Angie 🙂

        BTW. I decided to download that video because I still can’t view it in YouTube – keep getting that error message for some reason. Thanks for the hint – I’ll now go watch it!!!!

  2. Of course, my comment was supposed to go under collarcitybrownstone ‘s!!!!!! Told you WP hated me, didn’t I?

    • Hi Kathryn, Collarcitybrownstone is me Xenia. I could not use my name when I signed up for the gravatar account because someone else has it. Can you imagine that??? 🙂

      Hopefully I managed to change it back to my original sign in account and my name Xenia will show up.

    • If it’s any comfort, Kathryn, I don’t think WP likes either of us really! I never get notifications of replies to my comments anymore, a number used to appear in the top right hand corner next to my name and it was very helpful, as I could go directly to the reply. If I click on the “notify me of follow-up comments” under the comment section then I get notifications in my inbox of EVERY comment made in connection with the post, which can be rather a lot.. I did check the settings but can’t figure out what to do to get the notifications working again.

      • LOL I’ve often woken up to more than fifty emails for follow-up comments that have come in overnight. It’s a real trap if I log in before breakfast, takes me ages to get around then to what I SHOULD be doing!

        • Oh, I knoooow 🙂

          Why do you think I forgot to take my thyroid tablets for almost 6 months! It’s all Angie’s and Richard’s fault as I’ve said before! 😉

          Matthew was standing beside me one day just after I turned the computer on. He couldn’t believe how many emails I get – I had to admit sheepishly that they were mainly notifications of new comments on the blogs! He just stood there, shaking his head.

  3. Your bag looks great Angie! I’ve given up taking a leather handbag with me when I travel, using instead a multi-compartment canvas cross-body bag that my husband doesn’t object to carrying.
    I’ll have to check out the website you refer to. 🙂

      • i really have no idea, kathryn, I’ve had it over four years now. It’s seen me through four overseas trips, and still going strong. It’s Hedgren, which is a good quality brand but a little on the pricey side. My mum bought it for me, sweetie that she is. 🙂

        • Thank you, Mezz. I’ll need one for my trip to Wellington for the premiere of “The Hobbit” on 28 Nov 😉

          See, I’m thinking positive!

            • I’d really like to go. Both Sandra from Canberra and Merilyn from Perth are supposed to be emailing me the details of what the group is doing. I know we’re having a meet-up of a couple of days here in Canberra prior to Merilyn and contingent leaving for Wellington.

              I’ve asked a friend from Bungendore if she’d like to accompany me but she still hasn’t got to me either. Grrrr.

              • I hope it all works out, Kathryn. I am excited to know I will get to meet Dawn (asilomar) at Comic-Con and perhaps I will run into some other folks from the fandom, too.

              • Fingers crossed for you, kathryn, that it all works out for you! What a wonderful experience it would be.

                Angie, I really hope your silence here now means you are getting some rest! 🙂

    • Yeah, I think I will enjoy the bag for other things, too. I’m very pleased. I Googled totes and the Duluth Trading Company came up. They actually specialize in work wear for men and women but carry a lot of accessories, too. I saw a leather briefcase that reminded me of Richard and his trusty old bag. 😉

  4. Oh, girls….ahem…..ladies. I really will have to go watch that video – I’ve been drawing out the anticipation but I just can’t stand it any longer 🙂

      • How long do you reckon before the thrill wears off, Angie? 😉 I’ve looked at the pics and the vids umpteen times today and my heart still skips a beat and my stomach flip-flops when I see him. *sigh*

        • Oh, heck, Mezz. I’ve just realized that it’s almost 9.30pm. Was there anything worth recording on television tonight?????

          • Not that I’m aware of. I’m watching RH S1 to get a Richard/Guy fix. Have been wondering if his longish scraggly hair is all Richard’s, or if he had mini-mini extensions!

            • Sometimes it looks so him, doesn’t it? But I think Angie told me it was extensions? He did grow it a bit, though.

              • It makes sense, because his hair wasn’t that long when he was at the Hood Academy, and they probably went straight into shooting from there.

              • Yeah, and I don’t think his hair could have grown that much practically overnight. Bless him, he was talking about wanting to shave his head to get rid of the medieval mullet, aqnd what did they do? Give him even more hair. For which I am humbly grateful, because I cannot imagine S3 Guy without that mane. Ah, Glamour Guy . . .

