Some hugs courtesy of the ChaRActers


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  1. *sigh* I do so envy the recipients of those beautiful hugs…hopefully there will be lots in the tornado movie since Richard will be playing a father again. 🙂

    • I hope we will get some hugs. Something tells me Thorin isn’t much of a hugger. 😉 RA as Porter was so wonderful in his scenes with both the actresses playing Alexandra.

      • Thorin a hugger? Nup, I don’t think so either. Still, there will be other facets of his chaRActer which I’m sure will more than compensate for that lack! 😉

            • I have to be careful talking about how sexy Thorin is. Guy, you know, just a little jealous. . . of course, now that Guy knows he is actually six feet two and a HALF inches tall, he likes referring to the fact he is more than a foot taller than that hairy fellow the Creator is playing . . . LOL

              • LOL! Guy really has no cause for jealousy, but since when has reason had anything to do with it? Two gorgeous males, both with plenty of hair and big swords, plenty of energy, deep chocolatey voices, lots of energy — what was that tag line, “Double your pleasure, double your fun…” They both have to sleep sometime, just preferably not at the same time.

      • RA is playing a Dad in the new film. And has a love interest. I’d be willing to bet there’ll be a few hugs in there. 😉

        Thorin … hugging … hmmm … no, not so much. In my imagination, behind closed doors, I see him giving intense hugs to his lady, whoever she may be. (And with the dearth of females in Middle Earth, it’s easy to picture myself as she. 😉 ) In public he has that gruff, regal, warrior image to maintain. (Perhaps that’s why Guy is the way he is about Thorin … two peas in a pod? Albeit, two different sized peas. {chuckle})

        RA as Porter the Dad … watching his facial expressions during his interactions with Alex is just priceless. They are the same expressions I have seen over the years on hubby’s face with our children (grown though they are now {sigh}). Maybe that’s why I find his portrayal so moving?

  2. Ladies, the last production video has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been squeeeing for the last 5 mins and I haven’t even seen it yet (darn this old slow dinosaur of a PC!), but it’s on Sir Peter’s Facebook page!

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