Dreams and Castles in the Air


Nearly 1,300 words written in the last couple of hours. This is good. I just might get the revision of the revision of my novel completed by late October as hoped.  Life has had a way of “happening when I’ve been busy making other plans,” so we shall see. 

Still, I am feeling hopeful. Maybe it’s the freshly shampooed hair. The fact Puddie is still hanging in there (although I can’t believe she turned up her charming little nose at the small dish of Blue Bell homemade Vanilla ice cream her daddy served her earlier. She really isn’t feeling well).

Time for a little poetry, methinks, courtesy of American poet, playwright and social activist Langston Hughes.


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

We all need dreams, no matter what our ages or circumstances may be. We need our castles in the air.

courtesy of amarettogirl.com

I think we can safely say Richard Armitage has built a solid foundation for his particular castles in the air.  And we reap the benefits. Long may he keep building.  Thank you, Richard, for never giving up on your dreams and aspirations.

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  1. Thank you Angie for the beautiful poem and the quote. For some reason both of these pictures brought tears to my eyes today. The young Richard in the 1995 one because of the inherent beauty we see there and now in 2012 we behold the gorgeous mature man he has become. (I refuse to call him middle aged as so many people live to be 100 or more these days that I believe one has to be at LEAST 50 if not older to be even considered as “middle aged”!!)

    We too need to dream and keep our enthusiasm for life even when we experience some less than good times. I always believe in living with hope in my heart! If I didn’t, life would indeed seem dull and perhaps even overwhelming at times. I know many of us have found that he has done wonders for our spirits during dark days – something he may or may not be aware of – and this has encouraged US to dream! I have to say that I thank God for him, and I don’t say that lightly!

    • I love that early “8 x 10 glossy”–the long hair reminds me of S3 Guy and the sweetness of that smile reflected in those eyes is just irresistible. He has matured like a fine, fine wine, as is evident in that last pic, which is of course from the latest videoblog.

      Life can be very hard, very painful at times. I was talking to Benny earlier tonight about Puddie and I said, “No matter how many times we’ve been through this–losing a pet–it doesn’t get any easier, does it?” And he agreed I rather like that saying, “I know God doesn’t put any more on me than I can handle. However, I wish God didn’t trust me so much sometimes.” 😉 I’ve definitely had some days like that.

      Yes, Richard helps so many of us through the difficult times–family problems, fractured relationships, health issues, job (or lack thereof) woes, you name it– far more than he can possibly know, I think. You know my theory about him coming on our radar when we need him the most.

      And I am so glad to know I haven’t been middle-aged for 12 years, only nearly two. I like your way of thinking, my dear! 😉

  2. That poem was in almost every English textbook I ever had, and it’s still very meaningful to me. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Well, you’ve got to discover the right poems. 😉 Also, I am hoping, what with this being an international group of readers, that at least some of the poems will be new to some of you.

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