Hallelujah I just love him so . . .


Tonight I feel the need for some sweet, sunny, funny, dear Harry Kennedy. How ’bout y’all?


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  1. Oh, that’s so funny … I popped the VoD DVD in to watch while I folded laundry this evening. Nothing brings on a smile or tugs at the heart like seeing the two of them. 🙂 Loved the video, Angie!

    • Glad you enjoyed. I thought that song was just perfect for those two. 😀 You just need some regular doses of Harry–he gets to laugh, he gets the girl and he gets to live past the end credits. We don’t get a lot of that with Richard’s characters. *sigh*

      • The big three right there … laugh, love, live. Here’s hoping his future roles have that same combination.

        Dear Guy was my introduction to the chaRActers, whetting my appetite for more (and more and more). But it was sweet sweet Harry that stole my heart with that sunny smile and soft chocolate voice. Lucky Gerri! 😉

        • Harry is definitely a heart thief. Such a delicious chaRActer. I share your hopes for his future roles, although you know that Richard III does not survive the credits.

  2. Darling sweet Harry, my first chaRActer love…I keep going back to this episode for my dose of sunshine courtesy of his beautiful smile. 🙂

      • Gosh, I hope not! Otherwise my RA dvds are developing holes all over the place where I pause, rewind and replay. Harry’s introduction would definitely be in danger… “Well, there you go”…pause, rewind, replay… *swoon* 😉

        • Oh, definitely! 😀 And the “serious debt” sequence … “this second” … *sigh* …pause, rewind, replay, pause, stare … 😉

  3. “Richard Armitage… VERY nice.. Quite a lot younger than me… I kept checking if he was alright or if he needed therapy.. but he seemed to be managing it and was prepared to do all the extra kissing that I insisted on as practice…” I love you Dawn!!!

  4. Richard Armitage has said several times in the past that he would love to reprise his role in VOD. Now that he is doing work outside of television I wonder if he still wants to do VOD again. Some actors feel once you start doing movies for theater you should not go back to doing television.

    I would LOVE to see RA and Dawn French together again in VOD. I love the clothes that Harry Kennedy wore. I wish that RA dressed more like that instead of all that black every day.

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