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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I love, love, love that first shot of Richard. Of all the photos taken, this one in particular IMO really shows up his beautiful eyes. Their blueness is often lost because of poor lighting etc, but here they are just perfect. Of course, needless to say, his intelligence and inner beauty shine through as well.
    As much as I am extremely fond of the dark hair he has had in the past, I have to say that this natural colour of Richard’s, dark brown with it’s hint of auburn, is my favourite. It’s just gorgeous.

    BTW Am I the only one who has blocked off the lower part of his face to help me imagine how he looks without the beard?!! It’s been so long! 😉

    • And I cropped that one from the photo of the three musketeers 😉 at the table. I agree, sometimes the blue eyes get lost in certain lighting, but it’s definitely an azure gaze going on here. Certainly one of the reasons I chose it. LOVE that these were big files, too.

      I haven’t blocked off his face with my hand, but I’ve looked at these photos and then looked back at photos from SB premiere, etc. and said, “Yeah, that’s what he looks like under the beard.” 😉 And I am really, really feeling the natural hair color. His hair seems to have more of a gloss and healthy look to it than it sometimes did with the dark dye. And he has more color in his complexion with the natural coloring too.

      • Not to take anything away from Mr. Beautiful but I think there was a little bit of hairproduct involved in the shininess of his hair.. 😀

      • That’s the kind of colour you can’t buy in a bottle. It is near impossible to get “a hint of auburn” that doesn’t look fake.

          • Ah, then I must belong to a fortunate family! My own natural colour after age 25 was almost black with a hint of auburn – unusual to say the least. But as my skin was so fair, it didn’t suit me as much as blonde or light auburn did so I’ve spent most of my life as a “bottle” blonde/strawberry blonde! 🙂

    • Mezz, what version of Firefox are you using? I’m having trouble with Firefox + Real Player and Firefox + YouTube. And I seem to keep losing Flash Player!!!

      I’m still reeling from all the pics that came up over the weekend! I managed to see some of the interviews, especially if I use Safari (Apple) instead of Firefox.

      • I’m assuming the latest version was loaded on by our computer tech because we were having problems with IE. There’s a compatability issue with FF and RP, and thus YT, and I’ve emailed RP and googled for answers. RP have tried to be helpful, but the solutions are too complicated for someone like me. Firefox have a download add-on which I use for YT now without any problems, most videos end up there sooner or later so it’s enough.
        I haven’t lost RP, and still use it for playing vids already in my library. I’ve yet to play the latest ones with it, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble. I screencap with VLC media player.
        As for Flash Player, no problems yet, fingers crossed!

    • Mezz, I love his brown hair, too! It looks so natural, soft and beautiful. The black dye job was not my favorite. When he was in make-up it was attractive. However, I think when he wasn’t in all of that make-up, the black was a bit harsh for his coloring.

      • Laurie, the dark hair emphasised his blue eyes and suited the cool lighting of many Spooks scenes, but it was a very flat colour, no highlights, shading or tones. His natural hair has all of that…soft and beautiful, and looks so very touchable.

        • “Flat” is exactly the word I would use for the dark hair coloring. You mentioned earlier (I’ve just read through all the comments and working my way backwards) that part of the gloss of his present hair was due to product, which is true, but he was using product on his hair with darker coloring, too, at least part of the time. Yet it still didn’t have the “life” to it that it does now. When he had his Guy extensions, he had more luster–wonder if those were made of natural hair?–because we could see highlights in it in the sun. I do love the brown with the reddish tones and those hints of silver. It looks healthy and the coloring really suits him. I agree with Laurie, away from the camera and set, the black hair tended to be too harsh and made him look washed out at times.

  2. Thank you. I’ve never had any problems with Firefox and YouTube before Saturday and then everything seemed to stop working for some reason.

    I’ll try that add-on after I’ve installed the latest Firefox, Flash Player and Real Player.

    • All that Richarding must have blown a fuse!! 😉
      I’ve had offers to update RP but I have to pay, again, so I haven’t taken them up on it. Are you able to install an updated version for free?

      • I have installed an updated version of RP free several times. You just have to choose the ‘basic’ version, or something like that.

