The superheroes (and villains) are here!


Just as they will be at Comic-Con, the superheroes are here at TAE. But they might not look exactly as you remember them . . .

Hmmm . . . I don’t think that’s Christian Bale (or Val Kilmer or Geroge Clooney or Michael Keaton or . . .) under the cowl.

Wolverine–is it that Jackman guy or someone else?

Julie Newmar was one of the actresses who played Catwoman in the old Batman series–but she didn’t look quite like this.

Catwoman, Halle Berry version–or is it? That smirk looks familiar.

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  1. If that first pic is any indication, we can see more of Richard’s face than I thought under Batman’s mask. It’s really only his nose which is hidden. 🙂

    • OT-Tuechter, I watched “Sisterhood” on RH tonight and it’s the pick of the commentaries. With only four people contributing, including Richard (yaaay!) it was much easier to understand than the others we were discussing in a previous post.

      • Thanks Mezz! I’ll have to go back and listen to that again. I think I skipped that one this time around although I have listened to it before – more than once if I’m honest. Maybe I’ll go and do just that before I get stuck into my chores. 😉 Any excuse eh?

  2. Our Richard would be great looking as James Bond 007. The only female photo I like Richard in is the one where you have him in bed with hair curlers. I think you should print it out and ask Richard to autograph it at Comic-Con. If Richard laughs at it then mention that it was my idea and for more fun and laughs tell him to call me. If Richard frowns you can still tell him that I told you to do it. Give him my name, full address and phone number and tell him to sue me. As long as Richard has my personal info I have a chance with him. There have been successful marriages where one of them started out not liking the other upon meeting.

  3. Sorry, i published a post i had scheduled a few hours ago, then noticed you had one on a similar theme. Great minds do think alike, but hope you you don’t feel i’m stepping on any toes 😉

    • No worries, I ‘ve been busy writing a post and I haven’t even read your newest stuff yet. Isn’t it inevitable that we would cover some of the same ground? 😉

  4. Thank you so much for the Wolverine pictures! Wow, if only all my wishes would be fulfilled like this! 🙂 There is a certain resemblance between RA and HJ (though Richard is better looking- for me, of course!) . They could play brothers in a movie! 🙂

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