Sir Guy gets in touch with his inner blonde


Now this is my idea of a Prince Charming. Just don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.

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    • I was visiting yet another photo editing site and found that shot from some movie . . . I am not sure what it was. So I used it and then did more work in BeFunky. He really can rock those sorts of costumes and the long mane of hair . . . and I am beginning to think he was made to wield a sword, too. *sigh*

  1. Now there’s a prince I want to dream about. He can wake me with a kiss anytime. And yes, definitely made to sit a horse and wield a sword (although those wrists will thicken a bit with the muscles needed to do it regularly).

  2. I’ve just received my Sir Guy mug today ! Ooooh waking up and drinking coffee with Sir Guy on my cup …
    I like coffee and it tastes better hot strong and black !!!

  3. My first thought was blonde, oh no! But then I scrolled down. RA looks really good in that photo. I think it’s because there’s so much shadow around his face and the blonde is a darker blonde. His face was made for longer hair!

    • I think when people think of “blonde” they think platinum or something. But with a darker blonde–yeah, he could pull it off. More of a “Sean Bean in his Sharpe days” hue of blonde. 😉 And he looks beautiful with long, flowing locks.

  4. I loved RIchard’s longer hair in Robin Hood and I adore the long hair wig in The Hobbit, but I do prefer Richard with short hair. I loved his hair when he portrayed Lucas North and John Thornton. I also prefer Richard very clean shaven. I want to see every inch of his gorgeous face at all times.

    • I think one of the things that most impresses me re Richard’s various looks–short hair, medium, long, darker, lighter, clean shaven, stubble, bearded– is how successfully he can pull so many different looks. As an example, Brad Pitt is considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood (although he’s never tripped my trigger) and he can look terrible with a beard.

      • I watched some “Inside the Actor’s Studio” episodes earlier today and Brad’s beard looked OK when he was interviewed. It was trimmed and tidy. It only looks bad when he lets it grow too much. But he does look like a tramp when he lets his beard grow all bushy and wild. 🙂

        • Yeah, if he’s well groomed it is one thing, but he when he had that billy goat beard and wore that stupid knit cap I saw him wearing in certain photos, he really did look like a vagrant.

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