Some RA/Thorin fun


It’s getting late and my brain is too fried to complete my second post on the last vlog, so for now here’s some photo fun with RA and Thorin. Enjoy!

I really need to look for that song on iTunes. Sort of a companion piece to Thorin: King Under the Hair

I just love those three-quarter views of his face. Gorgeous.

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  1. I absolutely adore that screencap of him in the shorts and boots! He’s got fantastic legs! And those forearms…And he looks so adorably boyish despite the beard! Which means boyish Richard is still lurking there somewhere underneath all that maturity! And I love that! 🙂 And the fish tossing! The cheeky monkey!

  2. That’s a look of pure mischief right there when he tosses the fish into Adam’s barrel!! The “boots and shorts” pics are quite something aren’t they! *wolf whistle* The padding on their calves give us an idea of what he meant when he said the dwarves are made to look bigger so when they are “shrunk” they don’t look like little boys. I’m sure it also protects their legs inside these enormous boots! 😀

    • The look, yes. And the bubble of laughter … so “little boy” like. (I raised two sons, and heard that many times. 🙂 )

      Off to watch the video …

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