              • and how Richard rocked that mullet and the tux at the BAFTAs!!! and he had on those great boots with the straps and buckles!!! and he made that crack about kissing Nigella after she’d just eaten some chocolate cake 😉

                He’s simply gorgeous in any of his incarnations, isn’t he? 😉

                Now “incarnations” was the word I wanted there, wasn’t it, Angie? How I hate it when I’m this woolly-headed – I feel like a right idiot when a word escapes me. Ah well, them’s the breaks.

              • Btw., who doesn’t want to kiss Nigella, even I want to kiss her and I’m a straight woman!She’s so sexy, that lady! 🙂

              • Me, too, Judit! 😉 Nigella is definitely one sexy woman….and she loves chocolate and she has real curves …gotta love a woman like that 🙂

                I always say that I feel deprived – I lived all through the 1960s, went to lots and lots of parties, and I have never been offered drugs…ever! hehe.

                I’ve also never been propositioned by a woman! 🙂 What on earth am I doing wrong?

              • If I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about what it would be like to kiss a woman, Nigella would definitely be up there. Charlize Theron, too. 😉

              • I’ve never been propositioned by a woman either and can’t say that I miss that experience TBH! 🙂 Nor was I offered any drugs at parties (not that I’ve ever been much of a partygoer) but that was probably due to the fact that drugs weren’t readily available during the years of Soviet occupation in Hungary. Being isolated from the West with the Iron Curtain did have its benefits…:)

              • Can’t say that has happened to me, either. I never went to the kinds of parties where drugs were prevalent. When I was in college, the legal drinking age was lower and I was able to legally indulge. However, I got deathly ill once after over-imbibing and honestly haven’t cared much for alcohol since. I think I learned my lesson. 😉
                An occasional mixed drink is my limit.

              • I’m baaaack. 😉

                LOL, Judit. maybe my comment was just too succinct. What, you say, you wouldn’t know how be be succinct if you tried, Kathryn! 🙂

                I meant that I was deprived because I didn’t get even one chance to say “No” to drugs

                or a “No, thank you…. but, nonetheless, I do thank you for the kind offer” to a proposition from a woman!!!

                Hey, kids (Judit and Angie)….did you notice I said the 1960s – you two weren’t even a twinkle in your Daddys’ eyes way back then. The 1960s were supposed to be all about “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” – heck, we were The Flower Children after all and we invented the expression. Your generations were mere imitators 😉

                I remember the 1960s very well indeed and I thoroughly enjoyed myself… even if I didn’t smoke, drink or do drugs…man, I was so boring I didn’t even get around to being promiscuous!!

              • @Kathryn, thanks for the explanation! I wasn’t sure what to make of your comment about being “deprived”! 🙂 Even though our freedom was restricted in a lot of ways, I’m grateful that I was a teenager in the 80s.. The things that are going on in my niece’s high school (she’s 17) are downright scary. There’s extensive drug use and promiscuity (and lots of bragging about it), and my niece is getting bullied for not participating in these “orgies”! She showed me some of her classmates’ pictures on Facebook, they look like prostitutes.. Her parents are taking her out of that school- her new school is supposed to be a lot stricter. Fingers crossed.

              • I remain amazed at what people post on their Facebook pages. I know for a fact many potential employers look up prospects online in social media. And they aren’t impressed by a lot of what they find. Younger people in particular seem to often have no concept of how these things can come back and bite them. Then again, we live in a society in which a woman is rewarded in a big way monetarily for making a sex tape and it “accidentally” getting leaked.

              • Angie- I don’t think these girls care. They don’t seem care about anything apart from sex and drugs. It’s very,very sad. 😦

              • I think you’re probably right. It’s just that one day they are going to wake up and not be young and cute anymore, the promiscuity and substance abuse will likely take its toll– and what will life hold for them?

              • Oh, man. Tictacs? I know here people will sniff dry erase board markers for a quick high. I remember riding the metro in Paris and watching this guy literally sucking paint of a paintbrush. He was drooling, his eyes were glazed over, he almost sat down on me . . . one of my students looked at him with wide eyes and then murmured, “well, you don’t see that much back home!”

