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On Dwarfs & Knights I love


I ended up having one of those nights, as in “couldn’t get to sleep to save my life.”  I finally dozed off sometime after dawn and slept a few hours. It’s now 4:07 p.m. here and I still don’t feel “all awake yet.” Hasn’t been a terribly productive day in some ways–watching the Olympics, reading through email and doing a bit of Tweeting.

However, Sebastian (aka Gisbornesboy) and I have been discussing possible collaborative efforts. More on that later. 😉  Don’t want to give TOO much away . . .

 When I couldn’t sleep, I ended up finishing my re-read of The Hobbit. It had been quite a while; I can certainly see why Richard felt the need to further flesh out his vision of Thorin and the character’s motivations beyond what Tolkien gives us in the story.

The Company of Dwarves from left to right: Nor...

The Company of Dwarves from left to right: Nori, Fili, Dori, Bofur, Gloin, Dwalin, Thorin, Balin, Oin, Bombur, Bifur, Ori and Kili. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We know from the book Thorin likes to talk in a rather verbose, grandiose style, that he wants revenge on those who took his birthright away; that he is proud, regal, can be hot-tempered and display definite dwarfish greed at times, yet proves in the end to truly be a brave warrior and true hero.

Other than the grandiose speaking style, I could not help but envision a certain dark knight I know and love.  A proud man with a regal bearing? Yup. Temperamental?  Check. Desiring revenge? Oh yeah. Hungry for wealth and power? Right in one. Ultimately proven to be a brave warrior and redeemed man and hero? Indeed.

We’ve already seen some Guy-like roars from Thorin in some of the footage from the video blogs. Of course, Porter also roared well–and was also a brave warrior and true hero (and he is also SND!!).

 I wonder–will we get any of those disdainful GoG sniffs or tossing back of that (yes, Guy, I am saying this) even MORE magnificent mane? Really, I wouldn’t mind. Just a little.

  I know, of course, that Richard Armitage has crafted a new character out of whole cloth and he will BE Thorin, just as he was Guy, Porter, Lucas, Thornton, et al., a character inspired by Greek tragedy and Shakespearean drama as well as Tolkien. Of course, Thorin also has a couple hundred years or so of maturity on dear Sir Guy (check out those distinguished grey streaks).  Sigh.  Can’t hardly wait . . .