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Tolkien's Cover Designs for the First Edition ...

Tolkien’s Cover Designs for the First Edition of The Lord of the Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sooooo–I thought when all this talk of a possible third Hobbit film came up at Comic-Con, it was simply the media deciding to run rife with speculation.        Media is like that, yes it is, precioussssss.

I was a bit skeptical early on about making The Hobbit, a rather slender children’s book, into two films, to be honest.

Now, of course, I know flashbacks are included not seen in the book, and characters and events from LOTR and its appendices have been incorporated into the storyline, fleshing it out satisfactorily enough for two films. Plus we’ve got to have those singing dwarf sequences!!)  And if it gave me more of Richard Armitage as the world’s sexiest dwarf on the big screen, well–bring it on.

However, having read this detailed article provided  byour trusty friends at  TheOneRingNet, I see there are several possible options for Sir Peter, and a lot of it revolves around the 100 or so pages of appendices at the end of  the LOTR trilogy.

Here’s an excerpt from that article discussing why Warner Brothers may very well be contemplating giving the green light to a third film:

It says shooting would be for about two months next summer (North America’s summer presumably). It seems Jackson thought about it, mentioned it to the studio, floated the idea at Comic-Con and is energized and now wants to do it, or at least that is how I read it.

I trust that Hollywood Reporter story for the best accuracy and fans who want to read it carefully might find further clues.

Reports in New Zealand are that he was at the top of his game during “The Hobbit,” shoot. It seemingly went well and actors seem happy despite the length of the shoot. The team seems creative and energized and ready to keep telling the story of Middle-earth. But, shooting movies, especially big ones with a big crew and big logistical needs costs big money. So WB is into two films for something like $500 million. For another, say $100 million or less, they now have three films to collect box office from, three different home video sales items to ring up. Instead of grossing $2 billion for a $500 million investment, they get to dream of $3 billion for $600 million. Seems like smart finances. It also fills a hole in the 2014 schedule, which will please stock holders and best of all, the desire to make the film didn’t come from marketing or merchandising, it came from the creative team involved. It also seems the only time to do this is now and not try to start the whole thing up from scratch in two years. The right people, the big movie-making machine that helps Jackson realize his vision, is in place.

There seems to be no doubt that Sir Peter is a director with some major clout. And I think we’d all agree he’s a creative genius.

Of course, the big question for me is: would there be any Thorin in a third film? I hope I am not providing a spoiler here when I point out that Thorin does not *sob* survive the original book.

It sounds from the article as if we might get more Lee Pace as Thranduil, which would be a big plus for me, but I have to confess it’s Mr. A that is my primary interest. After all, what’s the name of this blog?

If you haven’t read the entire article, I suggest you do so and then share your thoughts on the subject. Do you think a third film is a good idea/bad idea and why? And would you still feel an urgent need to see the third film sans Thorin?

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  1. I would definitely see a third film. I would with or without Richard involved because I’m a Tolkien fan of loooong standing. However, after reading the article, it seems that Richard may not be in a lot or even any of that film. I guess we will find out when we find out! It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out!

  2. RA clearly expects to do additional filming of battle scenes. I think at least some of the material they haven’t managed to use yet may well involve the history of the dwarves and Thorin in more details than originally planned. That would make more sense than filming let’s say the story of Aragorn and Arwen. I think the Hobbit part three will probably end where the book ends, and that is shortly after Thorin leaves the scene. They may split the first and second movie at an earlier point than expected (I noticed that everyone refused to comment on that) and split the rest in two parts plus adding a little.

    • Good points, Jane. Yes, I keep thinking back to what he said about being far from wrapped and those battle scenes. I personally think it would be wonderful to see more of the backstory of Thorin and Company (and not just due to RA) and agree it would more logical than going with Aragorn and Arwen’s story.

      It really does sound like from everything I am reading that there is likely to be a third film. It would actually make financial sense for Warner Brothers–who would be likely to get a huge return on any additional investment. They already have the sets, costumes, etc. and Sir Peter certainly seems to be ready and willing to go on with it and Richard certainly didn’t seem to object to going back for those additional scenes–in fact, I thought he looked slightly blissed out at the idea of returning for the additional scenes, although that might have been my imagination. 😉 I do think he has loved this experience and playing this role. And I also noticed how everyone neatly sidestepped the issue of where this film was going to end in the storyline.

      • I don’t know, I tend to be the pessimist but since Comic Con I feel really positive about those movies. Maybe I just fell into the PR trap, LOL! But I sense a real enthusiasm with everyone involved and think if they want to do more, they know what they are doing.

        • Well, now, see, Ladies, if Jane feels optimistic I think we should sit up and take notice. 😉 Yes, teasing again.

          As I said somewhere, I get the impression RA would find it blissful to do more . . . if given the opportunity. Reading that article, which really is very comprehensive in covering the additional material that could be used, linked with the enthusiasm shown by cast and crew, gave me a lot more optimism.

  3. I just hope the material won’t be streched too thin. It was already a stretch to make 2 films out of it, and took a lot of “padding out” as you said Angie. I know Sir Peter is a creative genius but even a creative genius needs good material to work with. Sorry. Don’t mind me, I’m being my usual pessimistic self. I should have more faith in Sir Peter. And I shouldn’t have commented at all because I haven’t read the article in full.

  4. I was a bit sceptical at first, but as the article says, the idea for a third film came from The Hobbit’s creative team, not from merchandising and marketing, so to me the motive is one borne out of a love for the material and what they believe they can do with it. I don’t think PJ and his team would go ahead with it if they didn’t have enough footage already shot and plenty more material with which to work. I’m hoping that Jane is right and that there will be more dwarf/Thorin history. Images of the younger Thorin had me excited to say the least! 😉

    I would see a third movie, even if there is less Thorin in it (I hope there wouldn’t be!) because I have become interested in the whole story, and the production team behind it. Richard is the reason I wanted to see TH in the first place, but it has become so much more for me than that, thanks to the vlogs, the trailer, and now ComicCon.

    • That’s why I wanted to share the article, I think it points out some important aspects to take into consideration. And yes, the younger Thorin is pretty darned tempting . . . to say the least. And I agree, while I would be disappointed if there was no Thorin in a third movie, I would still be interested in seeing it simply because I now have an emotional and intellectual investment in the entire project. Sir PJ and company have won me over.

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