The Eyes Have It


Oh, those eyes. Beguiling, alluring, sleepy, smouldering, pleading, angry, angsty, ferocious, suspicious, kind, tender . . . they can express so much, can’t they? And Richard certainly knows how to use them.  Now, as I am yawning my dang fool head off, I am going to try to get some shuteye. Later, ladies.

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  1. Angie…..can you remember Hayley Mills? She sang “Jeeoers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers” in one of her movies back in the 1960s – which movie exactly I can’t quite remember this very minute, I’m so tired.

    Anyhoo…… Richard’s eyes and I love what you’ve done with the pics as per usual. 🙂

    • I think typos don’t matter as long as everyone gets what a poster wants to say. I refuse to worry about them and so does Richard.

      • I wish I could be less pedantic, Jane, about my own writing! 🙂 I’m blessed (?) with that darned need to “get it right” all the time!

        But I certainly don’t mind it when others make a slip now and again…it’s only human, isn’t it?

  2. Flippin’ heck, Angie…I just noticed the time in your house. Hope you’re having some good sleep…take care 🙂

  3. Oh, what that man can do with his eyes! He’s blessed with a lot of wonderful features but those eyes have got to be the best!

    • nope, I have to disagree… His best assets are his brain, followed closely by his voice 🙂

      then the beautiful eyes come next 😉

      Just look at John Mulligan’s eyes…….wow.,,,,,,,,, did you do something to make them pop even more than they did in the show, angie?

      • Richard best assets for me is first his soul. Whenever I look at RA it is like I am seeing his soul and it is so very beautiful. Next is a tie between his eyes and nose. Third is his lips. Then when RA opens his mouth to talk that voice ties everything together along with his height. How I would love to be courted and romanced by the likes of him.

      • I still have to say his eyes because of the following. Those eyes are the windows to his sweet heart, his beautiful soul and his incredible mind. His eyes are what first alerted me to those wonderful things. If I hadn’t fallen for those eyes conveying all of those emotions and thoughts swirling around in that gorgeous head of his while watching N&S, I wouldn’t have stayed up until 4 in the morning investigating him afterwards. When I look at him I’m always drawn to those eyes like magnets! Then, I can appreciate the rest of him (and there’s a lot to appreciate!).

        His voice comes next. Both his eyes and his voice give me tingles so they are definitely tops for me.

  4. I love those eyes, I would love to look into them under a pale moonlit sky while holding his hand and…….*waking up and getting back to work*.

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