Guyday Friday: Where it’s Always Hot


I have a whale of a headache due to all those weather sirens sounding this morning and crying over that darned Puddie Cat, so I’ve got a date with pain medication and a cold compress. It is now Guyday Friday here, however, and I felt with all this Thorinmania of late I had better go ahead and get a post up for the occasion.  Guy has some things he wants to say, too, but that’s just going to have to wait until tomorrow–or should I say, later today.

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    • You’re right. I’ve had a such a confusing day–sleeping completely screwed up, my poor old cat, other distressing news. My brain is even more tired than my body, I think. But we really don’t mind Guyday Wednesday, do we? 😉 Might as well laugh . . . maybe it’s just that I NEED some Guy, right this very minute. And he’s been a bit moody about all this attention for Thorin . . .

      • *hugs* Guy is welcome any time & any day! Much as I hate wishing my life away, personally I wish it was Friday as it will be my last day at work & I’ll be glad when it’s over!

        • Thanks, dear, y’all have to overlook my momentary insanity. Well, I hope it’s momentary. *sigh* And Guy is smirking even now over clouding my mind the way he has. 🙂

        • Congratulations on retiring from your job Kathryn. My parents have been retired for quite some time now and love it. I play the lottery every week with several of my co-workers so hopefully we will be seeing our last day at work soon too.

          • Xenia… Thanks…however, I didn’t explain myself fully. Sadly I’m 25-30 years away from being able to even consider retirement…much as I would love to. Leaving work through redundancy but glad it’s going to be over as last few months have been so stressful!

            • I guessed you were too young for retirement but sorry to hear about the redundancy. You seem to be handling it philosophically, but leaving friends is indeed the hardest part. My best wishes for whatever the future holds in store for you!

      • Whew! Thought I dropped into a time warp there for a moment. 😉 It’s Wednesday morning here in Pennsylvania, too.

        Guyday Wednesday is nice change in the normal routine. Besides, isn’t *everyday* Guyday in one way or another?

        {aside} Sir Guy … take care of Angie now. She needs you (this second) to be cheeky and sexy and sweet. And if you’re still a little miffed about Thorin … well, remember, it’s YOU that got her to think it was Friday! 🙂

        • Sir Guy has obviously been whispering in my ear when I do sleep sending me subliminal messages to mix me up on what day it actually is. The cheeky monkey. And truthfully, every day is Guyday in some form. 😉

  1. I’m so happy to find out that you know it’s Wednesday, rather than Friday. But, hey, I ain’t complaining – I’m happy to see darling Guy any old day of the week! 😀

    You take care, now – can you hear my Southern drawl? Go lie down like a good girl until that headache is way in the past. Say “Yes, Mum”. 🙂

  2. Angie dear, I know you can hardly wait until December and we see Thorin in all his 3D glory (me too) but I have to tell you, trying to skip a couple of days like this ain’t gonna work!!! 😉
    *hugs* Take care of yourself.
    Does Guy need reminding again how much we love him?

  3. When I saw “Guyday” on my email I involuntarily said, “WHOT”????? I was therefore VERY relieved to read all the comments that confirmed it was indeed only Wednesday!! 😀 So snuggle doon wee bairn and get some rest. Hopefully Guy can work his magic! 😉

  4. Guyday Friday come early didn’t phase me a bit (not sure I know what day it is myself–one of those weeks); I actually wanted to compliment you on your photos. I especially like the one with the tiger. How you manage to add RA’s image into other images is completely beyond me, but you do it so well week after week. Bravo!

    • Thanks. Actually, it’s quite easy with the many photo editing/effects programs out there now. I can easily insert the chosen image into one of their templates, and then I often take those results and use other photo editing sites or Photoshop to add text, frames, filters, etc. It’s great fun and you can get really professional looking results. Not nearly as hard as it looks, trust me! Glad you enjoy.

  5. 😀 Whenever Guy appears on the screen, I want to do what this tiger is doing!… this belong to Richard Armitage Confessions?. 😉

  6. LOL Joanna! 🙂 They do say confession is good for the soul but I have to keep mine between myself and the Good Lord! 🙂 So sorry ladies – won’t be sharing mine at the moment! *blushes*

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