Daily Archives: July 21, 2012

He’s got the right stuff, baby


Sorry I haven’t been around as much, but I am actually WRITING again.  Or, in this case, re-writing the re-writes of the re-writes of my historical romance, My hero is a dashing and dangerous 18th century highwayman who bears a distinct resemblance to a certain TDHSBK.

Due to a number of issues, some I could control, some I couldn’t, things had been stagnant for while, and now I am back at it.  Leigh, my beta, approves of the first scene, and it feels good to be writing fiction again, frankly.  I like to think that thumbs up above is RA signaling his approval.

Richard Armitage and his wonderful assortment of ChaRActers have the power to inspire: fanfiction, blogs, fanart, fanvids.  There are some amazingly talented and creative  admirers of Mr. A out there who share their flights of fancy with us.

Several published novelists point to Richard’s characters as the catalyst for their original creations. I wonder sometimes if he has any inkling of what an impact, a positive impact, he has had on so many of us.

His intelligence, talent, humor, character, charisma, beauty and sex appeal are a potent combination.  Simply put, Richard’s got the right stuff, baby.