We need a little Christmas in July—and Guy


It’s hot, humid and showers and thunderstorms are likely on the way. My head–nay, my whole body–is in its typical rebellion against encroaching stormy weather.

So I think we need more Christmas in July. Santa Guy, take me away!

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  1. “Tis the season to be stunning” LOL! You’re so funny, Angie! And I have made it to his naughty list? Really? I don’t think I’ve ever made a naughty list before! I’m honoured, Sir Guy! 🙂 So good to have you back, Angie. Sorry, have I said that before??? 😉

  2. I have a feeling that I’m in fantastic company on that naughty list. 😉 And yes, I likey stripped down look. “fans self”

  3. The bow around Guy’s neck made me think of “Magic Mike” for some reason… Guy would be good as a chippendale dancer (no offence please Sir Guy!). I read a very positive review of MM recently. The reviewer praised Channing Tatum’s acting skills. Frankly, just from looking at the guy I didn’t think he had any..(oh that was catty-apologies!) Oh and he also stated he wants to play CGrey but only if his wife is cast as Ana. Honestly, I doubt he read the book…I very much doubt now that CG will be played by an unknown. Whoever ends up playing the role, I hope it won’t be somebody I like…

    • I just read a review of it by Servetus’ friend Didion at her blog. She was a bit disappointed with it, although she did say Channing Tatum can dance like nobody’s business. Said so far she hasn’t been that impressed with his face/acting. 😉 She said it’s sort of like the Blue Crush of male stripper movies. And Matthew’s character made her want to take a shower. LOL

      I have been having a discussion at the 50 Shades post with a gentleman who said he picked up his girlfriend’s copy of the book, read a few passages and became really concerned she found that arousing (at first he thought it was neat). He was sexually and mentally abused as a child and feels like James is trading on the miseries of others to get rich. Can’t say I disagree with him.

      And whoever ends up playing CG in the movie isn’t winning any brownie points with me for wanting to play that role. Personally, I can’t see women falling all over themselves over Tatum in the way they do Christian in the books. I am with Didion–that face isn’t that impressive. 😉

      • Apparently there will be a sequel to MM. Ah well..I can’t see women falling over themselves CT either. But some must do because otherwise the film wouldn’t have been a success, right? Btw, CT used to work as a chippendale boy so good job he can dance! 🙂 I wonder why Soderbergh picked this project. I like his films and I really hope RA will get to work with him in the future. 🙂 As for the 50 sh of c**p film, ASkars was also asked about it and said he “was born to play the role of CG” but it was clear from the rest of the article that he has never read the books. I hope he was joking! But I do wonder what makes these guys declaring they want to play the male lead in a film which is based on books they haven’t read? Is it the buzz? They want their names in the tabloids? Mystifying.

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