A strong man is . . .


A strong man is one who does not constantly have to prove how “macho” he is. He does what needs to be done. Sometimes that involves unpleasant things, hard things, painful things. A strong man is not afraid to be gentle and loving, to console someone who is fearful, to cry with a soul who is hurting. He can be just as tender as he is tough.  He has more than brawn; he has brains, a heart, a soul.

A strong man is not a hero because he is fearless; then he would be a fool. He is a hero because he faces those fears, acknowledges them and tackles that challenge.  He tries to do the right thing, even though he sometimes fails. He seeks to improve himself, to go from strength to strength,  to be the better man.

John Porter is a hero. So, in my book, is Richard Armitage.  Hurray for life’s heroes, real and fictional.


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  1. I watched the first two episodes of SB last night. I was in the mood for some Porter, our beautiful, brave hero courtesy of Richard’s amazing performance. I never cease to be incredibly moved, often to tears, when I watch the scenes with Porter and Katie, especially the two key ones in the cell. He is strong yet so kind and gentle with her…”brave girl”… and she trusts him implicitly, you can see it in her eyes. In her interview Orla Brady likened those scenes to love scenes, such is the intimacy of them, and I totally agree with her.

  2. A truly strong man is very tough to find. That’s a big part of what makes them so special! Hooray, for them and the ones they love!

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