Richard and Comic-Con: My Thoughts (Part Two)


Having studied Richard’s interviews during Hobbit-Con at Comic-Con yesterday, I can only conclude the man has come a long way, baby. The nervous and slightly giggly fellow of earlier interviews has matured beautifully, and not just on the outside.

I won’t say he was completely without nerves—even experienced actors can suffer from a bit of stage fright—but if RA was feeling a lot of anxiety and trepidation over his appearance at the event, he hid it admirably well.

Now, that’s a sight for sore eyes.

He appeared confident without being cocky—that quiet confidence that says, “I am a mature man instead of a spoiled boy in a man’s body.” He was good-humored (“I lost a foot”) without being mean-spirited.
Relaxed, and yet very in tune with what was going on around him.

As I said in one of the earlier comments, Comic-Con Richard was mellow—and yet, sharp.

Watching him interact with fans, interviewers and fellow panelists, I could not fail to notice his patience, unflappability and friendliness. The good manners John and Margaret instilled in their little boy all those years ago were fully in evidence. Mr. and Mrs. Armitage, you must be very, very proud of your son.
When he is interviewed, he engages fully with the interviewer, focusing his attentions on him/her and giving a thoughtful, articulate response to each question.

Are you talking with your hands again, Richie?

The man practically screams intelligence in these situations. It’s in his eyes, his words and his demeanor. And frankly, smart is very, very sexy.
I don’t know about you, but a muscle man with nothing between his ears bores me to tears every time.

I have to say I love how he talks with his hands in these interviews. I talk with my hands, too, although mine are nowhere near as elegant and attractive as his, and it makes me smile to see those handsome digits in action once again.

It was a pleasure to see him in all the interview situations, group and one-on-one. He is attentive to what the other panelists are saying, absorbing it all. I think he must have amazing powers of concentration. Perhaps, working on this film, having to perform in one room while the actor he will appear with onscreen is actually in another, for example, has only honed those abilities.

Love seeing you laugh.

I think after 18 months of working together, the actors really have formed special bonds with one another. As Martin said, Wellington is sort of its own little world. When you’re thrown together like that, I suppose you’d better learn to get along or it would be one miserable experience.

I think Sir Peter chose his actors wisely; strong performers, yes, but also team players willing to work together on a common goal—to make the “best home movie” possible (and yes, I loved it when PJ walked out filming the audience). One suspects egomaniacs are not welcome on a PJ set.

In fact, there appears to be a whole village of wonderfully talented, dedicated and generous individuals who work with Sir Peter to make his vision come to life onscreen. I know Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, but I am beginning to wonder if it isn’t a patch of New Zealand instead.

I have so much respect and admiration for them all. It certainly takes a lot of time, hard work and probably some serious headaches—learning to deal with the stench of hot, sweaty dwarf, for example (oh, Richard, you do make me smile)—but they are seeing this dream come together in this creation of a different world

One of my favorite pics. Martin and Andy mugging for the cameras, and Richard simply looking happy to be there.

He spoke of feeling the pressure because of the huge expectations for TH coming on the heels of the enormous popularity of LOTR trilogy. Richard mentioned envying the original actors who had no idea whether the films would be a huge success when they were making them.

He knows he’s got to bring his “A” game, as we say here in the states; frankly, I have no fears he will do anything less. As the fellows at theOneRingNet said, he already owns the role of Thorin. My gosh, but that 3-D poster is simply magnificent! So is the bloke standing in front of it.

Two beauties. Does it look like Thorin is wearing a little Guyliner?

And it seems as if Richard isn’t done with the “little world” of Wellington. Judging by what he told one interviewer, they are nowhere near to actually having the film wrapped, with important battle scenes yet to be filmed. He mentioned he will be going back into training prior to shooting those scenes. I can only imagine wielding Orcrist is quite a workout, especially underneath all the padding, prosthetics, hair and costume.
Will he return to NZ after filming the “tornado movie” or get to return to London for a while or start another project here in the States before going back to Wellie? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
I think one thing is certain. The Richard Armitage Drought is over for now. And if RA makes it to Comic-Con next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets his own standing ovation.  For by then, the world will have discovered the Power of the Alpha Dwarf.

Richard, you made us mighty proud once again.

All photos courtesy of the hard-working Ali at  Thanks!!

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  1. I never was one for bearded men but suddenly I find myself looking at other beards and thinking about them differently! I blame Richard for that…looking particularly gorgeous in these pics! Loved the interviews and agree with everything you say! Can’t wait until December!

