He’s got the right stuff, baby


Sorry I haven’t been around as much, but I am actually WRITING again.  Or, in this case, re-writing the re-writes of the re-writes of my historical romance, My hero is a dashing and dangerous 18th century highwayman who bears a distinct resemblance to a certain TDHSBK.

Due to a number of issues, some I could control, some I couldn’t, things had been stagnant for while, and now I am back at it.  Leigh, my beta, approves of the first scene, and it feels good to be writing fiction again, frankly.  I like to think that thumbs up above is RA signaling his approval.

Richard Armitage and his wonderful assortment of ChaRActers have the power to inspire: fanfiction, blogs, fanart, fanvids.  There are some amazingly talented and creative  admirers of Mr. A out there who share their flights of fancy with us.

Several published novelists point to Richard’s characters as the catalyst for their original creations. I wonder sometimes if he has any inkling of what an impact, a positive impact, he has had on so many of us.

His intelligence, talent, humor, character, charisma, beauty and sex appeal are a potent combination.  Simply put, Richard’s got the right stuff, baby.

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  1. A dashing and dangerous highwayman? I am loving it already. Thank you for sharing your flights of fancy with us and taking us on a fun, creative and enlightening journey. You are right about the number of creative and talented people out there. This will sound corny so put your hands over your ears of you hate corny, but I wish I could tell all the story tellers, writers, vidders, how much they have helped me destress, distract and delight me. It is such a fun activity/hobby to hang out on the blogs, etc that RA has inspired.

    And I am very happy that you have found your writing again. I have always enjoyed your work.

    • Thank you, Gracie, you are very kind indeed. Knowing people are out there enjoying what we’re writing and creating makes it all much more enjoyable for us. And I don’t mind corny at all, you need not apologize to me. 😉

  2. Yes, I can CLAERLY imagine how much Richard has inspired many romance writers. The hero in my book bears a striking resemblance to Harry Kennedy in looks and temperament….LOL

    I am glad that you are back to concentrating on writing. Writing really is a full time job. I have been writing book reviews all day because weekends are really the only time I have free to do them.

    I wonder if RA is on his way to Detroit.

  3. He does indeed have “the right stuff”!! I’m sure getting back to your writing will be therapeutic! These pics are therapeutic in themselves! I can sit looking at my PC screen for ages as one picture of him after another appears there.

    I’m having some fun too as I recently found an audio channel on my TV called Jukebox Oldies with songs like Hippy Hippy Shake; Flip, Flop and Fly and at this moment Fun, Fun, Fun with The Beach Boys! I know many of you are FAR too young to remember such hits but I can bop around to my hearts content! 🙂 Thank goodness no-one can see me!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • “Fun, fun, fun til her daddy takes the T-bird away . . .” We had the album with that one on it. 😉 I know a lot of songs from the 50s and very early 60s too, because my sister bought a golden oldies collection which I listened to a lot. Chantilly Lace, In the Still of the Night, Book of Love . . . 😉

  4. Wonderful Angie! I’m looking forward to read more of our handsome “Highwayman” and how you are going to solve this story………

    • I have most of that worked out–some surprises in store–but I am going back to the beginning, so it is going to be a while. Good things come to those who wait! 😀

  5. After a full day of running errands and planting my mid-season deck garden, these pictures are VERY therapeutic! 😀 The right stuff, indeed! Do you think I could “borrow” Harry for a shoulder massage? 😉

    Angie, I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. I love what I’ve read so far!

    Golden Oldies rock! 🙂 What seems like a hundred years ago, a bunch of us used to gather on Friday nights to chat, mostly about “oldies” music. The theme of our chats was “We’ll have fun fun fun till hubby takes the keyboard away …” {chuckle} He never did. 😉

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