        Just like kathryngaul, I’ve never had any problems with Firefox and YT before,but some time ago, YT started acting strangely: the video soound goes on normally, but the picture keeps “pausing”. i have the problem only when I use YT, elsewhere FlashPlayer videos are ok.

        As RP and Firefox don’t cooperate now, I use IE+RP for downloading videos.

        • Thanks for this cristine. I find it reassuring to hear that others have the same problems as I do, it’s not just me being technologically hopeless!
          It sounds like RP and Firefox still aren’t getting along, which is a shame, because RP is so user friendly.

    • I use Firefix as my default and when they have an add update I install it right away. The only time Firefoix gives me problems is when I want to save a new photo image on Richardarmitagenet dot com. I have to bring up IE to do it because Firefiox will not give me the option to save images just on that one website.

      I installed RP yesterday and it is working fabulously. I had a blast downloading my favorite videos.

      • Xenia, RP is great isn’t it? Kathryn put me onto it a while back. Is it working in tandem with your Firefox browser, or do you switch to IE like cristine does?

        • Hi Kids. I’m thinking I might have to swap over to another browser instead of Firefox but I’m a bit annoyed as you should see the length of my Firefox bookmarks(favourites) list!!!! However, as I upgraded to Real Player Plus (it cost $40) some time ago, I have to find what will work with it. I’m going to try the 2nd last Firefox (version12) and see how that goes before I change browsers. 🙂

  3. I don’t know what happened (everything worked fine this past w/end) but IE is refusing to display the pictures, I only see red crosses where the pics should be.. 😦

  4. Gorgeousness, your name is Richard Armitage! I was lucky enough to catch Miss Marple’s Ordeal by Innocence last night and spent the film drooling away as hubby so kindly pointed out. 🙂 At one point he said, “He was much younger then”, thinking perhaps “he’s older and not so gorgeous now.” Well, I grinned quietly to myself, knowing that this is a man who continues to grow in beauty while keeping feet firmly on the ground.

      • I’m okay. Having connection problems at the venues where I can get WiFi, though, so I can’t count on it holding long enough to say much. I’m also semi-poached in the heat here, rather more than usual for this time of year here. 37 degrees C + at midday. If I’m careful and stay in the house, only opening the windows very late at night and closing them before 9:00 in the morning, I can keep the inside temperature livable.

        • Thanks, Leigh! I’ve missed reading your always insightful comments! Sorry to hear about your connection problems! 😦 Thankfully, the heat wave in Hungary is over for now, the temperature has stayed below 30 deg C for the last week or so to the immense relief of the entire population. Hope the heat will let up in Spain too! Take care!

  5. There’s now an MTV interview posted at RANet on YT as well as what appears to be a “proper” version of the panel. Mmmm, so much RA yumminess, even if he’s not talking, as long as he’s in the frame so that I can see him, I’m a very happy woman!! 😀

    • Yes, just watched the MTV interview on RANet, it’s nice! 🙂 Sir Ian is so funny. They all are in their own way. Lovely bunch of people and Richard fits in very well.

      • Loved the “we roll out of bed–our respective beds, of course” LOL Andy is so genial, too and Martin’s always been funny to me. Yes, Richard fits in wonderfully.

        • All the interviews are great, but this one particularly appealed to me because, courtesy of Sir Ian’s candidness halway through, it was more personal. We got a tiny glimpse of how life was in Wellington. I love that they lived close together, that there is a camaraderie, a feeling of family both on and off set. I would imagine for those like Richard, this would have made being on the other side of the world away from family a little easier.

          • Yes, it did feel more personal, didn’t it? It sounds as if they were an extended family during the filming, and when you are so far away from your own kith and kin and friends, that support system has to make life easier and the work more enjoyable. I love the analogy that it’s been like shooting a big home movie. I got the impression it wasn’t always such a happy set for RH.

          • Some actors/crew members must have brought their families with them as Andy mentioned there were a lot of kids running around the set. Or maybe they were the Kiwi cast/crew members’ kids?

            • No, apparently James Nesbitt also brought his family with him as did some of the others. With such an extended shoot, I am sure that made it easier on the men with families.