  2. Spot on again, Angie, as always! I love the way you mind works! 🙂 Oh, Richard, please please procreate, we need more men like you in this miserable world of ours (I know it won’t on the “menu” for quite a while, but…*sigh*). I love the grey hairs in his beard..the laughter lines around those gorgeous eyes..the intent look in his eyes when being interviewed..the way he puts his arms around his colleagues..could go on and on..

  3. I remember RA saying that they were no where near wrapped up which I find pretty darned strange. As a Film major in college I am certainly aware of what it takes to make a movie but lord have mercy they have been at it for two years already. I wonder how is it even being edited without scenes completed? Oh well…whatever as the saying goes.

    If Richard is expected to be clean shaven for the tornado movie that can prove a problem if PJ wants him to do anymore filming for TH this year.

    I especially love the first two and the last photo. They are some of my absolute favorites of RA taken during Comic-Con. Richard is so lucky that it is not a crime to be too handsome. I really love the crinkles around his eyes and the top front of his hair combed back. The hair color is perfect for him. I am assuming that he keeps his beard trimmed or else it would be much longer and bushier by now. Dear Lord, I really want to see Richard Armitage’s jaws. Please make him shave soon. Thank You!!!

    • I am assuming they are talking battle scenes in the last part of book, which means the second film. They are editing the first film right now, so it’s certainly conceivable there could more to shoot. And you know how a lot more footage is shot than ends up in the final film . . . at some point, they’ll be done. Maybe. LOL Oh, yeah, he’d be looking like Rip van Winkle by now the way his beard growth is–I am sure he has to trim it. 😉

      • Normally, when an actor is working, he endures whatever shaving and hair styling is dictated by the work when he’s in the makeup chair. There’s not a lot of DIY or choice in the matter. Richard will have to maintain something makeup can work with as long as he can be called back for more shooting.

  4. I love seeing all of those smiles! I knew they were going to work hard while having the time of their lives! I’m also not surprised filming hasn’t been completed. It seems to be PJ’s style. He’s demanding but gives 110% himself. He expects the best and always seems to pick people who are capable of going above and beyond in what ever capacity they are fulfilling in the movie making process. Then, he goes about creating a family atmosphere, where everyone comes to love and respect each other. As we all know, Richard always seems to bring his “A” game! He’s also a man who can put people at ease and create a lovely working environment. So Richard and Peter Jackson are a perfect fit. I can’t wait to see the movie magic they’ve created.

      • I just looked it up. The part of the production that involved the actors (versus editing, etc) took four years according to Elijah Wood. So–no, I guess it’s no surprise it’s not finished shooting yet.

        • I can understand that Tolkiens books are a challenge to bring to the screen but I think maybe there had to be lots and lots of rewrites and reworking of scenes for filming to go on so long. According to wiki the total time for all 3 LOTR movies was eight years.

    • I wish he could work with PJ again..PJ seems like such a great guy to work for. I’m sure his cast and crew would walk to the end of Middle-Earth for him! He’s living proof that you don’t have to be a tyrant to make great films! GO Sir Peter!!

      • I think having worked with Richard, Peter J will have seen that he has pretty much the same work ethic as he (PJ) has. If they are looking for someone to cast in another movie I’m sure they will keep him in mind. 🙂 It must be a great boost to any actor’s CV to have been in a movie directed by him. I think Sir Peter has to be, as Angie and others have said, “the most loved movie director in the entire world.” He didn’t get that knighthood in 2010 for being any old director did he; nor the Order of Merit in 2002, not to mention being appointed as a Member of the Order of New Zealand in the Queen’s Birthday and Diamond Jubilee honours? I just want to give him a big hug! 🙂

  5. I notice that Richard has a long torso. If I were laying underneath him (to help him button his shirt) my head would only reach the crook of his neck.

  6. Judit and Teuchter both of your minds are in the gutter. Pookie’s shirt could be unbuttoned for a number of reasons. He is English after all and could be confused about American shirts.

    • Hang on Xenia!! You haven’t come clean about how you came to be lying underneath him, so I think our question about the shirt is quite circumspect in this case!!!!!!!! 😉 Anyhoo, Richard is far too smart IMO to be confused about American shirts so you’ll have to come up with a much better explanation, my girl!!

