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A favorite poem . . . warning, it’s angsty


This is a poem written by one of the most noted American poets of her day, Edna St. Vincent Millay(1892-1950). Millay was not only a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer of verse, she was also a playwright and a feminist. Having read her biography, I can also say she had a pretty fascinating, if rather tumultuous, life.

Photograph of Edna St. Vincent Millay

Photograph of Edna St. Vincent Millay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think of the old saying about time healing all wounds, and I know it’s simply not true. Some wounds, losses, pains stay with us forever.  They may diminish to some degree, plague us less; the scar tissue forms on our pysche and the raw ugliness is mercifully relieved. But they never quite heal completely.

I also find myself thinking of Sir Guy and how he suffered over Marian’s death. I’ll never believe he did it in less than a moment of  sheer temporary madness. A horrifying moment when all his dreams, hopes and plans died before his very eyes . . . he lived on with the guilt and regret, shame and pain.  But I think a part of him died before that fateful encounter with Vasey and Isabella in the castle. Part of him died with Marian in the desert that day.  And that’s something for which I can never quite forgive Marian, as blinded as she was by her loyalty to King Richard and manipulated by Robin.   Thank goodness our Sir Guy ultimately found redemption!



Here Is A Wound That Never Will Heal, I Know

Here is a wound that never will heal, I know,

Being wrought not of a dearness and a death,

But of a love turned ashes and the breath

Gone out of beauty; never again will grow

 The grass on that scarred acre, though I sow

Young seed there yearly and the sky bequeath

 Its friendly weathers down, far Underneath

Shall be such bitterness of an old woe.

That April should be shattered by a gust,

That August should be levelled by a rain,

I can endure,

and that the lifted dust

Of man should settle to the earth again;

But that a dream can die, will be a thrust

Between my ribs forever of hot pain.

Guyday Friday: Sir Guy in Song


Everybody’s got a hungry heart . . .

Nothin’ you can say will ever turn me away from my Guy . . .

Com’n, hit with your best shot, fire away . . .

I’ve never wanted, I’ve never wanted to touch a man . . . the way that I want to touch you . . .

Strut, pout, put it out . . .

Unforgettable, that’s what you are . . .

Of course, you must sing snatches of each song while you ogle study the pretty pictures . . .

Dr. Track needed on set?


Saw this Tweet this morning by @OonaCC and retweeted by @fabomanto. It made me smile so I thought I would share:

Richard is getting freckles and he looks EVEN FITTER. Just a warning, women are already fainting on set.

I have no diffculty believing any of this could be true although I cannot absolutely ascertain its veracity. 😉

I have noticed RA’s tendency to freckle in certain close-ups from past roles taken out of doors.

He has an uncanny ability to look fitter every time I see him.

And between the summer heat and the hotness of the man, fainting sounds entirely feasible.

If it is true, it sounds as if RA may need sunscreen and the ladies might need the ministrations of a certain physician who has the capability to make neon orange really sexy . .