  6. To me, the 2nd pic has a very “19th century” feel to it, maybe it’s the effect you used Angie. But I love it, that’s my fav out of these beauties.

    • I used a combination of filters and effects from different sites to give it both a painterly feel and an antique feel. I now have something like 10 different photo editing sites bookmarked on top of my Photoshop program. It’s just great fun. I do love that one in particular.

  7. Love all your pictures and graphics. The man is so beautiful!!
    Have you read an article in IMdb about a friend of Richard’s bombasting some of the bloggers for talking raunchy about his real life. A friend told me about it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. She said in the article there were over 100 comments blasting this guy. It’s so unlike our community (other than what you went thru) that it is hard to believe. If you’ve read the article or have a link to it, please let me know. I hope this isn’t true.

    • I believe that thread has now been removed from the site–so I have been told today. There is some suspicion this person who identifies himself as a longtime friend of RA is, in fact, another individual. One related to what I just went through. I can’t confirm that, of course. This individual was also trashing Fanstravaganza and all the “vulgar, tasteless” posts. To each his, or her, own.

      • OMG the lamentable thread has been luckily removed ! But now I have fears for other bloggers and think it’s very important to stay united.

        • I very much agree, Nadia. People who attempt to bully, intimidate, legislate how fans should behave and what they should read or write or think–we have to let them see such behavior is not acceptable.

          • So true and it would be very sad that ONE person could spoil the fun of thousands RAfans !!!
            “Dear KK I don’t feel guilty about swooning over the lovable Mr A”

          • Exactly. “Our little community” needs to remain nurturing and nourishing, a happy and supportive group. We should refuse to let bullies poison the well.

      • Fedorlady, great, great pictures out of CC and you are spicing them up even more. You spoil us.

        As for that other thread (imdb), I am glad they took it down. Unfortunately, with the anonymity that the internet provides, anyone can say they know RA and stir things up. One person’s “tasteless” is another’s “greatness.” Vive la difference.

        • As I mentioned in an email to a fellow blogger, I love Voltaire’s quote. “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” And write it and read it. Glad you liked the graphics. It’s such a great face. So much intelligence, humor and strength shining out through those eyes and smiles.

      • The timing was all just a little too convenient, with the initial thread post and responses coming so close to ComicCon!

        • Oh, but Mezz–this person’s motives were pure. She wanted to protect all those poor, vulnerable comic book fans and RA himself, who apparently should be in fear of me and other dangerous, out-of-control fans like me. Yeah. And I’ve got some oceanfront property in the middle of Arizona I’d like to sell you . . . what. a. crock.

  8. Chestnut hair, blue-grey eyes, fair skin with a golden tint from the sun. That also exactly describes Daughter. But she was quite blonde when she was little; so was wondering, was RA? His brother’s blond, isn’t he? (A blond RA? Hmm, now there’s a thought to conjure with)
    It wasn’t until I saw RA in such close proximity to his fellow-actors that it hit home – with a sharp intake of breath – what a BIG man he is. Tall, yes, we all know that, but he’s built like a rugby-player! Oh my… I reckon 36″ waist and 17″ collar (up on the 34″ / 16″ by previous estimation).
    And will everyone bay for my blood if I say that I loved (and miss) the black hair? It was the contrast of dark, dark hair and pale, pale eyes that first did it for me.

    • No, wydville, I loved the dark hair too. 🙂 It gave him a bit of an otherworldly quality as Lucas for example. That’s why he’d have made a fantastic vampire too. 🙂

          • Agreed. *grin* Re blonde hair, it has to be the right shade of blonde if RA did ever go that route for a role. You know, if he ever played Uthred (although I think he’s getting too old to play him as a younger man) he’d very likely be fair-haired. A darker, slightly ash-toned hue would be doable–think Sean Bean in his Sharpe days. Just NO Colin-Farrell-in-Alexander look, please!! LOL

              • Yep, that, too. 😉 I think Colin’s was particularly bad-looking to me because that golden blonde jarred so much with those black eyes/brows of his. At least Pitt is fair-haired in real life.

