Yet another interview vid from CC


Just in case you missed it, yet another unearthed interview from Comic-Con, this one with Andy, Martin and Richard interspersed with clips from the production vlogs and the trailer. It’s from a French site, so an extra added attraction are the French subtitles, which I had fun reading aloud and imagining it was RA doing it instead. 😉

This one covers some ground not really touched on in other interviews we’ve seen thus far. There’s some interesting footage of Martin and Andy in character as Gollum in his mo-cap suit performing a scene together and discussing the challenges of filming the scene.

Other than showing up in the clips several times, Richard appears in the interview portions twice, including a really close-up shot near the end. I enjoyed hearing him talk about working with Peter Jackson and again, the theme of trust arose–the need for an actor to be able to trust his director has a vision for the film and who will be a strong guiding hand “because actors need that.”  I also love hearing the man say “trust.” It’s that “u” sound. And it reminds me of John Porter and Katie.

Thanks to Ali for giving me a heads-up over at Twitter.

A photo from Empire magazine, courtesy of E!.

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  1. Another amazing interview and isn’t it refreshing to hear all three of these actors give such intelligent comments. I could listen to them all day. I’m not just saying this because Ricard said it, but it’s obvious from what he said that he adores working for Peter J. (How could he fail to do so?) Didn’t he refer to him as “a gift”. It must be THE most fantastic experience for any actor working with a director of that caliber! I do believe that he must be one of the best – if not THE best – directors around today. The more I hear about him the more I am in awe of his talents.

    • Yes, they blow the doors of the image of the self-absorbed and non-too-bright celebrity (actually we have plenty of them from all those TV reality shows LOL). Richard’s respect and affection for PJ can clearly be seen. How wonderful for him to get to work with such a talented, brilliant and, I believe, truly down-to-earth man as a director. I think it can only benefit him in many ways, personally and professionally.

      • I also want Richard to take PJ as his mentor when he’s ready to turn to directing/producing…but I’m hoping to see much much more of him in front of the camera first 😉

        Oh, yes…finally saved the interview by using IE9 with RealPlayer

        • Good deal on the interview save. And I think RA has certainly used this as a learning experience–don’t you think he takes everything in as a learning experience, somehow?–to file away for future plans. Who knows, he might do some second unit directing one day a la Andy while also appearing in a film of PJ’s

  2. Thanks for this link angie. What a close-up of Richard at about 3:53 ! 🙂
    I’m really enjoying the interviews and not just because of Richard. I’ve also come to admire and respect Andy and Martin. As for Peter Jackson, ditto Teuchter…he’s a genius. I hope Richard gets to work with him again, it’s something PJ has said he wants.

      • No, I haven’t kathryn. A bonus of Firefox download is that if something is downloadable, a little spinning thingy comes up, and that didn’t appear with this video, so we’ll have to wait until it surfaces on YT!

    • I know, I was like–YES! LOL He’s a man made for close-ups. 😀 And it’s the same for me. I really have come to have a great affection and respect for Andy, Martin and Sir Ian and enjoy hearing what they have to say. And what can I say about Peter Jackson. Major crush. I hope RA gets to work with him again, too.

  3. Can someone help me download a video from vimeo? I have real player but it keeps telling me that I cannot download a video from vimeo because there is an “element” missing. DOes that mean I have to download something like an add on to be able to download said video? Thanks for your help.

    • Grace, I just went and tested trying to download a couple of different vids and it seemed to be working fine. So I am not sure what the problem is. I wish I could be more help.

      • Thank you. I can download videos, it is just this one particular one that tells me I cannot download because I am missing an “element”. Oh well….thank you though. I appreciate it.

        Isn’t is wonderful how RA always seems so shy and then he is just the most eloquent and so quick on his feet answering all these questions in a manner that really in intelligent and clearly shows how much he values his art? I am always a little bit more in awe of him when I am sure I am all awed out. lol

        • I wonder if they have blocked that particular one in some way?

          Yes, while Richard is a shy, retiring sort of person, he is so passionate about his craft and obviously gives a great deal of thought to preparing for his roles. It’s always such a pleasure to see him in interviews discussing his work and those he works with. So bright and insightful and such a gentleman. He’s pretty amazing.

          • Even judiang gave him an “A” for the one-on-one interviews at CC! But he only got a “C” for his performance in the group interviews from judi.. I would have given him a B.. 😉

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