Some hearts & flowers for Hump Day


That’s what we call Wednesday in the U.S. It’s the middle of the week and only two days away from Guyday Friday.  I have had a whole 3.5 hours of sleep. I may snooze this afternoon at the hair salon. I always get sleepy when I am being pampered.

Benny and I will both be getting our tresses trimmed. He’s tired of his John Standring curls–well, it is summer and hot weather and he’d like a cooler ‘do–and I’ve got sheep dog bangs and tons of white roots and I surely am NOT old enough to have so much of God’s platinum blonde hair just yet, am I? Well, I like to think so, anyway.  Although, if I don’t get more sleep, I fear I am going to look old enough for every white strand.

At any rate, here’s some images with a “hearts and flowers” feel to them. More fun with various free photo editors along with Photoshop Elements. I hope you all enjoy.  Visit, photofunia, or photo fun box to create your own giggles and pretty images.

Two weeks from today I will be flying to San Diego for Comic-Con International. In fact, right about now I should be at Dannelly Field in Montgomery getting ready to board the plane to Atlanta. Thank you to all who have supported my fund for the trip. While I earned the reporter position with Comic Book Resources through my experience and writing samples,  I would never have been able to make the trip without the financial aid of my fellow RA bloggers and fans. 

For those who still wish to donate, the button is still up. And Dawn still offers these lovely winged heart necklaces which she will make to order for you.  You can also purchase them through the PayPal button and send me your address info and the specified necklace length.

This charming little sterling silver necklace can be yours for $35 including shipping, thanks to Dawn, who will make it to your specified length. A generous portion of the sale goes to my Comic-Con trip fund.

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  1. These are lovely. The romantic, vintage ones are just perfect for Thornton. Thanks for the list of sites, the photo editing templates make for a different and fun gift idea. I imagine you could print them out.

    • Yes, some of the sites also have settings to save the artwork specifically for printing. You can make all sort of cards, calendars, and so forth. It is GREAT fun. 😉

  2. I really like the first two pictures!

    Hurrah, Good ol’ Hump day (which was yesterday. I missed getting on the computer all day…scary!). I’m back to work this week for a couple of days, getting ready for Summer School. I’m a glutton for punishment! Seriously, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t need the money. We haven’t had raises for 6 years and of course everything is getting more expensive. I really need the money for all of the things I want to buy that have Richard in. LOL! Well, enough of the pity party…I’m off to Pennsylvania for my parents 50th anniversary (which is really why I need the money). My brother and I are have a catered party on Saturday! I just couldn’t leave without checking in. Somehow, getting on the AE is a little different on my smartphone! I need a magnifying glass. Aack, it’s getting later and I still haven’t packed. This blog is so addictive! I’m going into withdrawal…..

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