So–is it December yet?


Well, unless you’re an RA fan who has been living under a rock somewhere, you surely know the two will become three–as in the two Hobbit movies will now become a trilogy, with the third installment due out the summer of 2014.  Additional shooting is planned for next summer.

We don’t yet know what this  means in terms of Thorin–how much of the character we will get in each installment, whether or not more of his backstory will be explored, et al. Right now, however, I’d just like to see more of him. On the big screen and in 3D.  *sigh*

So, tell me–is it December yet?





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    • I know. 😀 I do tend to feel like a kid anticipating Christmas, I must admit. However, at my *ahem* advanced age one needs such things to look forward to. 😉

    • Hi Seb…welcome aboard. I still have to catch up on the interview you did with Servetus but I’ve managed to see 1 or 2 of your drawings – keep up the good work 🙂

      • He’s a delightful young man and a terrific addition to our blogosphere. And we will be doing some work together (if I can just get past bad weather, sleepless nights and sick pets). It’s a wonderful interview.

        • More storms and heat, Angie?

          Melanie said it was very hot in Louisville, KY, in early July when they visited Jeff’s family. Bailey and Kaitlyn wanted to go across the street to a neighbour’s pool every day!

          • We’ve been in the mid-90s everyday with heat index over 100 until today. We had a lot of storms move through earlier this morning and it cooled us down considerably for a few hours, at least. Actually got to turn off the air for a while, which will help the electricity bill a little.

  1. I wanted to puke when I read that news. I am not exactly thrilled about three movies instead of two.

    • NO, no, no, collarcitybrownstone, you’ve got it all wrong – it’s great news 😀 It won’t delay the first one. It just means more story. PJ’s including some background from the Appenices to LOTR. We get to learn what happened when Smaug attacked the Lonely Mt. Thorin and Balin were outdoors away from the cave at that time so we’ll see the young Thorin – remember the pic of young Thorin? Angie has used it numerous times in her art work.

    • I was so thrilled when I had “Nothing but Trailers” on Axis on one day and I glanced up and saw they were running The HObbit trailer. That’s the first time I had seen it on anything but my computer and the visuals and sound were so stunning on the HD screen. *Sigh*

      • Haven’t seen it in HD on anything bigger than my Mac. I’m just imagining a 20-ft tall, 3-D Thorin. Yeah … best lay in a supply of smelling salts. 😉

        I wonder if they’ll be doing a midnight showing for this, as they’ve done for the superhero movies recently. I may just have to go to that, if they do. Hmmm, maybe I should mark December 14th as a vacation day. 😉

        • I watched it again today and actually recorded on the DVR. And rewatched it a few times. *grin* I love studying his eyes when he’s talking to Gandalf about Bilbo. Such beautiful, expressive eyes.

  2. I’m just wondering if there is confusion over “summer”. I presume that when PJ talks about more filming in summer he is talking about summer down under. Just a thought.
    Very excited that they are turning the 2 movies into 3. 🙂

      • I was right – you guys DID assume he meant YOUR summer rather than OURS 😀 Never mind, we’ll find out eventually – whenever it is, it’s too loooooong for me- I want them all NOW 😉

        • I don’t know when they will do the additional shooting be it the northern or southern hemisphere version of summer, but I do think the actual release date for the film will be during “our” summer of 2014, as I understand it. Which will bring us the third movie six months earlier than the first two, which is sweet. No waiting a whole year for it! 😉

    • Ah ha, great minds think alike, Sandy….I wondered if these Northern Hemisphere people would assume PJ meant their summer 😀

      I guess we’ll just have to wait for more news

    • IIRC early in 2013 MF is supposed to film the next series of Sherlock? The will have to wait until he is available. Though I think the additional material is not likely to involve more Bilbo.

      • I couldn’t remember when the next Sherlock was set to shoot, but I do remember reading about how PJ and company would obviously have to work around the commitments already in place for the actors who will be involved. Anyway, I’ve something to look forward to for the next two Christmases and a future summer. 😀

  3. I assumed PJ was referring to our 2013 summer down under for filming and the NH summer of 2014 for the movie’s release. At least we won’t have to wait a full year between the second and third movies.
    *sigh* So much to look forward to, especially if there’s more of Thorin’s back story to come, since I’m finding the younger Thorin somewhat…uhmm…appealing. 😉

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