He made it the old-fashioned way. He’s earned it.


In a fair world, the good would prosper, quality would triumph and talent would be properly recognized and rewarded. As one of my husband’s former ROTC instructors used to say, “Ain’t nothing fair.”

The woman who penned The Trilogy That Dare Not Speak Its Name is said to be making $1.4 million a week. Yep, that’s right. A WEEK.


How much is Richard being paid –$2, $3 million or so–for the time and talent and energy and insight and creativity he has put into the character of Thorin for these two movies?

Gosh, he’s a bargain.   But seeing these photos and knowing his talent, recognizing the power of this man on-screen when he turns on the full force of that IT factor, I do believe his asking price will be going up–and rightfully so.  As far as I am concerned, he deserves every single penny.

(Having seen the number of comments people have been making re the above books thanking me profusely for providing spoilers and being honest in my assessment of them, I truly don’t think that juggernaut will continue indefinitely.  People are waking up to the fact the emperor is, in fact, starkers.  I hope the author is investing wisely.)

And now, for some awesomeness, courtesy of Mr. Armitage.





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    • Now, tell the truth. When you read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a kid, did you ever imagine you’d had a mad crush on a dwarf one day??? He’s just soooo darned—manly. And those eyes – – – and his hair, I want to run my fingers through that magnificent mane of hair!!!

      • Never in my wildest dreams!! But come on! Who in their right minds could resist this one? That look in his eyes is guaranteed to make any red-blooded female weak in the knees I think! 🙂 I’m with you on the hair thing too! Can’t wait to see him do the hair toss again like in he did in RH 3 but with SO much more of it this time around! 😉

        BTW, I wish all the wonderful ladies across the Border a wonderful Fourth of July! You have no idea how much you have enriched my life, just as the members our little community in other parts of the world have done. Bless you all!

        • I think his RH3 mane hair acting was a great introductory course to Thorin hair acting. 😉 Bless his heart, he must have gotten tired of all that hair but he certainly looks good wearing it! And yes, bring on the hair toss. 😉

          • This is a little OT but I just wanted you to see how close you CAN get to celebrities at Comic-Con! My granddaughter and her husband went to one in Calgary dressed in outfits from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which her friend sewed for them all. My granddaughter is the one in blue flanked by her very tall husband and his sister. The couple on the right are their friend and the girl is the one who made the costumes! Pretty impressive. Just see who were so kindly posed for a picture with them!!

            I hope you get to have your picture taken with the man (or should that be Dwarf?) of the moment! 😀

  1. So true, Fedoralady!
    Richard Armitage has paid his dues as a journeyman actor–working his way up the ranks. And now he will become known as a creative force on the international stage. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
    And I just loooove your sepia toned Thorin portrait amongst your blessings of Thorin images!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • I can think of no one else whom I believe deserves this more than he. He’s shown he has a strong work ethic and a commitment to every role, no matter what the size of it. And he remains a modest, gallant man all along the way. Glad you liked the sepia tones–I really love that effect and use it quite often.

  2. Oh My Ever LIVING GOD! These pictures of Richard are stunning as Teuchter wrote. I love the second one the most.

    Angie, do not even get me started on that book that shall remain nameless. I was going to write a little something about it on my blog, but I changed my mind. It is getting lots of attention without me adding to it. Even writing negatively about it brings it more attention. If the author is really making 1.4 million dollars a week, then Richard should be making that too. I do believe that RA will be making much more money after The Hobbit comes out and he will be in huge demand here in America. Richard takes his craft seriously. Maybe even a little too seriously, but any actor or actress who puts that much focus and energy into their roles deserves to be paid very well.

    Having said all that, I have always thought that the pay scales of actors are way too high. How is it that teachers and nurses make so little yet one can be paid so much money to pretend to be someone else? Society as a whole thinks so little of teachers and nurses but puts acting up higher than so many other professions. Why is an actor/actress worth 5 million dollars to play a part in a movie for several weeks or months but a teacher is not seen as worthy of such a salary? It is just a pet peeve of mine but I will get over it some day.

    • The same thing holds true for many professional athletes. Looks at the multi-million dollar signing bonuses and huge salaries many of them earn. The flip side is one injury and their career can go down the tubes. That’s why it’s so important they get an education and have something to fall back on. I had a former student who was an extremely talented baseball player and was headed to the pros. And then he injured his arm. Todd wisely ended up going back to college and getting his engineering degree.

