What time is it, gang?


Richard’s appearance at Comic-Con is only a few hours away now *squee* But he’s already been sighted on posters, vlog footage and in life-sized statues as that amazing warrior dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield.  What time is it, gang? Oakenshield Time, of course.

Bet Thorin watches would sell like hotcakes. I’d constantly be checking the time.

A mermaid on San Diego Bay has something lovely to look at . . .

How about a walk on the beach with a Thorin parasol?

A Thorin tee-shirt, anyone?

It’s a beautiful day at the beach with Thorin.

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  1. I’ve worked out that San Diego is 17 hours behind AEST, so IIRC, the Hobbit Panel starts at 2-30pm, thus 7-30 Sunday morning here. Mmmmm, how to explain to hubby that I’m up so early with the computer on….. 😉 We have a busy day ahead of us, so I’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow night to settle in and soak up all the Armitage ComicCon goodness in peace!!
    I’ve been checking in on TORn every so often, apparently TH panel line is around a thousand people already. Only a few hours now until we see Richard again- I actually have butterflies in my stomach!
    Watched The Sound of Music intermittently tonight. I know he is on my mind ‘cos of CC, but I was picturing Richard in the role of Captain von Trapp. He has the gravitas, the voice, and rocks a uniform, plus he could conceivably be the father of seven children up to the age of sixteen! 😉

    • San Diego is two hours behind us, so shortly after noon here the WB presentation should start. Benny will still be at work, so if I want to squee out loud, I can do so.

      Richard would make a splendid Captain Von Trapp. He and CP both share that distinguished, regal air and Richard really has the singing chops–plus that dance between Maria and the captain *sigh*

      • Oh yes, that dance between Maria and the Captain, so romantic… *sigh*…Richard dancing, another plus to add to the delight of seeing him in the role.

        • Yes, that dance scene was one of my favs in the whole movie (which was one of my dear mama’s favorite films of all time). Richard would be brilliant in it on so many levels.

      • The Sound of Music is so iconic I doubt there will ever be a remake.. But,you never know, everything is possible in Hollywood! 😉 These days it seems to be all about remakes and franchises. And I agree with everybody, Richard would make an exquisite Captain von Trapp! *drool* Off to watch Ice Age 4 in 3D!

  2. OMG this is so exciting! I’m squeeeing like a teenage girl! Yes pleeeeeeeeease, I want a Thorin T-shirt!!!! And a Thorin watch- but without hands, so I can see that gorgeous face properly! 🙂

  3. Does anyone know if there will be livestream. Yes, I am actually planning my day around whether or not I can see RA sign autographs. LOL.

    Oh and the Sound of Music still ranks as one of my all time favorite and know Mezz has put the idea of the Captain as RA….I feel like watching it right this moment.

    • Gracie, it was stated over on TORn site that they will be live blogging it, not live streaming it, as that is against ComicCon rules. I have no idea what the difference is!

      • I assume that means they can’t have video cameras set up to do live video streaming, but they can post about it on the blog–maybe post some still photos? They seem to be kind of hinky about use of video. cameras . . . I don’t know.

        • Thank you. I am at the TORN now. Initially,the video was not working until I installed flashplayer or something and now I am getting a visual. So exciting ladies and so nice to be sharing this with all of you.

          • No, and today was not one of the days she had tickets for, much to our disappointment. 😦 However, I think she was going to hang out in hopes of catching a glimpse of a certain dwarf and his compadres. 🙂

          • Well, we know from the vids on YT that filming of panels is done, but perhaps it’s specific official entities who are allowed to do it? Unless we were seeing bootleg stuff. 😉

            • Judging from the quality of the Pushing Daisies panel YT video, I suspect it was bootleg stuff..It did look like a “pirate” video. (not sure that expression is used in this context)

  4. Trying to work out Hobbit panel time EDT! 😀 If it’s 2:30 San Diego, it’s 11:30 here…

    Great to see your post, fedoralady. 😀 Great graphics!

    • And 12:30 here. My husband was chuckling over it when I told him everyone around the world was trying to figure out the time differences. Glad you enjoyed the pics!!

  5. There it was again…the familiar UMPF in the region of my heart which immediately started racing. His effect on me is still…so…*sigh*
    I actually woke up about 4am, which was about the time I’d calculated Richard was supposed to be signing autographs. I took the risk of outing myself as an absolute fangurl by switching on the laptop in the study…nothing! Nada! Only the excited talk here! I must have been too early. 😦
    Now I’m up and it’s all happened! He still has the beard! And that snug shirt…lord, he’s gorgeous! Seems to be feeling comfortable too which makes me happy. Off to check out the photos again!

    • That’s weird, I just got an email notification that this was a new comment, but it’s now as anonymous four days down the track.

        • No worries. I have been doing some housekeeping and while sorting through the spam and pending queues, I found some comments that shouldn’t have been held. Also had to blacklist an IP address (none of our regulars, just a potential crank about 50SoG) . . .

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