            • Darn, darn, darn…. I just knew I should have looked at the television guide earlier! I’ve missed recording “Billy Connelly’s Route 66” and “Downton Abbey”…grrrrrr

              I know I can watch them on Plus7 (Prime’s version of ABC Catchup) but I don’t like it as much as I like ABC Catchup.

              It’s soooo lovely to be able to watch ABC catchup in bed instead of on my computer! Especially as it’s even colder at night in winter in Canberra than it is in NZ!!!! 😉

              No….. I’m first cab off the rank to keep HIM warm 😉 …stand in line, kids….the old woman has spoken! And I’ll brook no argument!

              BTW. Matthew and his wife have just bought a Smart TV!!! They couldn’t cope with the fact that I could watch ABC Catchup and YouTube on my television set and they couldn’t! Just joking. They intended to get one anyway. But Melanie still hasn’t got one! 🙂

              • Best not ask me in future kathryn!! Sorry! 😦 I watch DA on dvd so I don’t have to worry about ads or fast forwarding through them. I’m quite happy to wait for it.

        • I don’t know, Mezz. I find myself imagining looking into those beautiful blue eyes and I almost tear up. I am thinking “Get a grip!”

          I think perhaps it is due in part to the fact we’ve gone so long seeing so little of him, and suddenly we have something substantial and it’s a wonderful rush. Oh, think of when the Hobbit publicity machine really kicks in . . .

          • I was close to tears too at first sight, just like seeing someone we love in RL for the first time in ages, as you have mentioned before. The second half of the year promises to be worth every day we have had to wait for sight and sound of our dear man. 🙂

            • I have a feeling that Richard along with Martin will be doing a lot of publicity for the film. I think Comic-Con may be his baptism in fire. 😉 May all go well for him.

              • I’ll be relying heavily on the websites and blogs to keep up with what’s happening, because we don’t get the UK and US broadcasts and talk shows where he might appear. 😦

              • Just imagine watching a talk show, unaware he’s a guest, and suddenly onto the set he walks! What a rush that would be. *sigh* There’s something about seeing him “fresh” on tv.

              • Mezz……I’m praying that Richard (and PJ) make that very short flight across the Tasman (Sea) while they’re in the neighbourhood (shut up, Spell Check – I know how to spell correctly, you don’t!!!). Makes sense logistically. Imagine them on the “Morning Show” (or somesuch). I’d even be prepared to get up at 6am to watch the show in that case 🙂

                Then the bloody foreigners can have RA and PJ for a little while after that 😉

              • Kathryn, I never watch the morning chat shows, but for Richard, if there was the slightest chance he could turn up, I would make an exception. Or maybe 60 Minutes, either on our version, or in a US interview. As I said above, I think down here we will be relying on the internet to keep us up to date.

              • Mezz…I don’t watch any daytime shows…period! But for RA and PJ, I’m prepared to make an exception 😉

                Think positive, Mezz….if they’re going to some of those tiny weeny countries (ahem), sure they could come to out BIG country 😉

              • Kathryn, I picked on morning shows because that’s what Richard seemed to mostly appear on in the UK when he was promoting RH, Spooks and SB. If I’m going to sit on my backside during the day it’s not to waste time watching a chat show, it will be spent Richarding! *grin*

              • Oh, I knooooow….me, too 😉 and aren’t I soooo very glad I have a DVD recorder just in case I really can’t wake up in time 🙂

                I usually record the commercial channels so I can watch shows when I want, not when they’re televized, and also so I can fast forward through the bloody commercials/ads to get back to the real bits.

  5. I actually had to put the computer into safe mode (disabled all Firefox add-ons) to watch in YouTube!!

    Going back for more 😉

  6. Nice bag! My dad gets that catalog. I enjoy looking at it but can’t afford to buy anything. It sounds like you’re all ready to go! Now it’s the wait time that’ll be hard to endure!

  7. I had a similar experience the other weekend. I was sitting on the bus on my way home from my best friend’s place, quietly reading “Cold Comfort Farm” when suddenly a junkie stoned out of his head appeared out of nowhere and almost fell on me and asked me if I could help (?) him. He frightened me so much I almost jumped out of my skin! Luckily he got off at the next stop… I was shaking for about 5 minutes afterwards. Now this sort of thing would never have happened 20 years ago in Budapest!

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