Guyday Friday Early Treat: Simply Stunning


I’m not sure it’s entirely legal for a man to be this breathtakingly beautiful. Oh, well, I am still going to enjoy it. I think we are close enough to Friday now πŸ˜‰ to go ahead and share some Sir Guy goodness.Β  *sigh* *drool* *thud*

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  1. LOL – you have the photo the wrong way around – Richard’s dimple is in his left cheek! But he’s stunning alright. I hadn’t noticed his dimple appearing when his lips are lightly closed like that before.

    • That was intentional. I’ve reversed several photos/screencaps actually. Gives me something different–different view, different perspective– with which to work. Since I will never get any new Guy pix . . . barring some unearthed lost photos*sigh*

  2. Breathtaking at any angle… but it’s the intellegence, lovely manners and sweet personality that make him the standout man!!

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