One. Hot. Dwarf.


Like pretty much everyone else in Armitage World who is awake right now, I’ve been ooing, aahing, smiling and squeeing over the latest videoblog from dear Sir Peter.  I have a lot of thoughts about this, both from the standpoint of Richard’s appearances and his quotes, and from watching the video as a whole as part of the experience of being on this journey that is  the making of The Hobbit.  Hasn’t it been fun and interesting and educational and, dare I say, heartwarming? And there will be more to come!!

But for now, I offer this, cropped from a screencap courtesy of Ali at and embellished at

Yeah, I know it’s Richard listening intently to directions from Sir Peter between takes, but a girl can dream, right??

I saw the intensity of that look and had a punch in my solar plexus. My vocal reaction was something along these lines: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Wowwwwwwwwww. One. Hot. Dwarf.”

(You must excuse me now, I have a dark knight glowering in the corner to placate. *sigh*)

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  1. You said it all Angie. My reactions were pretty much the same! I’ve been squeeing pretty much non-stop since 7 pm (it’s 11 pm now!). That’s a personal record in non-stop squeeing! 🙂 He is one heartstoppingly beautiful dwarf! My goodness…

    • He’s just amazing. Really. I slept in late after staying up late doing some writing. So needless to say, I’ve not gotten much more done on the novel. However, I had a really GOOD reason. I was overwhelmed by mighty Thorin and his gorgeous creator, Richard. *sigh*

  2. I’ve already watched the production video 4 times – once, hurriedly, before I went shopping and three times since I got back about two hrs ago! I think I ooh’d, aah’d, sighed, squeed and so on throughout! I loved every minute. Peter Jackson never fails to engage us in all he does but Richard!!!! Well. . . . . . how can you NOT be impressed by this man? Seriously intense when he needs to be and as your picture shows, but also a barrel of laughs (sorry, couldn’t resist!) at other times. When he dropped the fish into Adam Brown’s barrel it just cracked me up – the rascal!! You can see the tremendous cameraderie that exists between these guys. It was so obviously a happy experience for each one of them. They were just having a blast!! 😀 It’s going to be even harder to wait to see this movie and I am so happy that Peter J is going to continue with these blogs. He’s the best!

    • Oops! That should be “camaraderie” of course! Must have been recalling Richard talking about walking into the Stone Street studios in the early hours. What a moment! *sigh*

  3. These blogs are so awesome! Again, I’m completely impressed with PJ. He creates the atmosphere that enables all of those people to work hard, have fun, make a wonderful movie and make friends that will last a lifetime. It was the same on the LOtR’s hours of extras. Wait until the Hobbit comes out on DVD… Hours and Hours of interesting extras! I so wish that I would have had the opportunity to do something like that in my life.

    Richard certainly looks like he’s had a wonderful time. I had to go back the first time to make sure Richard was the one who threw that fish in the barrel! What a cheeky monkey!! I’m so happy for him and the rest of the cast and crew! I think I’m going to go back a watch that again. 🙂

  4. I watched it during my afternoon break at work. Then I jumped on FB and shared it. On the way home (we carpool together), I regaled my amazingly understanding hubby with highlights, and then after dinner he watched it with me. I did manage to hold in the squeeing / sighing / ooohing / ahhing while we watched together. He even asked questions. 😉 (Need to point out here that AUH is not now and never has been a Tolkein fan.)

    Now I’ve watched it once again by myself, alternately laughing / sighing / squeeing. Did you hear his bubble of laughter (it was nearly a giggle!) when he tossed the fish? I think there was a drool or two in there as well, especially watching Richard talking with his hands. But I’m pretty sure I went comatose when Richard started talking about the stars being out and the peaceful quality of Stone Street before the day got started. That face, that voice …*sigh*

    This time … screen caps. [hee hee] Need to beef up that desktop image folder! 😀 (AUH has adjourned to his music room, bless his heart!)

  5. I haven’t achieved anything this morning except to wallow in the sheer joy that repeatedly seeing this vlog, the gifs and the screencaps gives me. I don’t think it’s possible to love Richard any more than I do, then he tosses a fish at Adam Browne and I see that bubble of laughter of his that is always so endearing and I fall even harder all over again. Then there is reflective Richard…*sigh* …that punch to the solar plexus you describe Angie, is a very familiar feeling!

    • Needless to say, I haven’t gotten any novel writing done since all this broke. I just posted again on some thoughts about the blog, general impressions, with another post to come specifically on RA. I really did enjoy the entire thing. And all the RA goodness (He speaks! he jumps! He tosses fish!) was definitely a huge bonus. 😉

      • *speechless, drooling*
        However, you can send that dark knight over here to be placated, if you wish. “Come on ‘a my house, I’m gonna give you candy…” (chocolate, of course!)

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