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The post I didn’t want to write


But it has to be said. I won’t be going to Comic-Con and I will be taking some time away from the blog.

When I started this blog, I was recovering from a freakish car accident that apparently broke my tailbone. I say “apparently” because, being unemployed and therefore uninsured, I couldn’t afford a trip to the ER just to be x-rayed and told what I already suspected.

 However, judging by what I could discover from research online coupled with the off-the-charts pain that limited my mobility and made me think I’d have to die to feel better ( one person described it as akin to being in perpetual labor with a very large baby),  damage had definitely been done. And there’s not much you can do with a broken or fractured tailbone except give it time to heal.   And with no job and limited prospects between my injury and my FMS, I had a lot of time on my hands.  And so I eventually decided to create this blog.

 I hoped to entertain and enlighten people here at TAE  re discussions of RA as well as books, films, music, art–all the things I love. I wanted it to be a happy, positive place, a cathartic place. I’ve never intended harm against another person in or outside of this fandom.

But there are those in this fandom who are not so benevolent.  You know who you are. I have hesitated to say anything, but I am tired of tip-toeing around you.  You’re a bully and a tyrant and you blacken the name of the Richard Armitage fandom.  

One day your malignancy, jealousy and cruelty will earn you exactly what you deserve. Richard Armitage–a man of compassion, a gentleman, one who believes in nourishing and nurturing instead of seeking whom he may devour–would be so appalled and disgusted by your actions.  The only reason I have hesitated to say anything before now is I did not want to bring you any morsel of the attention you all too obviously crave.  I find it in my heart to pity you, but that is the last thing you want from me, isn’t it?

 I hope those who do get to attend Comic-Con have a great time–if you get to meet RA, tell him hello from me, won’t you?– and I wish Richard and company all the best at the event. I believe this is truly the start of something big for an actor and human being who richly deserves the accolades that are coming, and I believe will continue to come, for his work.

And thank you to all who have been kind and supportive and helpful.   I am thinking of chucking aside a lot of what I have written so far in my novel and starting afresh. There are things I am just not happy with.  I have some other projects to which I need to attend as well concerning my precarious financial future.

I am not sure how long I will be away, just that I need to do this.

All the best.  

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