  7. Hmmmm…..just as I thought as I went back to read some more about PJ. This is also from wikipedia.

    Jackson was a noted perfectionist on the Lord of the Rings shoot, where he demanded numerous takes of scenes, requesting additional takes by repeatedly saying, “one more for luck”.[58] Jackson is also renowned within the New Zealand film industry for his insistence on “coverage” — shooting a scene from as many angles as possible, giving him more options during editing. Jackson has been known to spend days shooting a single scene. This is evident in his work where even scenes featuring simple conversations often feature a wide array of multiple camera angles and shot-sizes as well as zooming closeups on characters’ faces. One of his most common visual trademarks is shooting close-ups of actors with wide-angle lenses.

  8. I read a sequel to North & South last month. It is titled Margaret of The North. I read all the sequels to N&S and only 2 of them are worthy of being called a sequel IMHO. Anyway, the author of Margaret of the North is also an artist and a very lovely person too I might add. This video that she made honoring N&S is one of my favorites. She captures the faces of RA and Daniela very well.

  9. Once again, a great wrap, Angie, sums up how I feel too. I was so overwhelmed at seeing and hearing him again, and so much of him, thank goodness, that it’s hard to put into words what this beautiful, intelligent and talented man does to me. I am truly more besotted than ever.

    My admiration for Peter Jackson continues to grow each time I see and hear him. The panel clip was another instance. I loved the way he filmed the audience and called them poor sods. For a Kiwi, he was sounding quite Australian when he spoke! I would love to see him and Richard work together again, and I’m sure if the right project and timing eventuated, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so.
    The Hobbit clip at Comic Con even made a small paragraph in our newspaper this morning, stating that it wowed the audience and the reviews were ecstatic.

    • I haven’t read all the clippings re the footage, just too many of them, but the response seems really favorable from what I’ve read and seen. I think it was wise to show it at 24 fps so the focus could be on the story and characters and not the technology.

      Richard just continues to amaze and impress me. He’s maturing so beautifully, isn’t he, in looks and demeanor . . . he has such gravitas and such a gentlemanly air. *sigh* And he’s still got those powerhouse thighs going on under those jeans. 😉

  10. “The man practically screams intelligence in these situations” no truer words written! I love that he thinks about his responses and always gives that little bit more.
    He is one of a kind alright. Just when we think we couldn’t love him anymore, we do!!

    Thanks Angie, wonderful blog ☺

    • No wonder the guy who did the TORn interviews called him a “scholar and a gentleman”. I had so hoped, since the purists started complaining about his casting, that he would go and out-geek them all and it seems, he did.

  11. You have summed it up so well, Angie! Exactly the way I think, although I couldn’t possibly put it so well. All these pics totally take my breath away! So far, I have considered his beard ok, but now I simply adore it. It must be the combination of his beautiful hair (and the colour!) and tne beard that does it for me. He has never looked more beautiful-his inner beauty and intelligence shine through more strongly than before. I’m so proud of him!

    Luckily, I’m om my summer holidays now. It would be really hard to concentrate on anything as challenging as work right now.

    • It is rather difficult to concentrate on the more mundane aspects of life when there is all that RA goodness out there. He really does look so handsome and healthy right now, doesn’t he? I bet when he gets a bit of rest (if he ever does) he might be so blindingly handsome we couldn’t take it–like looking directly into the sun. 😉

      • I can confirm that’s definitely true! I hardly managed to get any work done today due to the irresistible pull of Richarding!If I get fired, it’ll be all Richard’s fault! (joking!)

  12. So very happy to see you back, fedoralady.
    Completely off the subject, but you might be amused to know that at least one of EL James’ sons goes to the same school Andy Serkis went to.
    Back on track, am I the only person who’d love to know what RA and Sir Ian were whispering about at the beginning of the conference? I watched that bit over and over: I found the comfortable intimacy so endearing.

    • I wondered the same thing about their conversation, wydville. And thanks for the welcome back! 😀 (Hummm, wonder if James’ sons get any ribbing about Mum’s mommyporn, or do they know?)

    • I too was curious and agree that they looked totally at ease with one another. From all the videos and pictures i have seen of the cast so far they indeed seem like one big happy family and I think PJ has done a lot to engender that feeling amongst both cast and crew. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he chooses actors for their amiability almost as much as for their acting skills!

      • as I mentioned, I get the impression PJ is not one to hire those with reputations as divas and divos–but people who are team players, dedicated professionals, willing to work with each other to make it all happen.

    • It’s an honour in itself to have worked with a living legend Sir Ian! 🙂 Totally irrelevant info, but I just found out he played Amos Starkadder in the 1995 TV version of Cold Comfort Farm! 🙂

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