Daily Archives: August 2, 2012

Of snakes and cats and Sir Guy–oh, my!


Word Press is determined to drive me batty tonight. Portions of my post are simply disappearing, so let’s try this again, shall we?

Hubby is continuing his streak as Snakeslayer Extraordinaire after killing a third rattler this summer. Thank you to the doggies Elvis and Rascal for alerting us to the presence of the snake and hurray that they didn’t get bitten themselves. Have I ever mentioned that I really, really don’t like snakes? Particularly rattlesnakes (Daddy was bitten by one when I was a child) . . . *shudder*

Puddie is still hanging in there. Her daddy brought home some tuna packed in oil and she seemed to enjoy eating a little of that and also drank more water. Even felt well enough to do a little grooming.  Just taking it one day at a time and we do appreciate all the positive vibes, prayers and good wishes sent our way.



Of course, Guy, who was whispering those subliminal messages to me earlier this week trying to discombobulate me (and succeeding admirably), is very excited about Guyday Friday arriving once more. It’s so much fun to adore the “bad” guy when he is played by a certain TDHBEW named Richard Armitage.

Guyday Friday Early Treat: Simply Stunning


I’m not sure it’s entirely legal for a man to be this breathtakingly beautiful. Oh, well, I am still going to enjoy it. I think we are close enough to Friday now 😉 to go ahead and share some Sir Guy goodness.  *sigh* *drool* *thud*