Sir Guy considers costumes for Comic-Con (yeah, he’s going)


Sir Guy is contemplating certain costumes and disguises he might don when he joins me at Comic-Con. See what you think . . .


And Richard complained about his medieval mullet!

I’d like to take a ride on a magic carpet with this Aladdin.

All hail the conquering hero. Veni, vidi, vici, Sir Guy style.

Dame Edna Gisborne, anyone?

 We might see him in black leather once again.

Of course, he’ll be asking if they’ve been naughty little girls and reward them.


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  1. How sweet that Guy wants to keep you company! Somehow I don’t think he’ll need a costume or disguise, he’ll fit right in just as he is! 😉

    • Yeah, I think he is just a little bit nervous, our Sir Guy, even if he is loathe to admit it. 😉 And I think he’d get lots of attention in his Sir Guy garb. Lovely ladies in scanty costumes wanting to pose for photos with him. 😀

  2. ANGIE, ask and you shall receive!You and RA in the same room together. How amazing is that! I cannot tell you how excited I am for you. You will also have the opportunity to rub elbows with many other celebrities.

    Looking at that last picture, and I am thinking sitting on santa’s lap never sounded so good.

    • Looking at the crowds in pics from the event, it looks like I will be rubbing elbows with al little bit of everybody LOL Yeah, I am excited in general for the event and everything and everyone to see and do. If my heart will just hold out through the event as I am already getting palpitations. 😉 Re the last photo, never have I wanted to whisper so much into Santa’s ear just what I would like for Christmas . . .

    • Yeah, he’s making a list and checking twice, loving the girls who are naughty–it’s nice! Santa Guy is comin’ to town. He looks quite good, I think. 😉

      • Love the Santa Guy version! 🙂 It’s much better than the Dexter version of S.C. is coming to town (my sister got into a row with her son because he insisted on including the Dexter version in his YT playlist of Xmas songs on Christmas Eve..She thought it was highly inappropriate!)

  3. Re the “Veni vidi vici” picture: I’ve always known he’d have looked great in “Rome” and now I have proof, thanks to you, Angie! 🙂

    • It is a rather awe-inspiring image, isn’t it? Tom Cruise just made that movie Rock of Ages as an 80s rock star, but I would have MUCH preferred to see Richard as a sexy rock go any old time. 😉

      • Tom is a joke as the aging rock star! I think the film bombed at the box office, didn’t it? I just saw on the internet that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom…

        • Yeah, it’s official–they are splitting up. That’s failed marriage number three for Tom. Someone quipped that Katie could now go back to wearing heels. 😉 I think Nicole Kidman said something to that effect after they split up. LOL What really kills me is he is going to play this Jack Reacher character in an upcoming film and this character is vividly depicted in the stories as very tall and big and imposing–even taller than RA or Alex. And as the movie theatre manager said, “Tom is like–tiny in person.” LOL A five foot six (and that’s pushing it) inch man insisting on playing someone almost a foot taller smacks of egomania in my opinion.

          • Not a great track record.. I think Katie will be better off without him and all that scientology nonsense. Yes, TOm really seems to have a disproportionately large ego!

          • Frankly, I never thought this marriage would last. I’m more surprised by the Johnny Depp-Vanessa Paradis split than this one. Those two were living away from Hollywood and seemed to be well-matched.

            • Yeah, I was genuinely surprised by the Depp split. They had a family together away from the limelight. But now he’s apparently hot and heavy with Amber Heard.

              • But isn’t she a lesbian with a live-in girlfriend? Maybe Johnny is going through a mid-life crisis. I feel sorry for the kids more than anything.

              • Supposedly she’s bisexual and she split up with the girlfriend. Apparently she and Johnny have been romantically involved since the latter part of 2011. Could be a mid-life crisis thing. And yes, I feel sorry for the children in these cases. And I wonder what will happen with Suri Cruise? She’s had such a strange childhood–really very little contact with other children and it sounds as if she has gotten very little discipline, too. More or less allowed to do whatever she wished. 😦

  4. A hilarious Armitage ComicCom post! Love it!

    Katie and Suri are well out of that environment. Hope Katie will get her feet on the ground now, and sort her daughter out. She’s probably leaving with more money, though, than is sensible.

    • Thanks, Judit. I could not resist! 😉 I am thinking it’s very possible Guy will borrow my netbook at some point during Comi-Con and post his own thoughts directly. Could be most—enlightening, 😀
      I hope for best for Katie and Suri, too. I felt sorry for her when she first fell under Tom’s spell, frankly.

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