Where to next, Richard?


So, Richard, where did you head when you went to the airport? Back home to London for a (very) few days to catch up with friends and check on the house (but do you want to get caught up in all Olympics madness, I wonder)? Perhaps you’ll take a quick trip to Leicestershire to visit with the family, let Mum spoil you with some home cooking, play with your nephew (bet he’s pretty tickled Uncle Richie will have another action figure from a role).


Your next project starts in just a few days, so it’s possible you’ve already headed to the Motor City to get settled in and learn the lay of the land.  Only one thing seems certain: you won’t be getting a lot of rest between Comic-Con and production starting on “the tornado movie.”  Take care of yourself, sweet Richard. And I love the shades and the backpack. Bet you could make a fannypack/bum bag look sexy, you adorable boy.



Where in the world is Richard Armitage these days??

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  1. Wherever he’s headed next, I wish him “Happy Trails”, “Buen viaje”, and all that goes without saying. I hope he takes a couple of days to get acclimated to Motor City. It’s tough enough if you already know your way around. Some years ago, the airport itself was rough enough that I wouldn’t change planes there.

  2. Back to NZ for the ten days of pick ups PJ has mentioned if he is needed for that? To LA for auditions or negotiations about future projects? I don’t feel sorry that he won’t get rest because that is what he choose and he probably prefers it that way, but I feel sorry for him that he has to leave NZ if he loves it so much. I have a feeling, future filming experiences may not be as special and pleasant. (BTW that pic was taken on July 13t, when he arrived in SD.)

        • PJ said so much and at Sir Ian’s theatre event RA said he would be Thorin for another months. I have no idea, but surely the people involved have worked his schedule out. It will certainly be tight.

    • I can pretty much guarantee Detroit won’t be like NZ (although, in fairness, the city is undergoing something of a renaissance these days). My main concern re rest is that sometimes we can push ourselves too hard and yes, it’s what we want or feel compelled to do–but it doesn’t mean we don’t need a little down time, Jane. I know he’s a grown man and makes his own decisions, I just don’t want to see someone I care about get burned out. That’s just me.

  3. I hope he went home for a few days to say hello to the family..As we have discussed before, he could make a burlap sack look sexy (if he was wearing it that is! ) ! And doesn’t he look tanned on that pic?

    • He does look tanned and I did not darken the exposure, either (oh, one program offers a “spray tan” option LOL Haven’t used it 😉 ) It could be due in part to the lighting, but I think he definitely has more color to his skin than he has in the past. Noticed that at ComicCon.

          • For us Europeans it is hard to remember what “heat” means. Winter in NZ is probably similar to the summer we have this year.

              • Not in Hungary it hasn’t. It’s been an exceptionally hot and dry summer here. We have had several days where the temperature went up to 44 deg Celsius..

              • We’ve reached the point in the summer where there is a chance of rain every day here, but it’s hit or miss. It might be pouring down buckets in one spot and less than a mile away, it’s dry as a bone. But we’ve also been getting more widespread thunderstorms with high winds and some hail in the late afternoons and evenings. Seventy percent chance today and my weather body is being really cranky.

              • Here in Andalucia we’re getting cooked, too, more than usual. Into the low 40s C midday. Hide in the house and pray your brain doesn’t melt.

  4. Really? He starts working on July 23rd? Wow, that is quick.

    I do wonder where he got that nice tan. Perhaps he did get away a bit or got some rest back home in London. Or maybe he flew in early to SD and got some beach time. It is all speculation but the man looks healthy to me. SO i hope that is accurate and he is not burnt out. I doubt it. I think he looks GOOOOD!

    • At least he will get to see some of them during the additional filming, whenever and whatever that will be. And probably doing some of the publicity together as the premiere approaches?

      • Yes, I’m sure they’ll get together for publicity events and the like. I’m sorry to hear about your “weather body” acting up! Hope the pain eases soon!

        • I finally had to give up and just take a nap. Now it’s thundering all around again. At least I got some work done on the novel earlier. And then something made me REALLY angry. More about that later.

  5. Isn’t that airport shot lovely? I really hope he has managed a few days down time Bless Him. I know he is a workalholic but I hope he doesn’t “burn himself out”. I bet his mum worries about him overworking.

    • I’m not his mom–and my feelings about him are definitely not maternal–but I do admit I worry about him overdoing it sometimes. That being said, he looks just gorgeous.

  6. The filming for the new movie is scheduled to start on July 23, but is doesn’t necessarily mean that Richard’s contribution starts then (although he plays one of the major characters). Maybe they do some minor actors’ scenes first, or something else not involving him? I hope that is the case, because I really think he would need some rest now. I so hope he can go to England now and see his family, if only briefly.

    Although he is a workaholic, I still want to believe he has planned his future schedules well enough, being the intelligent man he is.

    He certainly looks so healthy now, beautifully tanned.

    • Good point, Cristine–it’s production that starts but possibly not principal photography?? For some reason, it is really important to me he gets the chance to see his family, if only very briefly. And he looks very well, very fit–really quite delicious.

  7. After so many days working hard and having to get up every day at 4h am to play Thorin, he deserves at least some rest days to visit his family. I´m sure his mom must to miss him so much and vice-versa.Now,he looks gorgeous with that tanned skin!
    Just a doubt: Does he take off the beard to play this new character?

    • I can only imagine how much his family must miss him–considering how much WE did and he’s not our flesh and blood! We’ve always been so accustomed to seeing him with his pale complexion (made more so with the black hair and cool lighting on some projects) that the honeyed skin tone is quite a contrast–and it does suit him well. As to his beard, I guess it depends on how long a time it will be before he has to return to NZ for those additional scenes. If he shaves it off for the tornado film, he would need time to re-grow it for NZ.

      • I hope he’d been a “good boy” and kept in touch with the family back home during his NZ stay via Skype! But Skyping of course is not the same as actually spending time with his loved ones.

  8. I recognize the background in the photo – that’s Detroit Metro Airport. Hot and sunny here in Michigan this weekend. (longtime lurker – first time poster)

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