More artistry with Armitage


Richard Armitage is a living, breathing work of art.  He’s poetry in motion and in stillness.  We are captivated by that deep, melodious voice and when he does not speak a word, the eloquence of his mobile, expressive features communicates so much.

The artist in me finds him an ideal subject.  That’s not just because of his obvious physical attractiveness; it’s because of all the goodness of character and innate sweetness that shine through, that bring that spark of intelligence and humor to his eyes, the warmth and genuineness to his smiles.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I behold much beauty in Richard Armitage. He should be sketched and painted and sculpted, with that lovely, expressive visage appearing everywhere, from sidewalks to art galleries. It would be a more beautiful world with more Richard, right?


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    • Thanks. 😀 The sidewalk (or would you call it pavement) art reminds me of the displays our high school art teacher has put on for several years in the spring. Her students have created wonderful works of art in chalk first on the walkways and walls of the courtyard of the school and later on the sidewalks of the town’s main street. I should see if I have those photos stored anywhere and I will share them. Sadly, no one ever did a portrait of RA. 😉

        • Thanks. I remember when we were at Windsor and the security officer was trying to make sure the way was clear for what turned out to be the Queen and Prince Phillip he kept telling us to “stay on the pavement.” Which to an American would mean the street. And of course, he was referring to us staying on the sidewalk rather than in the street. 😉 Have you seen? It’s been confirmed–Richard WILL be at Comic-Con!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!

  1. WOw, you never cease to amaze me Angie! How wonderful these pictures are! 🙂 I totally agree, the world would be a much, much more beautiful place with more Richard in it! And he could make it even more beautiful if he made some “little Richards” to run around in it! 🙂

    • As I have said, the Photofunia sites and others like it allow you to create some fabulous things. I’ve added to it with Photoshop Elements, so it’s ALL good. Well, with that subject matter, how can a girl fail?? Little Richards running about would be simply delightful . . . sigh.

      • Those genes.. Ought to be passed on for the benefit of mankind. 🙂 And you just know his children would be well brought up just like he was. 🙂 SHould go to bed it’s half past 2 here and I have to go to work tomorrow…:(

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  3. Wow!! These are absolutely brilliant!! Amazing artwork!! Btw, I wouldn’t mind having Richard like that on my building… 😉

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