Psssst. Don’t tell Sir Guy . . . but Thorin’s on my mind


Yes, I do have a considerable crush on Thorin. And I’ve been playing with images of him. He really is a most attractive fellow, this two hundred-plus year-old warrior dwarf.  Great hair. Cool threads. A really big, shiny sword which he clearly knows how to use. And a marvelous profile. Not to mention he sings!  I’d follow him on an unexpected journey.

Of course, Martin makes a very cute hobbit, too.

Can’t wait to hear more of Mr. A singing as Thorin.

I love how he still manages to sit tall in the saddle. 😉

Can’t wait to see Thorin’s Creator in the not-distant-at-all future! Comic-Con, here I come . . .

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    • Thanks, Phylly. I think Thorin is just gorgeous. I mean, of course, he is being played by RA, but I love the whole look–the costume, the hair, everything. *sigh*

  1. I won’t tell Guy, promise! 🙂 Thorin is gorgeous obviously, and Martin was quite simply made to play Bilbo! I just downloaded “Sheriff Got Your Tongue” from Audible and RIchard sings a lullaby in it, as one of the female characters. He’s got a gorgeous singing voice. Makes your heart melt.

    • I think it’s Little John’s wife who is singing. Sometimes people with really nice speaking voices aren’t able to sing equally well, but he is the exception.

      • Yes, it’s Little John’s wife. It’s such a touching scene…Richard is great as always, all the accents and voices are spot on, Vasey’s, Much’s, Robin’s.. 🙂 Why isn’t there an Oscar for audiobooks? Richard would be a winner several times over! 🙂

  2. He’s so sexy holding that pipe! *sigh* I really should be in bed, my godson normally wakes us up at 6 am…But I can’t tear myself away from the blog!

  3. That first one is beautiful. I’ve saved it for my desktop when hubby’s not using the laptop. 😉
    First day of July here, and we’re nearly another month closer to seeing Thorin on the big screen (I haven’t seen the trailer in a cinema yet) For a two hundred year old dwarf, he’s pretty darn hot!!

    • Glad you liked. I am looking forward to the opportunity to see more of the film at Comic-Con. It sounds as if they may have 3D glasses for attendees to use to watch those clips. Oh, to get a glimpse of RA on the big screen as Thorin!!

        • I have to confess when I was sitting there working on it I caught my breath. He is just so beautiful, the eyes, the hair, the nose . . . I decided to flip it so we’d have something a little different and then played with a lot of effects in BeFunky. When I had it the way I wanted it I know there was a big smile on my face.

          • I’ve flipped a few photos for something different in my videos… *sigh* …we really need new pics!!!
            My goodness, Thorin is magnificent. I’m curious to know if the beautiful dwarf we are seeing was what PJ and his design team envisaged when they started, or if things just developed that way once Richard became the character. He does have a way of making any character beautiful!

            • Yeah, I have recycled the Thorin pix in particular a lot, we have so few in comparison to other characters. Hoping that will change in the coming months . . . That would actually an interesting question tying into the whole “clothes make the character” idea–the evolution of Thorin’s look in terms of the total package–hair, beard, prosthetics, costume and weapons. My gosh, those manly forearms. We were wondering if the arm muscles we saw in one video blog were real or prosthetics, but after seeing him at the fundraiser, we know it was all Richard. *thud* I’m going to see those forearms. In person.

              • You may even get to have one of those hunky forearms around your shoulders for a photo! Or would that be unprofessional? 😉

              • Well, someone else was wondering about that, and having seen him pose for photos with Lorraine Kelly and the guys from BBC1 radio, among others, after doing their shows I’d say he’s fair game for such an occasion as this. 😀 I did pose for a photo with Danny Glover several years ago after taking everybody else’s with him. Someone was nice enough to offer to take mine before they resumed shooting. As a rule, I don’t have my photo taken with interviewees, unless they ask for it, which has happened on a few occasions.

              • If the opportunity presented itself, and since he’s shown himself to be obliging in the past, you’d have to go for it. 🙂 Could I ask you then to give him a hug for me?!! Just kidding! It would have to be for all of us! 😉

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