      Unfortunately (and I speak as a former teacher) people in some of the most important positions in society in terms of their impact on the community–teachers, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, among others–have never been compensated in like manner.

      And Richard is quite, quite stunning. 😀

      • This is what I am talking about Angie. Teachers, nurses and other professions that impact society directly on a daily basis are not compensated well. I personally have never understood why actors and actresses are paid so much money. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I do not begrudge them the money they get paid. If you can get someone to pay you 5 million dollars for sitting on your porch picking your toes I say more power to you. I will even be happy for. It is just that I think what society deems of value in terms of monetary compensation is messed up. If I can earn 5 million dollars sitting on my stoop picking my toes than I sure as heck fully expect the teacher down the street to get paid much more than that. I am not trying to belittle the acting profession. It is entertainment and I love and enjoy it, but in terms of compensation I simply do not see why anyone should get 2 million dollars for pretending to be a certain character while teachers struggle to make ends meet. Not even the President of the United States makes that kind of money and look at the responsibilities that a nation’s leader has.

        • Of course, in the case of Richard and his cast mates, they have devoted a significant chunk of time to making these films and still have to go back for pick-ups . . . and there’s the time spent doing publicity. While I am sure the studio pays to fly them to the various venues, still, that’s time away from other projects they could be doing. So the salary in such a case is not so large as it would appear to be, compared to someone who is on a set for a mere six to eight weeks and gets paid $10 million. Not that they are impoverished, you understand; but I think you do have to take that into account. Richard is also someone who supports charities and I think he will always be someone who does give back. If only everyone was so generous.

          • When it comes to Richard I don’t grudge him a cent of anything he may earn from these movies. He has worked hard for many years and I doubt he earned anything like the ones you mentioned who get paid a fortune for a few weeks work. I’m sure there are many other actors who have struggled for years with very little reward and some no doubt still do. It is an uncertain occupation after all.

            I hope Richard will now be able to command decent salaries so he has the luxury of picking and choosing roles that he wishes to do, not just to keep him working, however much he seems to love it.

            • I’m glad Richard is finally getting his due,too. He’s struggled for many years and persevered! The money he’s getting for 2 years of his life in not exorbitant!

              • That’s my viewpoint. If you take into account all his hard work through some fallow years, the industry in which he is working and the scope of these two films–which, it has to be said, have gainfully employed a huge number of people–I don’t think anyone can say Richard was overpaid. Well, not around me, they better not. 😉 I’ll go into Armitage Protective Mode LOL

              • Oh no Richard definitely wasn’t overpaid! But some A-listers get 20 million USD per project, now THAT is ridiculous, IMO. I’m sure Richard is going his earnings from The Hobbit films wisely, and won’t spend it on flashy cars and drugs and the like. Good job he’s so grounded. Again, kudos to his parents for that!

    • I completely agree with you Xenia. No human being is worth the kind of money actors get paid these days, unless they find a cure for cancer or something on that scale! And I agree with Angie re top athletes too. Their salaries are simply obscene. My best friend’s sister works as a nurse at a urology ward and her salary is approx. 233 USD per month! I’m ashamed on behalf of our society that I get paid almost 4 times as much for my office work. She has to lift patients (sometimes very heavy men) regularly, clean them up, change their diapers…. etc., etc. It’s a tough, tough job and she gets paid a mere pittance. Disgraceful.

      • Of course I’m not saying it’s the actors’ fault or the athletes’ that they get paid so much and I know that a lot of actors/athletes are struggling to make end meet… But still, societies should value medical staff and teachers more.

        • And newspaper reporters. 😉 Seriously, the only way to really make a decent living in that biz is to move into management, and then you’re not reporting anymore, you are a numbers cruncher. Re teaching, the fact is many athletic coaches make considerably more those who are “only” classroom teachers. I worked with one who was dumb as a box of rocks–he gave PE grades to students that had transferred out of the school or were in another class–yet because he coached winning teams he made a much higher salary, plus stipends for travel, plus they bought him a Jeep. I found that more than a little annoying.

          • Flight attendants too. Back in the late 1980’s I went to apply to be a Flight attendant. I was shocked that the now defunct Eastern airlines paid only $14k a year. That was appalling even for the 1980’s. I checked out all of the other airlines to find the same low salary. Flight attendants today do not make much more than that. Flight attendants put their lives on the line every time they board a plane. During flights they are like baby sitters for every passenger on board.

