Beachy thoughts–and Thorin


Orange Beach, Alabama

Tonight I have been thinking of the beach. I’d love to be there right now, except NOT right now. That is, not in the summer’s heat and humidity, feeling as if a wet blanket has been tossed over my head. Not with the crowds and crush and noise of summer.

No, what I would like is to somehow time travel a bit and be down at lovely Orange Beach during the spring or later in the fall. To be there when the temperature is on the milder side and there’s a wonderful light, cooling breeze often sweeping in from the Gulf.

I’d like to be able to take a late walk on the beach, when the sun is beginning to set and send vivid streaks of color across the wide sky.

 I’d squish my bare toes in the wet sugar-white sand as the tide rolls in and listen to the gentle rush of the surf, and look for shells, and enjoy the peace and serenity of it all.

I can’t experience that first-hand right now, I can only imagine it. But I can send Thorin there . . . sort of.  Although he’d likely be more comfy in a pair of jams and flip-flops than his typical attire. 😉  I do think he could use some of my Wonder Waves spray for great beachy hair.  😀

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  1. I think I need some of your Wonder Waves spray, too, please Angie – where can I buy some?

    Lovely pics of Thorin as usual – thank you.

    What are jams?

    and I guess you mean thongs (footwear we’ve had forever, long before the name was ever used by foreigners for those stupid, uncomfortable-looking underpants!) when you say flip-flops?

    • Wonder Waves is made by Garnier Fructis. There are several other brands of beaching styling or sea salt spray products out there, but that is one of the most affordable. I spritzed my hair with it the other day and sort of finger-curled it as it air-dried. It had lots of body and the spray accentuates all the natural wave. With my shoulder problems, the less I have to do to style it, the better.

      Jams are mid-length surfer shorts, usually in very bright patterns and colors. They were really big back in the 80s and 90s. And flip-flops and thong sandals are one and the same. Although they make much fancier flip-flops today than the serviceable rubber ones we wore as kids to play in the pool or at the beach. 😉

      • Thanks for the advice about Wonder Waves. I think you and I have very similar hair and shoulder problems! I told the hairdresser yesterday that I prefer “wash and wear” hair these days! Gone are the days when I was willing to spend ages getting my hair “just right” before i left the house. Now I prefer to shampoo and condition, comb/brush the hair roughly into the direction I want it to go, maybe spray on some leave-in conditioner (or such) to accentuate the natural kink and then….let it all hang out! I very rarely even blow dry it as that causes some pain.

        I thought jams must have had something to do with pyjamas even though that didn’t sound quite right! LOL. So they’re board shorts, in other words.

        I hate thongs and don’t wear them at all. I don’t like the feel of the straps coming from between my toes and up over my instep. So many sandals are made like that that it’s hard to find an easy slip-on style anywhere. I have an old ratty pair of what I call “hippy sandals” – they have a little strap that goes around the big toe and a wider strap across the instep.rger

        • The shoulder is worse some days than others, but it doesn’t take a lot to flare it up anymore. And it’s my left shoulder and I am a lefty so I use that side alot when trying to style my hair. I started just going with the natural texture of my hair and playing it up with product. Also causes less damage the less heat styling I use. I may use the blow dryer a little, more so in cold weather, but it ain’t cold right now. 😉

          Jams are actually a brand name, but as with Kleenex and Band-Aid, people tend to use the term in a generic way for surfer/board shorts here.

          Oddly enough, for years and years I could not wear thong sandals. They killed my toes. however, a couple of years ago, I found some blingy thong sandals with sequins and beads. The strap between the toes is covered in a material that was kind to my toes. They were super comfortable and I ended up buying another pair in different colors by the same maker. They have an almost Birkenstock-like sole that cradles the foot, but they are more fashion-forward. 😉

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