Playing peekaboo with Mr. A


Peekaboo tongue, that is.  Also known as the Tongue of Concentration.  We’ve seen it utilized with RA characters deep in thought, battling nerves and anxiety, planning and plotting and perhaps prepared to make mischief.
It’s a mannerism Richard himself often employs in real life, too.   I find it quite endearing.







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    • Oh I am so going to love it if Thorin has a little bit of the peekaboo tongue action happening. I am sure that is a Richard trait. Makes me wonder about his real life quirks.

  1. This is interesting .I have seen many artists doing this .I even thought that just I had noticed this in RA .Ha-ha. I should know that RA fans don´t let to pass anything about him. Speaking in TOC, anybody remember of character Danny Scully from X -files. She had a mania of wet the lips all the time.That her gesture disturbed me, but with Richard is very pleasant to see.

    • You know how we all notice every little thing re Mr. A. 😉 I don’t really remember Scully licking her lips in X-Files, but I didn’t obsess with her the way I do with Richard. 😉

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