Comic-Con, Captain Jack & RA


John Barrowman is a guest on BBCA‘s latest Nerdist special on tonight, which focuses on Comic-Con. John, of course, is most famous in the Nerdist Universe as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood.  John’s almost too pretty for my tastes (he’s like a better-looking version of American politician John Edwards) but he’s a charming and talented guy and seems very, very down to earth and devoted to his partner, who’s a pretty handsome fellow himself.   John, who was born in Scotland, grew up in the States and later returned to Scotland, also has dual accents: he can sound like both a Scot and a Yank.

Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s attended five or six Comic-Cons now and said  some things I really liked in reference to such events and fans and actors.

John spoke of how much he enjoyed CC because it gave him a chance to interact with fans and to let them know how much they meant to him as a performer”because let’s face it, without the fans, we wouldn’t be where we are.” As for disdainful actors who become too cool for such events, John said this: “Get over yourselves.”

I don’t think Richard Armitage, who is a self-professed geek of sorts, will ever think himself to be too cool for Comic-Con, either. He may be a tad embarrassed about the action figures and such, but I think he will always appreciate his fans and value their support. And I bet at next year’s Comic-Con, there will be even more of said fans there to scream his name at The Hobbit panel and line up for autographs–assuming he’s not tied up elsewhere. He is gonna be in demand . . .

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  1. I saw the title of this post on the right-side list and thought, “Huh, three things I utterly adore” except I thought it was a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow. 🙂 Not that I don’t like Capt Jack H, just have only seen him in his early Doctor Who appearances. Torchwood is on my ‘must see’ list, though, will get to it eventually.

    Lovely sentiments from JB. I’m glad it looks like RA had an enjoyable experience at Comic Con. I do wonder if he and Sir Ian had a chance to check out Weta’s booth (as Andy and Elijah did) to see their character-scale figures presiding over the hoopla. Hopefully next year The Hobbit panel will not have to share its Hall H time with other films, although that is probably unlikely, so they can get around to more questions for the people on stage. Or at least have time for them to get to speak more.

    • I like Captain Jack Sparrow, too. 😉 I did enjoy Torchwood and found Captain Jack Harkness a charming rascal. Yes, there really wasn’t much time for questions to be answered, was there? I am grateful Martin deferred that question about costumes to RA so we could hear him, too.

      • New Line also crammed other movies in to their LOTR panels, back in the day, before they’d give us the LOTR goodness. That was good of Martin to give RA the chance to expand on that answer. I haven’t watched the latest vlog but have seen caps of the dwarf ‘leg extensions.’ Not sure what exactly they are made of but I bet they do soak up the sweat and stink up pretty quickly after a day of running around on a mountain or in a forest, hee!

        • I think the latest vlog is actually my favorite. Well, for one thing we get a pretty good amount of a certain actor, including him cutting up, which is a joy, and the general enthusiasm and excitement amongst cast and crew is palpable. And PJ is simply adorable. I want to further rumple his rumpled hair.

          • I stopped watching after, I think, the fourth one, just because I felt I was getting too spoiled (ridiculous, I know, since I am very familiar with the story). I want to let the film just wash over me when I see it, I don’t want to be analyzing it like, oh THIS was that snippet from vlog #2, or anything like that. I did cave and watch the previous one just because it seemed like it was less about footage than about the behind the scenes people. I give myself less than a week before I cave and watch this one (because, HELLO RA!!!).

            • And there’s quite a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff with this one, too, including discussions of the monumental amount of stuff it took to make the films (there are going to be a lot of chilly yaks in the Himalayas, it seems) and bits of Comic-Con. And there’s Richard. Looking incredibly hot looking down at PJ with one of those intense looks. I know he is just focusing as he usually does but *guh* those EYES!! And the fish tossing. Gotta love the fish tossing. 😉

              • Augh just watched it! LOL Oh my. The boot knock. And yes, the fish tossing. Does Adam Brown have a fear of fish? Or did RA just want to make the scene more realistic for him by giving him his fish? Hee hee. So cute. Must watch again!

              • Hmmm:D.. probably, you can love my brothers too – they are equally goofy!. 😉

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