Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

The Bonhomme Richard


It’s such a good face. I don’t just mean “good” in terms of good-looking, although he is certainly that. I mean a good face as in the newspaper biz context: a face filled with personality, with character.  A face that has lived. A face that tells a story.

In a sea of bland, vacuous  pretty boys, this is a face that stands apart. The directness of his gaze, the clarity of those blue eyes with their spark of keen intelligence and gentle humor, the crinkles at their corners marking him as a man who loves to laugh.

We can see the sweetness  and genuineness in his smile,  yes, even with those whiskers. 

Surely, this is a man who possesses bonhomie–a good-natured, easy friendliness and geniality.  A man you’d be glad to have as a co-worker, a friend, the leader of our little community.

Vive bonhomme Richard!