            Teuchter, I don’t grudge Richard a red cent either. I am genuinely happy for him and many other actors and actresses who make millions for just one movie. I was not meaning to single Richard out. I am talking in general terms. I don’t care how much time an actor spends filming a movie. It is not worth millions of dollars; especially over a teacher, nurse, flight attendant, reporters and the like. Actors and actress live in a world of make believe. I do appreciate their talents and enjoy their work most of the time, but none, in my humble opinion, are worth that kind of money over other professions that have lasting affects on the people of the world. All that I am saying is that I wish the world was more fair when it comes to paying salaries. It is the same in corporate America where senior management makes 60 plus times more what everyone else makes. That was originally what the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations last year were all about in the beginning, but then they lost focus and lost steam.

            • @Zenia – I never thought for a moment you grudged anything Richard makes from this movie. I believe he once said he wasn’t in it for the money and would rather see the money spent on the production of the movie, TV series, play or whatever. I’m sure he isn’t the only one as many are dedicated to their craft. Sadly not all as we know.

              I also agree with what you said about flight attendants. My niece is one and they work like the proverbial galley slaves for most of the flight. They have to deal with rude and sometimes violent passengers not to mention the fact this is all done thousands of feet in the air and in very little space. Corporate Canada is just the same as you described in America where some of the senior management sometimes got there by The Peter Principle – not all of course – but some are certainly paid far above what is commensurate with their abilities. Those lower down the ladder seem to be the glue that keeps these companies together in many cases.

              • There is a saying that you deal with incompetence by giving it a promotion. Sadly, in 50-plus years on earth, I have seen that happen all too many times. We briefly had a publisher who theoretically could lay out a newspaper page, theoretically use an SLR camera, theoretically write an article that was succinct . . . you get my drift. He looked good in a suit, that’s about the best thing I can say for him. And he made over 10 times the amount of money I made and he certainly didn’t contribute 10 times the amount that I did to the everyday success of that paper.

                Re flight attendants and the potential for what they might face, I recall our flight back from Paris when a man who appeared to be high on drugs-he kept going to the bathroom and his behavior was increasingly bizarre–attempted to open the door of the plane. We were at 30,000 feet. The flight crew had to wrestle this man to the back of the plane and practically sit on him. The flight was diverted to Bermuda so that police officers could board the plane from the rear, shackle and remove him. The flight attendants and Bermudan police all earned a hearty ovation from the passengers. It all might have gone very differently and I might not be here to tell the tale.

        • Couldn’t agree more! Having nurses and teachers in my family who work their butts off day after day for such meager monetary rewards when compared to what pro athletes and many movie stars receive. Thankfully most teachers and nurses aren’t in it for the money but for the difference they can make to the lives of others.

    • Thanks for those comments. Not only do teachers get very little respect and low salaries, we pay for many, many things in the classroom. I buy basic supplies like pencils, crayons and glue (either the parents won’t buy them for their kids or the school runs out of glue, etc.). I also buy and make games, bulletin boards, cd’s with music, my own cd player, a tape player for the listening center, headphones for the computer, books for the book corner and books for me to read. We have to have science experiments…which I pay for. I buy things to help teach social studies and math as well. I have a laminator so I can protect the games I make or purchase. I purchase $1000’s of dollars worth of things so my kids can learn what they need to. We used to get about $250 a year to buy learning materials from catalogs. However, that ended after my first 5 years. We get about $50 now. Last year I had enough to buy an electric pencil sharpener because someone stole mine from the previous year. Oh and they sprang for butterfly kits this year (some years we have to buy them). I also have to pay hundred’s of dollars to take classes to keep my teaching certification current.

      Name another profession where that is done. Several times last year I had to go into my savings account to make it until the end of the month. I can’t even save anymore. The state has messed with our retirement accounts. So now I’m worried that I won’t have enough to live on in retirement. I’ve already started looking out for the back to school sales so I can buy crayons, pencils, notebooks, glue, etc.

      Don’t get me wrong…I still love to teach. I love when kids say they love to read, I’m their favorite teacher, etc. I got a thrill down my spine when I received a cd that one on my students recently made. On her Facebook page she stated how she knew in Kindergarten that she wanted to have a career in music! I do make a difference. It just hard to face the negative comments from society and the fact that I may not be able to pay my bills or make it in retirement after devoting my life to teaching.

