You never know where Thorin will appear, do you?


The King Under the Mountain really gets around, doesn’t he?


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    • Thorin turns a Mini-Cooper from cute to bad-ass. 😉 The dress reminded me of a nominated costume designer who wore a dress made out of credit cards to an awards show. So there could be a Thorin Polaroid dress, I suppose. 😉

  1. Yes, that MIni-Cooper is definitely bad-ass!!! 🙂 I like the polaroid dress, but am not keen on Gisele (sorry) – I don’t find her face attractive at all, her features are too “hard”, she’s not feminine at all in my opinion. I don’t like her red carpet poses- nothing spotaneous about them. When she was with diCaprio she always seemed to me to be a model posing for a job and not a loving partner supporting her boyfriend.

        • That’s what I love about Richard is he has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes, but what makes them so lovely and so memorable is the warmth and sweetness and goodness we see reflected in them. There are people who smile with their teeth but you never see it in their eyes. Kate Gosselin, the woman who became famous here for having sextuplets plus a couple of other kids and doing a reality show about it, has one of the most fake smiles I have ever seen. In a purely cosmetic sense (and she’s had all kinds of work done now) it’s a pretty smile, but otherwise, it leaves me cold.

          • I’ve seen some episodes of that reality show with GOsselin and co. She does seem like a rather hard-faced woman with an iron will. I wouldn’t want to get into an argument with her. 🙂 The kids are cute though. Poor little mites.

            • The kids are adorable. I feel sorry for the way they have basically been used as cash cows. The parents got used to all the perks that came with “stardom” and when the marriage fell apart and the show was cancelled, I think Kate in particular had a hard time adjusting. She was on Dancing with the Stars and was probably one of the most despised contestants.

  2. I’m really hoping there will really be bill-boards with Thorin on them in the very near future and that they’ll be seen world-wide!! I wonder if they did put Thorin on a Mini-Cooper and put it up for auction what it might fetch for charity?? 😀 Of course Warner Bros and the studios involved might have something to say about it though!! 😦

    • Even better, put up a Mini-Cooper with Thorin on it and an evening with Thorin himself up for auction–bet you could make lots of money for a worthy cause. 😉

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