              • It wasn’t so much the colour that bothered me in PItt’s case but the fact that it was soo ridiculously obvious that the colour was not natural. I mean how much does a decent wig cost for Pete’s sake! Especially considering that they must have had a huge budget!

              • I don’t know why they seem to skimp on what I would consider an important part of the character’s wardrobe. I’m so glad they did a great job with Richard’s extensions for Sir Guy. I watched part of the Richard Burton version of Alexander one day and his wig was HORRIBLE. Color, style . . . I was laughing and I don’t think that’s what they hoped for. 😉

            • Alexander as played by Colin Farrell has put me off Colin Farrell for life. Just can’t watch him in anything else and take him seriously and it’s down to that blond – no, YELLOW hair (and the outrageously bad casting). Pathetic, I know. Every time there’s a CF film to be seen, Daughter shouts at me, “Forgoodnessake, get over the hair, willya!”.
              RA would have to be a blond so ash that it’s almost grey. What would that do for his eyes??? (fedoralady, a photoshopping exercise, perhaps??!)

              • It happens to other people too, you know. My sister can’t watch Rufus Sewell in any romantic role since she first saw him play a villain and she can’t get over that image. He’ll always remain a villain for her. Also she could never accept Hugo Weaving as Elrond in LOTR because she couldn’t shake off the mental image of Hugo as Agent Smith! Btw, my nephews tell me Colin is very good in “In Bruges” (I have only seen bits of it not the entire movie)!

              • Ok, have to admit I have seen “In Bruges” after being physically held down by the rest of my family and have to concede that it was a seriously good – and often very blackly funny – film (if you’re impervious to extreme violence and the worst possible language). In fact one of the lines has now become a family punch-line (although Daughter is not allowed to say the f-word bit of it). CF (she says thru gritted teeth) is really well-cast and plays superbly.
                Love Sewell in all things (dark hair, light eyes – getting the picture?).

              • I ran across In Bruges on TV here and I adore it. Yes, very violent and lots of “F” bombs, but I can’t resist good dark humor. CF is really good here (with his natural black hair, too) as are Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes. I am a Sewell fan as well.

              • Despite the blue eyes-dark hair combo I don’t find Sewell attractive at all…saw him in “Taming of the Shrew” (Shakespeare Retold) recently and wasn’t impressed by his performance. I found the “romance” between him and Shirley Henderson very unconvincing. Sorry, no offence to any of you Sewell fans here! No accounting for tastes, right?

    • For me, nothing can diminish his beauty.. Some people think the beard looks awful on him- I don’t agree..The dark hair may not be as flattering for his complexion as a somewhat lighter shade of brown but I still find him stunningly beautiful with it.

      • Oh, I have said before he is always beautiful to me–whether it’s as undernourished, disheveled early Lucas or dirty, boozy S3 Guy or the current specimen we saw at CC. I think he wears a beard as well as anyone I have seen wearing one, and better than many.

    • We’ve never seen any photos of him from his early childhood days–not that I am aware of, anyway–so it’s entirely possible he might have been a blonde child. My dad was, although it had turned brown by his teens. Mine stuck around longer.

      I remember what Andrew Lincoln said about acting opposite RA–“He’s so–tall. And–(motioning expansiveness with his hands) BIG.” Honestly, Elijah looked like a child–or a REAL hobbit–standing next to Richard. I remember how good RA looked in that rugby kit as Ian in UF. Yummmmm!

      Maybe the black hair will be back in a future role, wydville, just for you. 😉

      • *Foolish grin* (at thought of black hair).
        Fine, yes, he’s big, but in my mind he’s always had a slender, athletic build (except when he had PorterMuscles). I am convinced he’s bulked out and his face is so much fuller. BTW, I’m NOT complaining! Prefer the thinner face but BIG works for me…

      • The evolving hair colour would be right in line with his birthplace and ancestry. There are quite a few people in my (now farflung) family who began white-blonde and progressed through honey-gold to auburn and eventually brunette before going gray.

        • That’s what happened with me except I never really had the auburn component (although I can pull off that hue) and I am of Anglo-Irish-Scots ancestry. And I leapt from grey to white rather quickly 😦

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