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A little romance courtesy of John & Margaret


Just some pretty images of Mr. Thornton & Margaret for Sunday (or late Saturday, depending on where you are, my international posse).  I’m not feeling my best–cranky knee, dermatitis flared up, bit of tummy trouble–so don’t know that I will be posting a lot tomorrow.  We’ll see. Hoping to get some more writing done and finish re-reading The Hobbit. Happy Sunday to everyone!

Comic-Con, Captain Jack & RA


John Barrowman is a guest on BBCA‘s latest Nerdist special on tonight, which focuses on Comic-Con. John, of course, is most famous in the Nerdist Universe as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood.  John’s almost too pretty for my tastes (he’s like a better-looking version of American politician John Edwards) but he’s a charming and talented guy and seems very, very down to earth and devoted to his partner, who’s a pretty handsome fellow himself.   John, who was born in Scotland, grew up in the States and later returned to Scotland, also has dual accents: he can sound like both a Scot and a Yank.

Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s attended five or six Comic-Cons now and said  some things I really liked in reference to such events and fans and actors.

John spoke of how much he enjoyed CC because it gave him a chance to interact with fans and to let them know how much they meant to him as a performer”because let’s face it, without the fans, we wouldn’t be where we are.” As for disdainful actors who become too cool for such events, John said this: “Get over yourselves.”

I don’t think Richard Armitage, who is a self-professed geek of sorts, will ever think himself to be too cool for Comic-Con, either. He may be a tad embarrassed about the action figures and such, but I think he will always appreciate his fans and value their support. And I bet at next year’s Comic-Con, there will be even more of said fans there to scream his name at The Hobbit panel and line up for autographs–assuming he’s not tied up elsewhere. He is gonna be in demand . . .

Richard. Cheeky, Sweet, Silly, Lovely.


We all know Mr. A is great at being angsty, broody, moody and sometimes downright mean on screen. And we’re not saying he hasn’t got elements of a darker side in him–don’t we all? But we also have all seen the light-hearted, good-natured Richard with a lovely, cheeky sense of humor, too. Sometimes, RA, you are just adoRAble.






Sorry, Mr. Bond. Nobody does it better than Lucas (and RA)


Like everyone else, I found the Bond/Queen Elizabeth scene filmed for last night’s Olympic opening ceremonies absolutely delightful. Your Majesty, I love a monarch with a sense of humor and I admire you more than ever.  However, like others I couldn’t help but wish you’d had a different escort, one who is even more attractive in a tuxedo than your Mr. Bond.

He’s in Your Majesty’s Secret Service, too, and dedicated to Queen and Country (don’t believe all that John Bateman hooey).  He’s clever, resourceful, he’s quick on his feet, and, oh yes–bloody gorgeous.

And frankly, nobody does it better.

And if you need any more proof to his desirability as an escort, well, here goes . . . and this one might make you want to put on your boogie shoes, ma’am.