      So thank’s for those comments Xenia and Angie. Actors and athletes make an exorbitant amount of money, while teachers and nurses spend their lives working for peanuts! (Not that I don’t love peanut!)

      • I always found myself spending a good chunk of my salary, too, Laurie, on things for my classroom. And I spent many long hours at night and on weekends grading tests and essays, building tests and practice sheets . . . people who think teaching is an 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. job are deluded.

      • Laurie, I salute you. I have so much respect for teachers. My Mom wanted me to either be a nurse or an English teacher. I said no to both professions. I do not like being in hospitals, except when someone I know gives birth to a baby. I also remember well how hard teachers work from when I was in school. Some of the kids were also so unruly that they seriously challenged some of the teachers about remaining in the profession. You really have to love teaching to stick with it considering the challenges.

        I am glad that you stuck with it.

        • Yep, it’s a very demanding profession. My health issues finally made it impossible for me to give everything I wanted to in the classroom and have anything left over for the rest of my life. I had to resign and take some time off to recover before getting my job at the paper. My mother was a practical nurse, my sister and my niece are both registered nurses, but I knew it was not the right choice for me (for one thing, nursing school demands a lot of math, my least favorite subject).

        • Well, I just finished my 25th year in education. For the first four years, I was a substitute. I worked both long terms (for a whole year) and daily. Then, I got the job here in VA where I’ve been ever since. I’ve also taught Summer school almost every year. So I guess you could say I’ve stuck with it.

  3. Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking! Had a really busy day at work, I’m exhausted but these pictures sure brightened my mood! Thank you, Angie… (I just read today that the whatsit trilogy is fastest selling paperback of all time, outselling even the Harry Potter books. What is wrong with our society?)

  4. Ooooh, it’s so exciting to wake up again to another stunning new pic! Saw it over at Frenz’s first and wondered if you’d had a play in Photoshop! 😉
    Good lord, he’s absolutely gorgeous….my stomach hits the floor and my heart skips whenever I look at him! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a fresh wave of complaints that he looks TOO good to be Thorin, but on the other hand, this photo will probably win quite a few new hearts! Best of all, we can see Richard’s beautiful, expressive features so well. Yaaay!!
    I am so happy for him, that his perseverance, commitment and hard work over the years have been rewarded, regardless of what happens from now on. He is a leading name in a huge movie and has worked with and learnt from a wonderful director, cast and crew in a country he has come to love. It would appear he is in a good place right now.

    As for that book, it was discussed here on TV again this morning. Apparently a million copies per week are sold, and it’s believed there will be a baby boom next year because of it. I don’t know if they meant just in Australia, about the babies I mean, or Western countries where the book is being sold. Go figure! There have been so many much better written erotic romances out there which could have produced the same outcome! The female co-host commented that she wondered just what it is that women think they have been missing out on all this time, or words to that effect. Good grief, they’ve been wanting a man such as CG and the kind of “loving” he dishes out?!! 😦
    IMO it really seems to be a case of women reading it because of the hype, nothing more, although there are actually some positive comments from professional book reviewers. I still haven’t read it, but I may have to eventually out of curiosity, just to see what the hype is about. I’ll wait until the books are in the $2 throwout bin though!

    • At least there are also pretty boys Fili and Kili if they want to start complaining about heartthrob dwarfs. 😉 I think no matter what the outcome of these films is, you are correct, Mezz. It has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience, playing a character he has loved since childhood, working with top-flight people in his industry in a beautiful country he has also come to love. He’s as much as said he’d die happy if he never did anything else. Of course, we expect many, many more wonderful performances from him. 😀

      You see, that’s my take on it, Mezz, re the trilogy–the simple fact of the matter is that I and several other people I know of could, and have, crafted better erotic romances with plenty of spice, better plotlines and character development . . . what is so special, so unique that makes this story so worthy of all the attention and riches it is bringing its author?? Methinks some people have been living in a cave and didn’t know what was available for them to read. 😉 Funny thing is when I was reading about some of Tom Cruise’s shenanigans in his efforts to control Katie– assigning her a Scientology minder, and on the day after they met, sending a crew to clean her car because he thought it was too cluttered!? What?? How presumptuous is that??– it reminded me of CG and his control freak, stalker-ish nature. Let me say again, that’s not romance; that’s emotional abuse.

