In the interest of equal time . . .


A certain bad-ass hottie knight  that we know and love is feeling just a wee bit left out, what with a certain bad-ass hottie warrior dwarf getting lots of attention.  Not that we didn’t have a day devoted to said hottie knight on Friday, but—-you know how it is. And he IS pretty hot.



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  1. Sir Guy is incredibly photogenic!
    BTW Angie what is the exact meaning of bad-ass ? I understand “d’enfer”, “super”. Is it an American or British word ?

    • I’ll take this one. “Bad-ass” is an American slang expression, used as both an adjective and a noun, and refers to a person (usually male) who makes strong, fierce, and aggressive behaviour look very attractive and appealing. Used in a sentence, “He’s such a bad-ass dude, I would not want to make him angry, but is he ever sexy.”

  2. Ha ha!Smirks r us! That’s so goooood!Love it! First picture…. Can you tell Sir Guy that I think I’m in love with him?? 🙂

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