Sir Guy, sombreros and super heroes: On the road to Comic-Con


“So, do you think we’ll get to go to Mexico while we are at Comic-Con, Ladywriter?” Sir Guy queried. “We will only be a few miles from Tijuana, is that not so?” He had those long legs stretched out once more, boots hooked over the metal crossbar at the foot of the four-poster, hands clasped behind his dark head. A rather dreamy look could be seen in Sir Guy’s kohl-rimmed eyes as he looked up at the ceiling.

Avenida Revolución has many open bars, pharmac...

Avenida Revolución has many open bars, pharmacies, and curio shops that attract many tourists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ladywriter looked up, her quart-sized Ziplock bag, partially filled with travel-sized toiletries, in her hand. She wanted to make sure everything she needed would fit. No last-minute jockeying to make things work.  She’d be in quite a dither as it is.  As excited as a kid anticipating Christmas morning.

“Mmmmmm. That’s unlikely, Sir Guy. We will be at Comic-Con every day, all day, and–I’m not too keen on traveling to another country late at night, not to mention additional unneeded expense. Anyway–I suspect I shall be too exhausted to even entertain such an idea.”

“Ah.” Sir Guy nodded, looking just a little crestfallen. “I suppose then I don’t need to take the sombrero you brought back for me from one of your cruises?”

Sr Guy in his afore-mentioned souvenir sombrero. He does make one mucho sexy hombre, si?

She smiled up at him. “Probably not. Unless, of course, you decide to go to Comic-Con as Pancho Villa or some other desperado. Speaking of which, have you decided upon a costume yet, my dear dark knight?”

Sir Guy heaved a sigh. LW enjoyed the rise and fall of his broad chest beneath the Floppy Black Pirate Shirt. “Oh–I’ve had a few ideas. I thought of our Creator’s history–having appeared in one of those–erhm– Star movies . . .” His brow furrowed slightly.

Star Wars films?” Ladywriter offered.

“Exactly. Although I believe his role was extremely brief . . .” Guy’s mouth curled into one of his trademark smirks. “It would suit the occasion, surely, and give me an opportunity to show off my skills with weaponry.”

He gave a manly disdainful sniff and flicked back a stray lock of hair. “Not that they gave me many opportunities to do so in Robin Hood. Why must baddies be so tiresomely incompetent in family-friendly productions, I ask?”

Guy channeling his inner Jedi as a possible Comic-Con costume. He looks pretty fetching to me.

Ladywriter gave him a sympathetic smile. “I know. It’s especially vexing when one is outdone by a hero who’s as irritating a git as the “Legend” was presented by TPTB.  Just remember-we all knew who the true hero of the piece was . . .”

Sir Guy gave her a gracious nod, almost managing to hide his smug little smirk. “And speaking of heroes–I had considered, perhaps, a superhero’s costume? Would that not be appropriate for such an occasion?”

Sir Guy as the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent on the brink of transforming into Superman.

And as the Man of Steel himself. Imagine that physique in tights . . . *thud*

“And since my Creator was in one of these Avenger films . . . perhaps I could go as one of them?”

Sir Guy as Ironman.

Guy as Thor with his big ol’ hammer.

Guy as Captain America–the superhero who chased down one of the Creator’s ChaRActers, Heinz Kruger. A lot of All-American superheroes are being played by Brits of late–Henry Cavill, Andrew Garfield and Christian Bale–so why not Sir Guy??

“Well, Sir Guy, I think you could pull off any of the costumes.” LW privately thought quite a few of the Comic-Con attendees would enjoy it if Sir Guy literally did pull off such a costume during the event.  Talk about a stellar moment . . .

“However, I think your Milanese designer threads or your lovely leather togs would work very, very well for the occasion, too . . .”

LW suspected that Sir Guy, much as his Creator the lovely Richard Armitage, would knock the socks off of plenty of folks at Comic-Con.  What an adventure it would be . . .

LW finds this outfit pretty super, actually. One suspects Guy does, too.

Looks pretty super to me.

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  1. What, no Guy as the Black Widow?? 😉 Guy is totally pulling off the Jedi robe and lightsaber – an excellent choice.

    • LOL Yeah, I decided to stick to the male superheroes for this go-round. I thought Guy made a very sexy and cool Jedi knight, too, with those penetrating kohl-rimmed eyes looking out at you from beneath the hood of his robe . . . plus it would be so easy to believe he had mind control powers. 😉

  2. Angie, I don’t want to sound greedy but can you do a Guy as Wolverine manip too? Only if you have the time and energy, otherwise don’t bother with it! 🙂 Out of all these comic characters Wolverine is my favourite. 🙂

  3. I see what must be one of your favourite Guy pictures in all his black leather-clad glory has once again made an appearance Angie! But how could I blame you? May I say that those who lost interest in RH once Marian “died” have deprived themselves of seeing Richard come into his own in S3! He was superb, as were his costumes! All those belts, buckles, lacings etc!! 🙂 *sigh*

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