      It boils down to savvy hype. Hype, hype, hype. *sigh*

      I still find myself looking askance at Lisa at EW for giving it such a high rating. But then again, she also liked Battleship. 😉

      • TC is a complete and utter nutjob. But why did Katie put up with it? Surely she wasn’t forced to marry the guy? I sometimes think that the whole relationship has just been a huge PR trick. Re Battleship, should I give it a miss, Angie? Even though the VG (Viking God) is in it? Rihanna is in it too, that fact made me a little dubious of the film’s quality…

  5. I simply cannot say enough about that latest EW photo of Richard. It is already on Google image search so I now have a large size, very clear copy of my very own. How can one man be so darned good looking?????????????? Richard as Thorin is like fine wine.

    I was thinking that RA probably still does not have a girlfriend yet since he went to that theater function only with his cast mates. For all the months he has been in NZ don;t you think a girlfriend would be there with him at least for a good part of the time if not all of it? Relationships today are different. People move in together after knowing each other 3 days. 🙂
    I am not saying that RA is like that but he was living with his last girlfriend, so I figure that if he is in a relationship that is serious they would be together like that already.

    • I am not going to hazard a guess along those lines. You do have to remember that he’d known Annie for years (since drama school) when they moved in together, that he is a very private guy, so he could be seeing someone and not ready to make it public yet. And his masculine beauty simply grows with the years.

      • That is true Angie, but how I understand the story is that Richard and Annie were just classmates and friends for years. It was later on that their relationship changed and they moved in together shortly afterwards. So it is not like they were dating for years and then Annie moved in with him. That is how I understand it but correct me if I am wrong.

        I completely understand that RA is a private person ( I don’t blame him either), but you cannot hide another human being. If you are in a relationship with someone you are going to be seen with that person somewhere, sometime unless you are both hiding under a rock. It is a perfectly normal thing to attend a function with your love. Couples do things together. It does not violate any privacy rules.

        I know that I am going to dream about that Thorin picture tonight. I hope that I wake up with a hickey on my neck from him. 🙂
        YES, Richard’s masculine beauty grows with the years….sigh

        • As I said, I don’t know and I get a little uncomfortable speculating too much about his private life, I guess. I do want and wish him much happiness in both his personal and professional life and don’t want him to miss out on having someone special with whom to multiply the joys, divide the sorrows and celebrate the successes. Who knows if he even had the time and/or energy after those long days with early make up calls and all that riding, fighting and running to pursue a romance? I see him as very work-focused and I think his busy shooting schedule helped end the romance (but not the friendship) between RA and Annie. Still, I myself would have liked to have known he DID have somebody in NZ. It made me happy to think that he might. 😀

          • The EW article says the dwarves are up at 4am for a 3 hour makeup call, then if you factor in long days of shooting, and having to allow for a good night’s sleep at the end of the day (say 9pm if you want 7 hours of shut-eye), there isn’t much time left over for fostering a relationship, I’d reckon. But if it was meant to happen for Richard there, it will have. 🙂
            I might add, there’s a very good chance he wouldn’t have been the only cast member who went to the theatre that day without company. Shakespeare is not everyone’s “cup of tea”, and it was only his cast mates who needed to turn up and show support for Sir Ian.

            • Mezz, I was thinking the same thing. Filming The Hobbit was 18 months of intense work and we all know that our Richard takes his career very seriously. The schedule would not be the greatest for fostering a relationship. It is also true that Shakespeare is not everyone’s cup of tea. I was only paying attention to RA at the show so perhaps he was not the only one unaccompanied by a mate.

              I don’t really subscribe to the notion that if it is meant to be it will be but I know that many people do. I personally believe that we have much more control of our lives than that. I truly believe that if we really want something the Universe will conspire with us to make it come about (I stole that line from Paulo Coelho). 🙂 If Richard truly wants to be in a relationship he will see to it. Maybe it is not priority for him right now and maybe it is. But ultimately I feel that the decision is his. I would love to see him happy with his true love. That is the romantic in me coming out, but RA is the one to make that choice for his life. Maybe since RA has made such a huge leap in his career with this film he will focus more on his personal life now. He did say that if TH was the last film he ever did he would be satisfied that his career ended there. Something to that effect. I don’t remember the exact quote. That won’t happen though. RA is going to be in such huge demand now.

