It was inevitable, I suppose.

Cash Cows

Cash Cows (Photo credit: chickenscrawl)

But I’ll just stick with reading some of the excellent fanfiction served with some steamy on the side that is provided by our talented folks–and save my money.

That cash cow known as 50 Shades of Grey  has got to run out of milk at some point, surely ?

BTW, I am absolutely loving the brilliant send-up tweets by #fiftyshedsofgrey at Twitter. And the suggestions for worst 50 Shades of Grey audio book readers is great, too. However, I do think the gal who actually recorded the books for is pretty awful, unless you like hearing sadomasochistic prose read by a vapid Valley Girl.

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  1. Thanks for the rec, I haven’t had enough sadomasochistic prose read by a vapid valley girl recently, and I was starting to go through withdrawal.

  2. It’s not even as if it’s an original concept. I’ve read P&P books which rework the classic story with a bit more spice, including one with a Darcy/Bingley relationship, and there are others out there. You only have to search on Amazon for a start.
    Thanks for the link to the parodies. The Gilbert Gottfried reading had me in hysterics. 😀

    • It’s just ripe for parody and I am having lots of fun sampling what is out there. 😀 And you are right, it’s nothing new. Not only has it been done before, no doubt it will have also been done better, judging by those excerpts. 😉

  3. BTW There are two new videos on YT of The Hobbit press conference at Comic Con. The sound is hard to hear at times and the camerawork is shaky, but it’s great to hear more from PJ and co. My delight at seeing new footage of Richard goes without saying!!

      • Heather’s video is up too! It’s wonderful because she spends more time with Richard in frame than the previous panel vids with a 4th row viewpoint advantage! Lucky girl!

            • Haven’t seen that one yet. I love how happy Richard looks in Heather’s vid. He’s having a good time, taking it all in, lots of smiles. I want to give him a big hug and tell him how happy I am for him.

              • Richard talks about trust as an actor. Philippa said how much of a privilege it had been seeing the cast come together and I LOVE this quote of her’s at the very end: When we first saw Richard step up as Thorin and open his mouth and start speaking, we just went “Oh yes! This is great! This is right!”

              • I can only heartily concur with her words. I only wish the stupid sods who keep complaining about Richard’s casting or how he looks (I am getting a little tired of the whole beard thing, but then I am no purist) would realize that very capable and experienced people chose to put this role into Richard’s hands for very good reasons. He will DELIVER.

              • I love seeing him enjoying himself too. I sat here with a grin on my face and the inner squeee going on!! 🙂

  4. I checked the Daily Mail (A UK tabloid I sometimes read when in need of a little brainwashing- guess it’s one of my guilty pleasures) website on Mon to see whether they had any stories about CC. There was no separate article on The Hobbit at CC, they put a mention (and 1 group pic) in one of the articles headlined by something else (probably a model dressed in a queer costume). There was however a separate article on Henry Cavill’s appearance at CC. I was astonished by the comment section as every other commenter went on about how perfect HC would be as Christian Grey! Huh? Oh well,what did I expect from the readership of a tabloid..

    • If he’s got any good sense, he won’t consider it. Actually, Henry seems such a sweet guy–course, I know he’s an actor–that I can’t imagine him as that creepy sadist, Grey.

      • Oh, I think that’s just in the head of the less-than-bright commenters. If there’s an article about Christian Bale for instance, the same type of comments keep cropping up. To me it seems as though the only things people grasped of this character are his good looks&his wealth but they totally seem to disregard his awfully creepy stalker personality. Can’t people see beyond the surface at all?

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