              • I don’t subscribe totally to “if it’s meant to be it will be”, but I certainly believe that often things happen in their own time and for their own reason.
                Case in point, when I was on holiday, I was a split second away from being conked on the head by a coconut which probably would have killed me, given the height from which it dropped. Instead, it hit the ground just behind me. I can laugh about it now, but it gave me a fright! Obviously my time wasn’t up! 😉

              • Mezz, years ago when Benny was still in the AF and we were home on a visit, I was sitting at my parents’ dining room table, taking advantage of the natural light to do my makeup. There was a ceiling fan whirring above my head. I got up to go do something and mere seconds later, heard a tremendous crash. Yes, the ceiling fan had come loose from its moors and fallen. If I had still been sitting there, it would have fallen directly on my head and likely would have, at the very least, concussed me. So I guess my time just wasn’t up, either. 😉

            • Good God, to spend 3 hours every day in the make-up chair…. Ugh, that must be tough..Can you fall asleep while being made up? Richard said he normally fell asleep when the make-up artists put his Lucas tattoos on, but I wonder if you can fall asleep while they’re working on your face?

              • Some actors do sleep through facial makeup, too. The makeup artists have probably developed a light touch that allows the performer to catch some ZZZZZZs while they work.

          • It may very well be that he didn’t had the time and energy for a relationship, I also think it would be hard to keep up a relationship with someone back in London, and likewise it would be hard in the future with someone he met in NZ. Anyway, I doubt there is something so serious that he wishes to make it public at this point, if he is wise he tries his best to keep anything private out of the spotlight.

            • Oh, I definitely think he does his best to keep his private life just that—private. That may very well become more difficult as his profile rises, but I don’t think he’s ever going to be the “jump up and down like a crazy man on a couch on Oprah” type of guy. Thank GOD!! Look how that turned out . . . 😉

              • And I think that means that he wouldn’t take a special someone to Hobbit related events like MF would take his wife.

              • Exactly. Richard knows that people ARE curious and I think he is sensitive enough he wouldn’t want to expose someone to such scrutiny unless it really was serious and at a point where they wanted to go public with the relationship. That’s my take on it, anyway, for what it’s worth.

        • We know nothing about his relationship with Annie, not if they met at drama school or if she was the girlfriend he talked about.

  6. Oh my Guy! Richard is absolutely gorgeous as Thorin! I love what you did with the pictures! Another mane of hair to run one’s fingers through. Ahhh, it does my heart good to see him with lots of hair as in the days of Guy 🙂

    • I keep going back and looking at the photos. And playing with them in photo editing.*sigh* I loved his mane as Guy and this is even more magnificent and tempting to touch. Can’t wait to see him “hair act” as Thorin! 😉

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  8. I was wondering why WordPress does that thing on this blog anytime someone replies. It whittles down each reply until you cannot reply anymore. I have never seen that happen on any of the other WP blogs that I follow. It is really weird.

  9. The Bearded Beauty that is Thorin is so breathtaking! Just when I thought that Richard just couldn’t get any more beautiful, he assumes the guise of Thorin and has me breathless! I literally can’t wait for this film, November still seems like an eternity away.

    Angie, you’re our Cinderella, about to become the beautiful princess and go the ball where you’ll be in the same room and hopefully talk and interact with this gorgeous creature! I’m already looking forward to reading your lengthy reports. Don’t you dare leave a single detail out, sweet one!

    • Yes Angie has become Angierella the princess going to Comic-Con ball. As MillyMe says don’t you dare leave ANYTHING out. I am so excited.

      • The Cinderella analogy gave me a real chuckle. Years ago, when I was younger and much thinner, a little girl at my parents’ church told me “you look and sing just like Cinderella.” So–perhaps it was in my destiny?? 😉 My poor brain will be working feverishly overtime. I can’t sleep now, what will I be like during Comic-Con itself?

  10. Angie, I wish I could go to Comic Con with you. I am but a 6 hour drive from San Diego. Had I known how to get tickets you can bet I’d be there in a flash and I know how to maneuver in crowds. I was a Deadhead for 10 years! LOL 😉 Have a wonderful time and post lots of pictures! 🙂

    • Would love to have seen you there. I knew you weren’t too terribly far away from SD. I think the tickets have been sold out for a while–it’s a very popular event indeed! I hope to have a grand time and have a lot to share with you all. 😀

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